The Dentist’s Diary – 517th

Well, here we are again, it’s been quite a busy two weeks really and thanks for returning again to the Diary, as I attempt to make some sense of what’s happening at the Club as we all start to get a bit twitchy awaiting some rugby coming our way in five weeks’ time, on Boxing Day.

This last fortnight there’s been plenty going on with Kelly arriving, Frank ‘tanking’ it back to the NRL, Abbo going out on loan to help ‘the basement boy’s’, rumours of a possible departure on the management side of things, the Wolf Pack coming to town and our progress, or otherwise, with season ticket sales. So here’s a quick look at what has come to pass in the last fortnight through, as usual, the eyes of this ordinary fan.

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The Dentist’s Diary – 516th

So…… while it was quiet I decided to take a bit of a sabbatical and run these Diaries every two week, but just as I try to have a break and do a bit of writing, lo and behold everything kicks off!

Despite the fact that Adam has been away and Lee Radford only returned from holiday last Friday, news has still been coming thick and fast and when no one has been around to confirm or deny it, the media and the fans have just been making it up!

Season ticket sales, Albert Kelly, Frank Pritchard, Jordan Abdull, International games at the KC, a new exciting and yet pretty controversial strip, a great traditional shirt etc. etc. etc. and so it just went on and on. As for me, well, I’m still enjoying the break, but finding it hard to get too excited about this International stuff. I guess I have also to admit that whilst scouring the media for information on the above issues which seem to be occupying the minds of the sports writers and the fans alike, I’m again starting to look forward to next season. Trouble is, no one at the Club is around to comment and with even our Marketing and Communications Director taking a well-deserved break last week the rumour mill has been going wild.

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