The Dentist’s Diary – 649th

Hello Again and Welcome to the annual, ‘Everyone’s away on Holiday’ edition of the Diary!!!

Two weeks on from the last one, there’s plenty of controversy to talk about across the sport, but news wise at Hull FC it’s been pretty quiet, most of the players are missing as are the Coaching staff, but with season tickets selling well and already only around 3000 behind last year’s total and the new home strip revealed last Friday in Princes Quay, things are bumping along towards the International games and the start of pre-season. 

Somethings however never change and as such, the great and loyal FC Faithful have once again put disappointment behind them and risen to the occasion. As we all prepare to go around again with hearts full of hope and heads full of dreams for 2020, (which will no doubt be a real crunch season for the Club), I believe that it’s been made clear at the club that it’s do or die for some! 

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The Dentist’s Diary – 648th

The 2019 campaign ends next week with the Grand Final between Salford and Saints, but after a season that promised so much it all went wrong form us and so it’s already all quiet at Hull FC. But, hasn’t it been great watching Salford!! 

However, as I sit here on Saturday morning, off the field things are changing!!! We as fans are signing up again for next season, whilst the appointment of a current Championship coach of some standing as assistant to Lee Radford was a real sign of our ambition and the owner should be applauded for making such a statement.

But, more of that later, because for me personally a period of reflection has followed the last Diary. In fact, as the local media regurgitate stories and try to keep us amused with pen pictures of our new players and ‘look’s backs’ at seasons past, it has for this fan been a time to take stock. Personally, with no involvement in the play offs, I’ve sat back from it all a bit and wrestled with the parlous state of our game; for if you dissect our sport Club by Club, we really are in a bit of a mess. I’ll be having a look at that this week and what I would do (which won’t please a lot) to drag the game into the modern era of ‘multi-platform sport’ and make it again, what it most needs to be; entertaining. 

Off the field at the club the push is on to sell season tickets! Things certainly started well although I guess the first day sales figure of 3000 included all the direct debit clients who had decided to not drop out of the scheme, or had indeed forgotten to do so. But with almost another 1500 added in just 7 days since, it’s all going pretty well.  And after that disappointing end to the season and all the doom and gloom it engendered, once again the FC Faithful have come up trumps, had faith and instigated what can only be seen as an extremely encouraging start. 

So here we go on the first of our closed season fortnightly editions of the Diary, in which I hope you will at least find something to interest you!

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