The Dentist’s Diary – 465th

The time between the end of the season and the start of pre season training is often one for reflection, re-charging your batteries and starting to look forward with a bit of hope.

However, this time around, the critical nature of both the Clubs finances and the importance of the next campaign are never far away from all our thoughts and it really is shaping up to be a case of make or break. Even our Coach commented in an interview last week, “We have a number of bloke’s off-contract in 2016. If we are in the same situation again next year regarding our position in the league, then we won’t be renewing a lot of them, let’s put it that way.” Radford went on to tell the Hull Daily Mail that he also realise his future was on the line when he said, “If we are not in the eight or we are on the corner of it, then we are not improving and it will effect things (contract wise) and that includes myself.”

The fans are still doing their bit and last week saw a really impressive surge in season ticket sales which is certainly heartening, in fact if we can get half way to last year’s total by the end of October which is still very do-able, then with a final discount deadline extended to the New Year I think we are as supporters, doing OK. However the fans have to keep the steady flow of renewals going and also keep buying those shirts so that we all get behind the team at what appears to be a critical time for the Club.

However, for their part, the administration have to do their bit and can’t give us hope of another signing as they did this week and then for whatever reason not deliver on that promise. I’d rather they didn’t say anything until these things are properly sorted out myself.

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The Dentist’s Diary – 464th

Welcome to another edition of the Dentists Diary!

Having last week expounded a few personal thoughts on the past few seasons and where we are as a Club, I certainly got a ‘monkey’ off my own back, although it appears that it did in turn upset a couple of readers and some at the Club itself. It was only really an attempt to ‘out’ a few home truths about the way Hull FC has gone during the life of this blog and I certainly don’t take any of it back!

There is little doubt in fact that it certainly made me feel better and now I have to admit to be getting a bit more upbeat again as I look forward to the 150th dinner on the 29th and indeed the most important date in the upcoming calendar the 9th November, when pre season training begins in earnest. Then again, I always find it’s easier to be positive at this time of year when there are no games to bring me back down to earth!

Some players already have an eye on the start of pre season too, as Washy and Mini have been spotted at the Total Fitness gym, while Yeamo has being doing a bit there every day in the run up to the family holiday as well. The fixtures are out and on the financial side the Club report that season ticket sales are moving along steadily, but progressively, due I hope to the fact that most fans now realise the importance of subscribing this year. Plus, bringing the release of the impressive new home shirt forward about a month to last Friday evening will certainly boost the coffers further too and why not, needs must in these situations.

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The Dentist’s Diary – 463rd

Well, after a week off, the Diary is back and I’ll try and keep it going if I can throughout the closed season. I can’t promise the same amount of content every week but then again some of you reading this might just be pleased about that! However from now on I will try to do some digging, be objective and hunt out some stuff that interests me and hopefully you that will keep us all going through the cold dark days that see us heading towards the 2016 campaign and a decisive year in our long and distinguished history.

On Saturday the grand final was a superlative finale to a great season end and like them or not, Leeds deserved the win and are now a truly iconic team. Oh and thank goodness fairytales still do happen! While the last few weeks have been great to watch and packed with twists, turns, excitement and endeavour, it’s just a pity that our own FC campaign ended with such a flat feeling. But next year…….watch us go!!

There’s certainly been a bit going on, but with the Diary 10 years old in just three weeks time, for me the past few days have been a time for, if not reflection, then at least for assessing my own personal feelings about that journey and a time to examine too, a bit of reticence and dejection that has crept into my supporting of late.

In the East Stand my friends and comrades of many, many years seemed despondent and removed from it all by the end of the campaign; while one or two have been missing from their seats altogether. Yet, I have to conclude that the state of our Club at present dictate that at the very least, as a fan, I need to once again bite the bullet and rally round the team I love!! Where it ever so eh?

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