The Dentist’s Diary – 624th

From Deflation to Elation!!

Here’s to

and the one and only priority at the Club at present; getting him signed up!!!

What a game and what an ending that was! As the Rugby League world witnessed our 2,500th win as a Club in all competitions, it was the manner of the victory, crowned as it was with one of the truly great endings to a match, that sees it all still being replayed again and again in our minds. I can’t remember anything marginally like it at Hull FC since March 1988 at the Boulevard, when drawing with Wigan, the visitors had a 50-yard penalty attempt which they took after the hooter. It fell short before fast hands in a Gary Pearce inspired move swept play 95 yards down the field, for McCaffrey to score under the sticks at the other end.  

In the Super League era not since the Dobbins joyous capitulation against Salford at the end of that MiIlion-Pound game, have the fans of the sport seen anything like it and yet, compared with this one, both those two climaxes pale into insignificance, for in France there was so much more going on. We were down and out, we had a bit of luck, we had belief, there was poise, focus and a pre-conceived plan that everyone stuck to ….and then of course there was Marc Sneyd!

It takes Dynamo an age to produce one bit of magic, well, step aside buddy, because here comes Mr Sneyd, with 4 in a minute! A short restart with 4 seconds to go, that threw the Catalan player into indecision, a great 50-meter penalty under intense pressure, a superbly grubbered kick-off that found touch and that wonderful drop goal that spiralled high over the posts to send us all into raptures. Has there ever been a more spectacular finale to an FC game? How can you ever really believe it actually happened, however many times you watch it back again? What’s more, how can I ever really do justice to it in here?

Even now sat in the early hours of Sunday morning I’m at a loss to explain it all for it was just an amazing ending to a wonderful against all odds performance, that was littered throughout with heroic acts!!

Rugby League as a dramatic experience doesn’t get better than that finale, well it doesn’t if you win and thankfully again in Golden Point, it was the FC that prevailed.  

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The Dentist’s Diary – 623rd

Boy We All Needed That Didn’t We???

With 4 successes already, we actually look like the away win specialists at present don’t we??

As Lee Radford said before the game, “If we win, we’ll be sat fifth in the competition and things are looking up again”. We did win and we were all relieved, but for me it doesn’t excuse that debacle last week. It would have, had that game been a one off landslide defeat, but it wasn’t, was it? In fact, despite loads of injury crisis’ over the years it was the third such record breaking drubbing in just 10 months.

Our win at Salford wasn’t pretty and it certainly wasn’t flashy! It wasn’t even good to watch at times, we made errors but we played with a real wanting and after a home game in which we showed no passion or spirit at all, we had loads of it yesterday. I loved the result particularly because in the end it was all the player’s passion deserved. However, what is still depressing, worrying and frustrating is why we didn’t we show an ounce of that fight last week at the KCOM?

Lee said after the game, “No one bothers how you play at this point in the season your only bothered about fight and spirit and to turn up with 11 missing it was a fair result”. So it was, but although it’s a big well done boys, I still believe that many of you reading this will join me in scratching your head and asking Lee, “Where was all that ‘fight and spirit last week?????”

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