The Dentists Diary – 430th

“Until I get to the point where I look across the pitch and feel that the players are better than me or until I feel I am really struggling to be as good as I was the year before, then I will continue on,”

So said Gareth Ellis on the eve of his ‘Benefit’ game and although I’m not a big fan of these type of testimonials (much preferring for players to only be honoured for loyalty after playing 10 years with the same team) he thoroughly deserved the adulation he got yesterday at Wakefield. It’s just a pity the match wasn’t more befitting the occasion!

It was a real downer and I just stood there in the second half wondering “What the hell am I doing here”. Now, sat here on the way home with lap-top on knee, I’m deflated to say the least. The fact we didn’t even name a squad in advance indicated that we were to rest a few, or more likely hold a few back in ‘cotton wool’ for the Huddersfield start. Whether that was right or wrong we’ll know two weeks from now but at present I haven’t a bloody clue. What I do know is that some will feel that this afternoons fiasco fits perfectly the old wartime adage of, “Was your Journey really necessary!’ however those who went did Gareth proud, so I guess for me, it probably was!

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The Dentists Diary – 429th

Rovers won, it was a Derby, all be it a ‘Friendly’ one and that’s that! It’s a shame we lost, we should have won, but in the end both sides can, I think, take positives from it. I was impressed in the first 40 minutes when we totally dominated, but a bit disappointed when injuries and our substitutions, seemed to dispel our focus and weaken our resolve. But little was at stake and anyway, as fans of Hull FC we have all had much bigger concerns this week!

You know I appreciate that as an average guy I’m nothing special, I’m just an ordinary 65 year old fan who, for the last 58 seasons, has pitched up week in week out to support the Club he loves. I have tried to understand owners who ripped us off, made excuses for players who were here for a holiday and generally tried to look on the bright side, because that’s what fans do! Winning or losing is of course important, but as you get older it becomes almost secondary to the camaraderie and the family element of simply ‘being there’ which I suppose comes with such blind devotion. On a match day there is simply nowhere else I want to be but watching my team.

I think therefore that I’ve seen it all but then all of a sudden, something happens that makes me realise I haven’t at all and this week has proved that to me once again! I always say that if I don’t say it as I see it, (as I have for 428 editions of this rubbish) then there’s precious little point in going on with this blog? So here goes and just when in our great 150th year we have all (sometimes against our better judgement) chipped in for passes, simply because we think that we might perhaps have a chance of a bit of success, the owners of Hull City introduce more measures and ‘buggerment factors’ to restrict our use of the Stadium. I shouldn’t say this and no doubt they’ll be after me again, but I just think I speak for many, many FC fans when I say that it simply looks to me as if they bloody want us to fail.

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The Dentists Diary – 428th

And so it begins!!

“I’m really looking forward to tomorrow and seeing how the players go, but also because I can’t wait to watch some live rugby again,” So said our Coach on Saturday and it mirrored I think the thoughts of many FC fans who made their way to Doncaster yesterday.


It was certainly good to be on the road with the FC Faithful again and great to see so many friends and familiar faces as we all set off on the sojourn that is the 2015 season. What will it hold for us all? Well in fairness there were few real pointers in these 2 games, but then again we didn’t really expect there would be, did we? However that said it was all really heartening, full of hope and great fun. There was some super rugby on show and with the exception of a shoulder injury to Jordan Rankin it was a great afternoon out. In fact as far as entertainment and satisfaction in a first run out is concerned, the fans, Lee Radford and the Club, could not have asked for more. So here I am in the car coming home, laptop on knee, trying to make some sense of it all!

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The Dentists Diary – 427th


It’s here, it’s our 150th year, the friendly matches are upon us and we’re back at it again; as a world famous Club that is one of the oldest in the game starts to celebrate!

Welcome as well, to another year of the Dentists Diary, I wonder what I will be saying next year at this time? Who knows? But, in a week when the Hull City owner Assam Allam was hailed as ‘Villain of the Year’ by the Guardian’s Sports Editor, The Dobbins head for Portugal to prove once again that imitation is the best form of flattery and when, with just 6 days to the first pre-season game, we have no idea if the York game is on or not! It’s certainly never dull in Hull is it?

FC news is still very thin on the ground at present, so this week’s Diary is a miscellany of what information there is, some tit bits of national news, some digging about with York City Council, a young misguided journalist that gets my goat and a few musings on how we will fare in this very special season, an opinion which might not be quite what some people expected.

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