The Dentist’s Diary – 520th

Welcome back to the Dentists Diary, a Happy New Year to all Hull FC Supporters and here’s to an exciting and successful 2017! If its half as good as 2016 I’ll be very happy indeed!

It’s a funny old time to be writing this weekly diatribe and one that has me a bit lost when it comes to what to make of things. I say that not because I won’t be totally immersed in Hull FC once the proper 2017 season begins, because I certainly will, I always am! However, it’s more a case for me that unlike last season when we played at Donny, took on Rovers, had a 12 day build up period and then were throw headlong into the new season and a big home clash with Salford, this year, with the first trial game being played 48 days before the first match of the season the whole pre-season process seems to be going on and on and on.

I guess however I should be grateful that is all I have to grumble about and that everything at Hull FC seems a bit mundane at times because the reality is that with relegation, departures, retirements and injuries in training at Hull KR and the absolute debacle that is Hull City at present, the state of our Club compared with the rest of those in the City of Culture 2017 is boringly stable. For us FC fans that certainly makes a change and long may it continue!

Even our coach resisted the pressure of wringing every last pound of passion out of the local Derby game by playing it down as just another trial match against Championship opposition and by fielding a team of mainly fringe players in an effort to protect our starting 13 from what will be as long and as gruelling a season as any Club has experienced in the Super League era. For me the Club have now to decide whether to stick with this fixture and take it seriously as far as putting out a competitive team is concerned in future or scrap it. The fact remains that no one likes losing to Rovers at any time, so some were a tad disgruntle last night.

I’m trying just to see the pre-season games as a means to an end, furthermore I’m doing my best to understand why it all seems to be so drawn out, but with still 35 days to go to our first game its hard! Our Club is doing well and continuing to evolve and although after two years of turmoil followed by a wonderful 2016 season things are at present progressing smoothly on the playing side. However, the administration arm of the Club continues to adjust and re-invent itself in the face of changing circumstances within the sport, as they recognise the need to capitalise on our recent success and the impact it had on the fans.

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The Dentist’s Diary – 419th

The most wonderful time of the year.
The one day in a Year when you and all your friend are happy!
The one day that peace and joy is everywhere!
And, the one day that its brilliant to just be there with the whole of the family!




You know the further in time I get away from that glorious day in August, the more I marvel at just how good it was. What a memory eh? I just have to look at that lot and I’m enjoying it all over again!!

For once at Hull FC everything seems to be going really well and the Club is thriving. Everywhere the players and officials go the Challenge Cup goes with them and what better Christmas present could we all have than the fact that the amazing Trophy that we craved for so long, is with our club for another 8 months….at least?

The cash is flowing in and everyone is really up for the forthcoming campaign. In fact, everyone seems quite content with our current status, both at the Club and on the terraces. That won’t last long of course, because at Hull FC it’s never plain sailing, but if any indication of our demeanour of late is required, then look no further than the fact that with days going by on the RL fans message-board without anyone posting an at all, it’s just so quiet, even as far as the grumblers are concerned!

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The Dentist’s Diary – 518th

Well, Christmas is coming and so too thankfully is some live rugby!!!

Welcome to another closed season Diary after what has again been a fortnight of interesting developments at our Club and in the wider Rugby League. There is certainly no lack of support for the Clubs retail and ticketing efforts and the response to the new shirts and the season ticket scheme has been nothing short of phenomenal. Although much of the enthusiasm can be put down to the ‘Wembley effect’, in the end the supporters have come good again and everything augers well for a great season with some big gates at the KCOM Stadium in the offing for 2017.

Adam and Co may lament the loss of the Derby games but personally, as it’s not my pocket that the Dobbins relegation is hitting, I find their absence quite refreshing. As fans we have over the last few years simply just had too many of them and after the annual tradition of the two clubs wringing every ounce of cash out of the cross City rivalry, the resurgence in interest in our club (as proved by ticket and shirt sales) displays for me that Derby games are not ‘the end all and be all’ of rugby in Hull.

I just hope that now our administration will adapt to the lack of games against the Dobbins and make a lot more of the home games against Leeds and Wigan etc. turning them into real occasions once more. They used to be you know and if we can get that focus back, I can honestly see gates of 12,000 being a regular feature again at the KCOM in 2017.

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The Dentist’s Diary – 517th

Well, here we are again, it’s been quite a busy two weeks really and thanks for returning again to the Diary, as I attempt to make some sense of what’s happening at the Club as we all start to get a bit twitchy awaiting some rugby coming our way in five weeks’ time, on Boxing Day.

This last fortnight there’s been plenty going on with Kelly arriving, Frank ‘tanking’ it back to the NRL, Abbo going out on loan to help ‘the basement boy’s’, rumours of a possible departure on the management side of things, the Wolf Pack coming to town and our progress, or otherwise, with season ticket sales. So here’s a quick look at what has come to pass in the last fortnight through, as usual, the eyes of this ordinary fan.

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The Dentist’s Diary – 516th

So…… while it was quiet I decided to take a bit of a sabbatical and run these Diaries every two week, but just as I try to have a break and do a bit of writing, lo and behold everything kicks off!

Despite the fact that Adam has been away and Lee Radford only returned from holiday last Friday, news has still been coming thick and fast and when no one has been around to confirm or deny it, the media and the fans have just been making it up!

Season ticket sales, Albert Kelly, Frank Pritchard, Jordan Abdull, International games at the KC, a new exciting and yet pretty controversial strip, a great traditional shirt etc. etc. etc. and so it just went on and on. As for me, well, I’m still enjoying the break, but finding it hard to get too excited about this International stuff. I guess I have also to admit that whilst scouring the media for information on the above issues which seem to be occupying the minds of the sports writers and the fans alike, I’m again starting to look forward to next season. Trouble is, no one at the Club is around to comment and with even our Marketing and Communications Director taking a well-deserved break last week the rumour mill has been going wild.

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The Dentist’s Diary – 515th


Whether you sit in the ‘WE don’t need it’ or the ‘Bring it on’ camp is quite rightly a matter of opinion, but the way that the World Club Challenge has been handled is for many I have spoken to this week, just that… a swindle.

I highlight this at the top this week because so many people have talked to me about it since last week’s announcement. Quite rightly the team that won the Grand Final, takes one place, but the other match has been allocated to a Club that lost that game and the Wembley final and won little else than a makeshift trophy that the Rugby League themselves failed to recognise or award until a few seasons ago. In the mean-time the winners of the country’s other Cup competition, which is possibly the most historically relevant trophy in the world, are ignored and that in a week when another concocted and contrived fixture list for the Magic Weekend suddenly appeared.

Only in British Rugby League eh??
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The Dentist’s Diary – 514

We thought it was all over ……it is now!!!
No games to watch, no trophies to win and because my Mum always said that you shouldn’t mock the afflicted, no Dobbins to bait either!!

But how are you feeling? Well, there is little doubt that after what was the season that none of us expected or could hardly dare dream of, the roller coaster has ground to a halt a bit. There is certainly little doubt that inertia has become the staple diet for most fans while we await the players returning from a well-earned break on the beach, to start pre-season training on 14th November. Some readers contacted me this week to say that the withdrawal symptoms have kicked in straight after our last game, while personally I guess I feel pretty deflated too. But, although designed specifically for such times, I’m also finding it hard to get enthusiastic about the manufactured nature of our International end of season tournaments and there’s more of that one later.

However, all that said, the City’s only Super League Club still had a few interesting stories to impart this week, as the Player of the Year Awards took place, the details of season tickets for 2016 were released, some speculation about future signings continued, that England squad was announced and the media was stuffed with post season appraisals, reflections on the campaign past and some hopes for 2017.

Nevertheless, all that said it’s still a fact that the closed season seems now to have arrived with a bang!

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The Dentist’s Diary – 512th

That’s it, it’s over, the season has finished and Old Trafford remains nothing but a fading dream, as a hugely successful campaign which has been a brilliant ride, fizzled out just as many of us sort of expected it would.

However, who was prepared for the drama that was to follow and oh boy, it made me smile a bit. That said I have some sympathy for any true fans, the Dobbins players, their families and those employed by the Club, however come on, they are our bitterest rivals and have rejoiced long and hard in the past at our downfalls. They’d be dancing on the terraces were it us lot in that position!! And, as for Josh Griffin, well has there ever been such an FC legend before he even pulled on a shirt?

But enough of the championship newcomers, (for now) let’s concentrate on Friday and that superb second half come-back which followed what was a torrid old first 40 minutes and yet saw us fall short at the end.

Regrets? Well not really, except to say that perhaps I let myself get a bit too carried away with it all after Wembley, but sadly the team’s performances didn’t quite match my optimism and in the end it wasn’t so much a disappointing end to the campaign as a flat one! I’d expected it, of course I had, but sport is a strange thing and I certainly hadn’t in my wildest dreams expected what happened next and I have to admit to having perked up a bit by Saturday tea time.

If I had one misgiving about the year of 2016 then it would be that for me Hull FC produced one of the greatest season’s since the early 80’s, without ever actually performing to our maximum capabilities for a full 80 minutes. In the end, perhaps it was that fact and an inability to reach the intensity that the Leeds, Wigan and Warrington’s of this world know you have to attain at this end of the competition, that I think eventually did for us. We won’t be walking out at Old Trafford on Saturday and so the season ends, but…as the old guy said to me last week, “Don’t worry son, that Challenge Cup is still there in the cupboard!”

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The Dentist’s Diary – 511th

Out played, out smarted out enthused and alas, for once, out coached as well!

I love Hull FC to bits, I always have and I always will, but sometimes when you’re a fan you have to be honest with yourself and on Friday there was simply no getting away from it; Warrington came to the Kcom played a ‘blinder’ and completely spoiled the party. In here I can only write it as I feel it and it can’t be all happy, clappy all the time and for me in the words of Jackson Browne we appear at the moment to be a team that is ‘Running on Empty’

There can be no excuses because for me last Friday, there were no excuses.

As I walked across West Park before the game deep in thought and perhaps visibly nervous, an old guy walking beside me said, “Don’t look so worried mate whatever happens tonight, when the cupboard is opened tomorrow the Challenge Cup will still be in there!” Sound advice eh? Well maybe, but despite all that and me saying in here time and again how happy I was to have just won the Cup, you want more, you can’t help it and so I was upset at the end and I guess now looking back, I’m bloody mad with myself that I was so disappointed. You know, as a ‘fickle fan’, I have such a short blooming memory!!!

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