The Dentist’s Diary – 473rd



This will be the last edition of this rubbish before the festivities and I guess that some of you will be heaving a big sigh of relief at that news! It hardly seems that 12 months have passed since the last Christmas Diary and as we steam on towards the 500th edition later next season, I have managed to cobble together 50 of these diatribes this last year, often at times when the news has been either depressing or very thin on the ground indeed.

You know, for this fan, looking back it’s been a season that failed to really get going, with few real high spots, a lot of heartache and a deal of frustration. In fact for me if I’m honest, our 150th year didn’t hit the heights that I had so fervently hoped it would, as the big celebrations approached. So as we look forward to 2016 there’s little doubt that it’s a case of going back to that age old FC mantra of ‘Things can only get better’ and hoping.

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The Dentist’s Diary – 472nd

‘Carlos Tuimavave’s here at last and it appears that we now have the full roster that will go into the 2016 season ‘in house’ and in Hull.

Set to impress….we’ll see!

Season tickets are back on sale after the allocation of switched seats etc, both playing shirts are on out there too and everything is right for the last run in to Christmas and the start of our pre season games in the New Year. Talking to many FC fans as I do every week, the disappointment of last term is behind them, they are getting a bit excited again and there are certainly a lot of withdrawal symptoms around with this long closed season seeming to go on forever. However the ‘friendlies’ are almost here and come 3rd January we will be up and running, although I expect that for reasons of impact (and ticket sales) Frank’s debut could well be left until the Derby at the KC later that month, when we also hope to see Gareth Ellis play a part as well!

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The Dentist’s Diary – 471st

Franks here, we’ve heard from him, he’s sounding excited and he’s trying to keep warm!!!!


Big Frank with a big shirt!

‘The Tank’ was in the gym last Wednesday talking to everyone about everything, from local Derby’s, to how cold it was here and from the rivalry with the Dobbins to whether the kids get days off here when it’s snowing, as they do in Australia when there’s a heat wave! He was also genuinely excited about playing at the KC and getting his family over to England to join him. First impressions prompt me to say what a lovely bloke he is and he’s certainly a big bugger too, in fact the only thing he seems to be missing is a neck!!

With his first full training session taking place last Friday, just two months from the start of next season, I’m really excited about watching Pritchard, Manu and Taylor join what was already, I thought, a pretty neat pack. However what’s almost as appetising is the fact that he a big hearted character and a bloke who is going to be a big personality in the City in the months and years to come. Welcome to the mad house Frank!!!!

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