The Dentist’s Diary – 490th

A few alarms, a few excursions, but we are back on the horse again and yesterday tea time we travelled back from the West Riding with our first double of the season!!

Plus, with 16 points in the bag after 12 rounds, 4 tries for Tuli, Danny Houghton current top tackler in the comp and Mark Sneyd top goal kicker, things are certainly going our way at present. After the game I spoke to a beaming Adam Pearson, who is certainly enjoying the ride just as much as we all are, and he deserves to!

After a depressingly tight reversal last week in the rain at Headingley it was imperative that we didn’t go on a run of defeats, as seems to be the norm with most Super League Clubs this year. However a pumped and ultra confident Wakey were no pushovers as they fought every inch of the way to keep their unbeaten run going! For the long suffering travelling supporter if last week was a bit of ‘A Winter’s Tale’, this week was in the end, a little more ‘As you like it!’

Those five wins on the trot for the hosts meant it was always going to be a massive ask for us and you could see the spring in the Wildcats steps as they ran out. That confidence translated into a positive start which soon saw them go into an early lead. We rolled all over them for 20 minutes and were well ahead, before some shabby right edge defending ensured they were soon back level. You can imagine too that when they went into the lead after the break, there were a few concerned faces in the FC crowd as everyone’s heads were full of last year’s debacle at the same ground when they came back in a similar style and we lost in fairly disastrous fashion. In any of the last 4 or 5 seasons our demeanour would have been such that at that point in the game, with us 4 points behind and the hosts on the front foot, we would have folded. However as I seem to say in here, week in week out, we are made of much sterner stuff than that this time around!

So, wearing a smile of both happiness and relief, I drove home from West Yorkshire, with the car bathed in beautiful spring evening sunshine. It was job done, two more points and ‘all’s well that ends well’…..until that is, I start to worry about Friday!

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The Dentist’s Diary – 489th

(The Superman has left the Building edition!!)

Lordy, we certainly live in crazy times!!

The man himself and just how I’ll always remember him, because Whiting WAS Superman; but all we have now are memories!!

What a difference a week makes eh? In just 7 days, Richard has gone and on Friday our unbeaten run came to an end at the hands of last season’s triple trophy winners! That defeat of course pales into relative insignificance compared with poor old red faced James Webster, who on Saturday, “Suffered his biggest career embarrassment”…(well, the biggest since he signed for Rover in the first place). You can, as you might expect, read a bit more about all three of these occurrences later on in here.

However our primary focus was Friday when you couldn’t fault the effort or the wanting and we all left Headingley feeling the lads had given their all, but as so often happens in sport, on this occasion, it was not to be. It was simply not our night. We battled and battled, we never gave up and after going 8 points down (when last season we would have folded and conceded another try in the next set), we went straight back down the field and conjured up a great score of our own, which made for a tense finish. This team is certainly competing every week and in a league where anyone can beat anyone (unless it’s Oldham), it was a loss but not, by any means, a catastrophic one. But boy did it rain!

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The Dentist’s Diary – 488th

First things first this week!

350 NOT OUT!!!!!! Well done Yeamo; a real local hero!

“Hey Dad, what do you get when you play your 350th game?”
“Well kids, I got a dead leg!!”

What a game for Kirk to celebrate with too, as a gritty, tenacious and at times stylish show saw us get through a deal of adversity to eventually overcome a determined and pretty desperate Huddersfield side. The visiting Coach said after the game, “I thought we threw some decent stuff at them for 40 minutes. After that, well, there are some big human beings in that Hull team and that’s for sure”

How big? Well once again to a man the FC proved that we currently have a tremendous appetite for the fight and a deal of style and precision too when it’s needed. We all knew what could happen, in fact we all knew what usually does happen in these circumstances and in the end this was the test which proved, I think, that we have some special players and some ‘big hearts’ in there, even without our ‘leaders’ Ellis, Washy, Carlos, Mini and Pryce!!

None the less the performance we witnessed was nothing short of clinical, and that’s an expression you haven’t seen in here much in the last 11 years! Lee and the boys can dress it up how they like, but we would have lost that game last year. However this group of players is proving to be a bit special and with 25 of them used since Good Friday, everyone wants to get in on the act, everyone who comes in wants to prove a point and no one wants to let their colleagues down. This was a different game to the one at St Helens, but in the end an equally impressive victory, because it was a game that we all knew was a potential banana skin and one that the long suffering fans, who had seen such scenario’s so many times before, were just a bit concerned about. We had to wait and wait and be patient and then we had to pounce and we did just that, quite brilliantly!

However, let’s be honest with 14 points from 10 games…. it’s been a pretty unbelievable few weeks hasn’t it!!

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The Dentist’s Diary – 487th

……and it’s one I’ll remember for a long time!!

That was without a doubt, the best showing so far this season because Saints really, really wanted it and I was proud to be at Langtree Park to witness an epic battle and a pretty amazing spectacle as once again our battered and bruised hero’s came back from ten points down to grab another superb Super League victory!

It was simply a massive effort and every one of the 17 on duty played a part, but we were also treated to as good a performance by an FC second row forward as I can remember. Gareth Ellis, AKA ‘The human wrecking ball’, was amazing and we all lost count of the number of crunching hits he put in; but come in they did, thick and fast, sometimes as frequently of 3 and 4 a set. The man is just an enigma and Amor will certainly have had some nightmares after the battering Gareth gave him, while McCarthy–Scarsbrook will still be shaking his head to see if his ‘marbles’ are intact! At 34, to make 99 tackles and 245 metres in only eight days is just incredible!! However, on Friday that victory wasn’t just about Gareth Ellis, because everyone who played was a hero.

A massive FC following, particularly for a Friday night in Lancashire, saw 1045 in the away stand and another few hundred in the seats and in that last ten minutes we all ‘made every tackle and caught every ball’ before everyone went ballistic at the end. By then most of us on the terraces felt as if we’d played 80 minutes ourselves and after the final hooter you could literally ‘taste’ the emotion all around you. Once again there were tears of joy in what was a sea of smiling faces, as the players sang and danced along with the fans.

There will be harder times, heartbreaking reversals and no doubt more disappointments ahead, at Hull FC there is little doubt of that and just how bashed up we are after that 3 game effort, only Friday will tell!! However for now, as long suffering supporters, it doesn’t get much better than it did on Friday, does it?

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