The Dentists Diary – 409th

What a relief it’s been of late with a whole week without a game!

But Oh dear, next Friday we all swing back into full on panic mode again as we have to sit there and suffer against the old enemy for what we now know will thankfully be the last time this season!

I bloody hate local Derby’s don’t you? Years ago I used to see them as great occasions coming as they did just twice a year at Christmas and Easter but now my opinion of them swings from them being necessary evils, to detested necessities, although at least we can look round on Friday at a gate of maybe 18,000 and think that it makes a bit of dosh for the Club. Without doubt, I have to say that the sooner it’s over and done with the better it will be for this particular fan. However should we finish in the same sub-division next season then we face the prospect of 4 meetings in the 2015 season. I don’t know about you but I can hardly bloody wait!

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The Dentists Diary – 408th

Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh dear!

(That was what Mrs R said I should start with, as it was all I said this afternoon at Odsal).

“You’ll cheat your way into the top eight if you get in after performances like that”
(So said Mr R our Coach after the game!)

I am writing this with lap-top on knee as she drives home and quite frankly my first thoughts on the match is that it was all pretty soul destroying. For me sat here in the car it’s been one of the worst recent campaigns I can remember and quite frankly I can’t wait to get the season over with.

The defeat was no surprise at all but the performance was depressing. Last week I honestly thought that we had reached a turning point and that even if we didn’t make the play-offs at least we could finish with a flourish. But I should have known better by now, as one week later its back to square one and the same old rubbish.

But, at least we have a new signing to think about, I don’t say that ‘Mini’ is the best signing ever or anything near it, but he’s definitely a shrew acquisition and a definite step up in standard on a lot of imports that have been brought in from Aus. of late; he’s certainly not a reserve grader or someone who might develop into a star. As someone said this week, “He’s been there and delivered for years, so we 100% know what we’re getting” and as we complete our third signing for 2015, I guess I should wish ‘Mini’ every success, add the usual ‘Welcome to the madhouse’, and after Sunday suggest that perhaps you’d better think about wearing your underpants over your trousers.

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The Dentists Diary – 407th

A week without a game and for most fans, a blessed relief from the roller coaster of supporting a team that is consistently inconsistent!

Well, perhaps that’s not that fair, because in the last two games we have show some spirit and played quite well at times and we have at least controlled large chunks of the game, whilst grabbing 3 points from two of the top 4 teams. If we win at Bradford we have turned a corner if we don’t, I guess that it’s as you where and same old same old….again!!

However there will be few reading this who’s thoughts over the these last few days won’t, at one time or another, have gone back to the semi final weekend last season and that brilliant victory over Warrington. What a day that was and what a difference a year makes eh?

Still the two semi finals on TV at least offered us the chance to watch some serious sudden death rugby without the fear that it was Hull FC that was likely to be subject to the death bit and with a blank week in the league I’ve managed again to cobble together my thoughts and observations about the FC, the game and life in general, in this the latest edition of my weekly ramblings. This rubbish is as always just my musings which I share with you each week and I hope you at least find something of interest that you can associate with and enjoy. That, before we plunge again into the tumble drier that is supporting our team and travel to Odsal next weekend for a really tough fixture and yet one that probably offers very little to play for but pride.

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The Dentists Diary – 406nd

RING OUT the bells, light the beacons sing the hosannas and send the carrier pigeons out with the message, Hull FC have won…at last (and in the process, dropped only their 4th goal in 6 seasons!)

There’s still a lot wrong but you know what, I really enjoyed that game, didn’t you?

It was a fine performance from our defence and although we lacked attacking cohesion and could only once again barge and bundle our way over the line, the tenacity with which we defended, the way we had more patience and the smarter way we operated under pressure was good to see. A much, much better showing certainly put a dent in the hopes of those who want change, but I enjoyed the passion and tenacity we showed and quite frankly the hard running, tackle busting display from Feke and that hit from Sa on Walmsley (the man with the rubber legs), which was probably the best I seen at the KC this season, were worth the entrance fee on their own.

Whatever the protagonists say about us still lacking ideas and the need for change, I loved it, and when that drop goal went over to stretch the lead, it was a great feeling of relief after all the disappointments of the year. It’s only a win, only two points and we’re still well behind the pack and of course Saints lacked their half backs, but then again……we have been lacking much semblance of them all season! However, the effort was exemplary; although I had the same old feelings as with 4 minutes to go the whole Stadium sung ‘Oh when the Saints get beat by Hull”. My mate down the row in front said afterwards that he saw me sat there with my head in my hands; 7 points with just 4 minutes to go is, with Hull FC certainly a bit premature for any rash statements of glory from this fan!!!! That last few minutes seemed like an age as the clock went backwards, but with 40 seconds to go, and after Yeamo had clattered a Saints player so hard in the back he spilled the ball, I eventually joined in! When you’re such a hopeless fanatic, it’s not the disappointments that hurt, but more the hope that kills you and by the end and for once, my hopes had been rewarded and I was happy…… if not emotionally and spiritually wrung out!!!

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