The Dentist’s Diary – 458th



W00 H50-000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last Monday Mr. Hudgell said, “The fact is that with Wembley no one remembers the losers”, however on this occasion Neil, I think there might just be an exception!

So to this week’s Diary which is a bit different, however because the players were given the week off its been a quiet old 7 days FC wise, although I still got lots of correspondence, a Whiffs or two and I hope a bit of interesting stuff. Then, in addition to the usual rubbish, this time there is also news of a new Hull FC book that is about to come out and in the 150th spot a great piece by the legend that is Bill Dalton our Club historian, covering Australian players who have played for Hull FC over the years.

Plus who could resist a bit about our noisy neighbours across the City! 0-50 eh??? I’ll have a look at it all from the eyes of the ‘Face-book generation’, (and how they laughed and laughed) But then again, you can’t help but laugh (OUT-LOUD) can you?

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The Dentist’s Diary – 457th

Well, perhaps I’m going a bit soft but I have to say that I really did enjoy Friday night!!

Despite losing (and indeed throwing it away as far as some fans are concerned) with the initial phase of ‘points mean everything’ behind us, Super League guaranteed, the chance of getting anything out of the Super 8’s gone and five games of pressure free rugby ahead, I approached this game more relaxed and pretty philosophical and left the KC thinking that it was, for entertainment value at least, just about as good as it gets without winning!! Although we didn’t get an unlikely win, we did get some thrills, spills and excitement and the League leaders must have left at least knowing that they’d been in a game!

Some of our scores on Friday were simply top draw and executed to a level of perfection that had some round me saying, “Where the hell did that come from” as we showed some real pace and creativity in broken play, coupled with some great running on and off the ball. The offload by Downs that brought about Shaul’s try was superb and as good as it gets. As was the chip by Abdull to release Jamie again, this time on an arcing run to put Rankin in to grab a try that came after a passage of play that was just breathtaking to watch.

Invariably we tried it too much and swung the ball around when perhaps we should have got some field position first, but there is little doubt that we do possess the capability to entertain and we played some fine rugby. Of course as always with the FC it seems that we had to endure all that being counter balanced by errors like that stupid mistake from the short restart and those poor, wayward passes from acting half, which are the stuff the best team in the competition pounce on and turn to their advantage. In an ideal world I’d want us to continue playing as we did on Friday and at Saints, but be more like Leeds in the clinical way they do things and the way they are the ultimate predators when it comes to jumping on other team’s mistakes. However all that said, I do think that we have some pretty good youngsters, don’t you?

Sadly our flamboyance and refreshingly naive attitude led to the blunders as once again Leeds ‘did for us’ by what looked to those not in attendance like a comfortable margin, but hey, we took them a lot closer than many teams have this year and did it with 7 players in our ranks that have one way or another come through our much maligned and apparently failing youth set up! There has to be some hope for the future there; had the Hull FC academy got any sort of future at all!

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The Dentist’s Diary – 456th

Well, well, well, what a performance that was…..

…twelve points down at half time to the reigning Super League Champions in their own back yard and we come home convincing winners by 10 clear points. No one saw that one coming, either before-hand or especially at half time!

Team spirit!!!! At the end the players huddle with joy while the fans dance on the terraces! We don’t wear those Steve Prescott purple shirts enough do we?

It was a great end to an interesting week when Washy and Manu had been announced as signing and Sa had waved goodbye to the Club and when, I have to say, I had to concede to being really impressed with our recruitment for next season. I mean to say when you step back to look at the 6 we have brought in you can’t really fail to be impressed really can you? That was all then finished off on Friday with a real ‘play don’t worry’ performance brought about by there being nothing at stake but pride in the shirt. It was a brilliant showing by a depleted FC outfit and how good it is to be able to write an upbeat diary once again.

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The Dentist’s Diary – 455th

When you’re an FC fan, it’s bloody heartbreaking at times, it really is!

You know I’ve said it on so many occasions before, but in the end in our position as fans, out there on the terraces desperately willing Hull FC to win, it’s without doubt the hope that bloody kills you.

I went with a deal of hope on Friday, we’d had two weeks off and so, fresh legs, new beginnings and a bit of expectation were the feelings that I and a lot of other supporters harboured and there was no doubting the effort our boys put in, because they had a real dig! We burst out of the blocks and blew Cas away in the first quarter of an hour, just like Wigan did to us in our last home game, the difference being the Pies kept going and built on it and we didn’t!

Although we could have and should have won, all the way through and even when we were 12-0 and 8 points up I somehow knew what the outcome would be and not surprisingly everyone around me seemed to know that too!!

You know, I have come to the conclusion that however good our recruitment is there is little doubt until we get someone in the Club who can sort this lots heads out and get them playing as if their very lives depended on it, things will simply never change.

So once again in a game featuring our beloved Hull FC, it wasn’t so much a case of the opposition pressuring us, but more the fact that we put all the pressure on ourselves!! Now we look forward with trepidation to 6 more very tough rounds before there’s any sort of relief for the long suffering ‘Faithful’.

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The Dentist’s Diary – 454th

It’s all happening isn’t it?

With no game this last weekend this was to have been a time that offered a real respite from the cut and thrust of the competition, offering as it did a chance to re-group for the players and for the fans a break for a little reflection before we all run headlong into the Super 8’s!

Was it that? Was it hell!! I had the Diary all sorted for this week with a bit from my own personal point of view about changes I’d make to the game and a Codgers Corner from the 80’s. However instead of the expected hiatus we experienced as interesting a time as there has been for ages which led, in the end, to there being no room for the Codgers spot at all this week. Instead below I try to give an ‘average fan’s prospective’ on a defining few days, which for me indicate to us all exactly where our Club is heading and that also points us towards some interesting times ahead!!!

As for Mrs R, well I think she’s losing the plot completely because since Saturday I can’t find a single sharp object in our house!!

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