The Dentist’s Diary – 568th

So another week and another Friendly, which will be the last one that we see before things start in earnest a week on Thursday and I for one have certainly preferred this year’s truncated pre-season.

Once again it was bloody cold at the KCOM yesterday afternoon and I know it’s hard to get too excited about such games but, I’m really looking forward to the big kick-off and by the sounds of the way that tickets are being snapped up for the game (which although on a Thursday, isn’t televised) you’re all looking forward to it too.

Those of us who went yesterday probably deserved a medal for it was another bleak old afternoon, but again we saw a really heartening performance and learned, I think, a bit about how we are going to line up and play this season. It was a great run out played in driving snow and in the end an entertaining hit up as a very big Catalan Pack took on some of our first teamers, some youngsters and several of our fringe players, before we came out with a good win.

That weather was pretty atrocious really and if sitting there in the freezing cold for two hours wasn’t enough, then the freezing rain lashing in our faces as we left the stadium just about finished us off. However, the players of both sides showed no qualms about the conditions and it was a hard, entertaining and physical hit up, that I think told us one or two things about our squad, our new signings and the tactics we will be employing this season.

It was first and foremost a good win, but I was certainly impressed with our two new signings as Bureta Faraimo took on the mantle of ‘The new Fonua’ and gained loads of yards against the big French forwards. His first carry was awesome. He did a lot of hard work and put in the hard yards down the middle and scored a great try, where he juggled with the ball stepped through the line, ran 20 odd yards and went over despite the attentions of three would be tacklers. He certain looked the real deal and he also tackled well and looked really safe under the high ball. But, if he was good then Mickey Paea was a revelation.

Playing long minutes the big man certainly made me eat my words when, back last summer, I queried as to why we had signed a player who I though looked a bit jaded at the end of his last stint at the Club. Micky however had a great game and was probably my man of the match. He tackled really well and gained yard after yard ploughing down the middle, but his try was something else. He got the ball about 18 yards out as he jumped into the line to grab a pass having spotted a slightly ‘bent’ Catalans defensive line. All afternoon he had run at the gaps instead of at the players and this time he swerved through the line and took a whole ruck of players with him over the line before somehow getting the ball down. It was a great bit of rugby and he’ll do well either starting as he did yesterday, or as an impact prop from the bench. For me then, as far as the two new signings are concerned, after that display, it is all very heartening.

Micky Paea really surprised me, he was the best forward on the park.

Danny Houghton again played over 60 minutes and was really sharp around the ruck and when he departed the scene, Dean Hadley went to acting half and kept up the good work. He had another good afternoon! Young Miloudi did little wrong again at full back without looking yet to be bothering Jamie Shaul for his place, but boy is he a feisty little bugger and an all action player in every sense of the word. However, it was the young front rowers that really caught the eye for me, with Ross Osbourne and Masi Matongo showing up really well against some big opposition forwards. They are going to be good and really run hard and poke their noses through the line when they get on the front foot. Their progress from last season is quite amazing really.

At the other side of the coin I felt that although he looked great carrying the ball Connor was quieter than last week and although Sneyd had a really good game, Albo did OK and without really looking to break the line with some of those tricks that became his trade mark last year, he set up a couple of tries with deft hands. He certainly linked well and his actions and those of Sneyd, Abdull, Connor and Houghton went a long way to confirm that our tactics have changed a bit this year as we looked to be more expansive and tried to create stuff, even in our own half. We’ll be good to watch this year!

Bureta Faraimo – He’ll be a massive hit this season!

A really interesting issue is who will start in the centres because there are three candidates in Connor, Carlos and Griffin and for me if Connor is pretty much nailed on, then Griffin has a great chance of starting there. Although Carlos did little wrong Josh again had a great game and looked really focussed throughout. When he went steaming down the wing, having caught a ball behind him and gone off from a standing start, he was just stopped by a gang tackle inches short but he looked unstoppable at times and throughout the game he proved a real handful for the Catalans defence. It will certainly be interesting to see who Lee starts in the centre a week on Thursday.

You can talk all day about great youngsters and polished new signings but some players never change; Danny had a fine game.

However, as we made the changes, there were some great performances right across the park and compared with the week before we looked a lot more focussed and less erratic. I have no doubt at all, that the team we fielded yesterday would have beaten Rovers last week but all that said a real highlight of the afternoon was our goal line defence. On about 5 occasions we resisted two sets of six down there and in one instance we got through 16 tackles and still held firm. Lee must have been so happy with that, although the mistakes that got us down there will have been more of a concern I guess.

Our Coach must though have loved it at the end when all the youngsters were on the field and we still held Catalan as Jack Downs then dealt the killer blow. Young Jack took a great reverse pass from Sneyd at acting half, to run a brilliant line for the final try. Jack Logan looked good in a late cameo appearance and all in all, it was another good hit out on our way to the first game. Looking back, I was also pleased with the way that despite chopping and changing a lot in the second half the structure remained intact and everyone seemed to know the game plan and what they had to do as the combinations changed. OK we let a couple of kicks bounce when we shouldn’t have and had a right mix up on the touch line after a kick off restart, but the conditions were bad and Catalan were guilty a time or two of the same sort of lapses in concentration, although they did provide excellent opposition just the same.

Ok, as the blood rushed to their heads the youngsters gave away a bit too much ball in the first set after we had scored …again, but all in all it was a great showing from a lot of players, we’ll have to step up a bit again before we start in earnest, but with Shauly, Bowden, Green, Mini, Manu, Taylor and Watts still to come in, (almost a starting pack there) we look to be on the right track. One things for sure when you compare these youngsters with where they were last year at this time, there is no comparison, for they have all come on leaps and bounds.

So that’s it, these games are over and we now build towards the season proper, if you couldn’t get to the friendlies then rest assured, from what I’ve seen we are progressing to the start of the ‘battle real’ pretty well, we could have done to have everyone back yesterday, but what we have seen is very heartening and Lee will have a bit of head scratching to do before we finally announce that first 17 man squad, I’m sure of that!

Well it’s been a question that all FC fans have been asking for weeks and at last the suspense was finally broken when on Wednesday at around 6-00pm the Club finally announced that Danny Houghton would be our Captain and Scott Taylor our Vice-Captain for 2018.

Most of us expected Danny’s promotion, although even last weekend he wasn’t that convinced it would be him, for there were so many likely candidates and Radders was certainly keeping his thoughts to himself and his cards close to his chest.

However, once it had been announced, no one could ever begrudge Houghton the accolade which must be the greatest there is for someone playing for his local Club, the team he’d supported since he was a small boy. What a dream come true that is! He’ll give it his all, he’s really respected by everyone at the Club for the way he backed Gareth Ellis up as his vice-Captain and already immortalised by the fans after ‘that’ tackle! He’ll always do what is best for the Club and us lot out there on the terraces and had he not been given the captaincy in this his testimonial year, after all he has done, then it would have been a real shame. However, these appointments can’t be made on sentiment alone and I don’t think sentiment is something that in any case comes into Lee Radford’s vocabulary. We have to trust the Coach and on this occasion at least, he made his call and I think it’s worked out well for everyone.

However, the naming of Scott Taylor as Vice-Captain, in front of Italian Captain Mark Minichiello, and Tonga skipper Seke Manu came, I have to say, as a bit of a surprise. I never ever expected the other much punted candidate Marc Sneyd would get anywhere near it, but with the experience and status of the other two the announcement of Scott as Vice-Captain was for me at least, quite unexpected really. Unexpected yes, but I guess having met the guy a few times, it was perhaps something I should have at least considered. He’s certainly well equipped for the job and indeed the stuff I feel that future Captains are made of.

Scott just oozes a passion for Hull FC and has a knack of saying the right things at the right time too. How often have we seen him come on for his second spell in the second half of a game in which we were trailing or just winning and his very presence and those drives of his have lifted the team and more often than not led us on to victory. Then there are the times before the big games that Scott has come out with a rallying call to the terraces and we have all loved it. His passion for the fans and the Club is unquestionable. Like Danny he was there on the terraces long before he got a whiff of professional rugby and he and his family absolutely love the game. It’s his passion and resolve on the field and his love of the Club off it that sees him feature in that “He’s one of our own” chant, that regularly rings around the stadium. In fact, the passion of his whole family is epitomised by the fact that they openly admit that they are all often in tears, when they hear it.

You see, Scott just gets it and when I launched my last book those who were there will know that He and Washy and Yeamo all turned up completely uninvited to support us. A small incident yes, but that’s the mark of the local players and what the Club means to them and now we have two local lads as Captain and Vice-Captain, how good is that eh? Add to that the fact that he is Coach of Beverley too, and there is little doubt that Radders has thought long and hard about these appointments and made them in the context of both player’s status and stature as far as the rest of the team is concerned.

I honestly believe that our Coach has also had one eye on the importance and weight that the fans put on the festering and unparalleled antagonism and rivalry that extends across the river to the East. I therefore think that he has picked two blokes who also absolutely get that bit! They are two local lads who have lived with that rivalry and whilst the others have grown to understand it, these two have grown up with it!!! The leadership group is completed by ‘outsiders’ Sneydy, Micky Paea, Mini and Seke, but with local Coaches and local back room staff, I think the Club and our beloved team is in good hands! Scotty and Danny’s appointments continue the Clubs quest to ‘keep it local’, they are ‘dynasty’ appointments as well as being two approachable, good guys who really care, in fact I guess they are just ‘Two of our own!!’

Nonetheless, it’s not all been good news this past 7 days and so after last weekend great showing by our youngsters it was a bit disappointing to read Albert Kelly’s comments about the possibility of him returning to Australia in 2019. Although nothing is certain and anything can still happen, I guess with his family there and following him flying out to see them all for the New Year, his conversations with them will have still been fresh in his mind, when he was approached for an interview. In any case the amount of money on offer over there must be a draw for the kid too. So who could blame him if he did decide to leave at the end of 2018. Albert obviously doesn’t know what he wants to do yet and he’s certainly very happy at the FC, but our mercurial number 6 has only got this season left on his deal with the club and he will be 27 when that expires. It will probably then be the choice of a lucrative deal in the NRL or a two or three-year contract with us; a deal that will probably see him having then to end his career in this country. So at his age come the end of this season, it could well be a case of now or never!

Albert said last week, “In the back of my mind I know that I’m going to have to make a tough decision on whether I stay or end up going home”. And I think it’s safe to say that, after being eased out of two Aussie Clubs following some disciplinary issues and leaving the NRL at just 23, he no doubt developed a plan in his head to be successful in Super League, so as to provide an eventual route back home. As the Mail said last week, “The best long-term Super League players are the ones who are brilliant but flawed. If Kelly continues to remove the issues with his game and off-the-field behaviour which has cost him before, he almost becomes too good for FC and for Super League” and I don’t think they are far off the mark with that.

However, I think Albert would agree that the journey has been longer than he planned. He left Australia as a talent and by he had finished at Hull KR, where he was, for whatever reasons, ostracised and marginalised, he found himself looking for a Club and doing it with more baggage than British Airways. But there were impressive moments whilst he was in East Hull and it was that which made Lee Radford gamble on his talent. However, our coach’s strict but fair regime and the attitude towards the ‘family’ of the rest of the players, saw us win out on that gamble big style last year and although the news from Albo is not particularly good, we perhaps shouldn’t be too concerned about his comments, particularly in the short term.

The only way Albert will return home will be if he secures a contract with an NRL team and so by definition, if a side in the top rugby league competition in the World is willing to gamble on him it means he will have starred big style for the Black and Whites. If that happens, Hull will have had another great season from him and what’s more Abdull and Connor will have got another year under their belts and may then be ready to step up.

So, whatever happens next, we have another season at least to enjoy Albo, whilst Lee develops those two as insurance. Let’s face it, if Albo really does step up again then it will be something to behold. Flawed Geniuses eh, how often have I quoted the maverick players like Chase, Hardaker, Brough, etc? I’m convinced it is that bit of bad in them that makes them so good myself!! Let’s hope we have tamed Albo and he remains an FC player for a few years to come, although somehow after that interview I doubt he will do.

The Club however continues to evolve and we have some great emerging half back cover in the afore mentioned Abdull and Connor. After the Rovers game Radford was certainly quick to praise both the players and said of Jake, “I thought he was outstanding. Sometimes I don’t know exactly what’s going through his head but the lad can play that’s for sure,” As for this season well with those two plus Sneydy and Albo we certainly have some real quality depth at half back, in fact with Carlos also able to play there we almost have an embarrassment of riches and that’s certainly something we haven’t seen at our club for years.

I’m looking for big things from one of our younger players this year and no mistake! For me, Dean Hadley is a talented lad and with Manu at 30 Mini at 35 and Gareth Ellis now retired, I think he has a real chance to establish himself in the first team. A guy who combines an ability to drive in hard when required and pass when he isn’t and who can also double up at acting half back with some style, he could well be an invaluable addition to the team this year. He wants so badly to succeed at Hull FC but he has been through the ringer a bit to get into a position where he could. He spent time on loan with York City Knights and Doncaster earlier in his FC career, then played 22 games for Trinity, starting as a substitute before evolving into an integral part of the Chris Chester squad that went so close to the top-four and they were, in the end, a club that were desperate to keep him.

He clearly proved he has what it takes to deliver in the upper echelons although he realises as well, that he will still have his work cut out forcing his way into our starting 13. Talking to the West Riding press last week he said, “I am fortunate here, you’ve got two players who are the captains of their country to observe and study. Furthermore, I don’t think you can have a better player than Gareth Ellis to learn from either. His record speaks for itself and he is so professional and respected. You can’t help but learn and I’ve managed to work alongside him for a few years before his retirement. He’s football manager now and so still around the place. But I think it’s time that I stood up now and started being a leader myself. Hopefully I’ll get a chance”.

Of course his sabbatical at Wakey meant that for the second year running he missed out on playing at Wembley. I remember when he wasn’t selected for the starting 17 in 2016 he took it really well and that impressed me, particularly when compared with another more experienced player who isn’t with us anymore, who actually walked out of County Road when he was given the news. On the subject of missing out a second time Hadley said, “It’s a strange feeling, being a Hull lad and fan and only wanting to play for this club long term, it was great to see the club finally win at Wembley and not only do that but then do it in back-to-back Challenge Cup finals like we have. It was a really special time, but for myself, as a rugby player, I want to be part of those games so it was a little bit disappointing as well. Maybe we can make it three on the bounce, though, and also go that step further in Super League and get to a Grand Final”.

Hadley is a good kid, a nice bloke and I think a pretty talented player and I for one, hope he does well. He certainly showed his versatility in Danny Houghton’s testimonial game when he started at loose forward, then played a bit of second row, before switching for most of the second half to hooker, something he repeated again yesterday. Keep an eye on Hadley I think he’ll do well.

Well, off the field, last week I was sent an E Mail that the Club had posted out to advertisers, which indicated that they might like to take space in a new monthly newspaper that will be taking the place of the match day programme in 2018. This publication it claimed would be free of charge and available at all home games.

Its always sad when a tradition like the programme is phased out but it has gone from the font of all knowledge back in the 70’s, 80’, and 90’s, to now (with the advent of the digital age of social media) a pretty outmoded publication. I only ever read Adams column in the old programme and latterly members have even had that sent in advance of the game by E Mail. So I wish the Club well with this and hope that a new paper on match days will give us something that is both different and refreshing.

What a great time everyone who is going to Australia will have during the two weeks Hull FC are over there. The Club this week released their itinerary for the official trip, which includes beach parties, a BBQ, A Race Day, opening training sessions, junior coaching, a legends night and a VIP Civic welcome amongst many more events. I think the fans will be exhausted by the end of the trip never mind the players, but then again you all know my views on that one. We take on Wigan Warriors at WIN Stadium in Wollongong on Saturday February 10 before facing St George Illawarra Dragons at ANZ Stadium as part of a double header on Saturday February 17, which also includes Wigan meeting South Sydney Rabbitohs.

It’s a packed itinery and although I guess there can be a deal of leeway in that second week, (before we take part in a friendly hit up), in the first few days and in the lead up to a very important game against Wigan, I would worry a bit about the amount of social stuff the players are involved in. I’m sure Lee knows what he is doing and won’t allow things to get out of hand, but I just hope that Wigan are doing as much as us in the first few days, because then at least we will meet on a level playing field. However, that said what a great itinery it is and how hard the Club has worked with the folks in Australia to make such a great programme for everyone who is going.

In case like me you aren’t going and you are instead watching on TV, this week Sky announced the broadcast times of both our games in Australia. The Wigan game will be shown at 8-30am UK time on Saturday 10th February and then they will show both our fixtures and Wigan’s (starting with ours) the following weekend on 17th February at 6-30am UK time.

The state of the game in this country continues to cause concern on several levels and the lack of a proper reserve League seems to be top of the agenda at present. Last week Karl Fitzpatrick, Warrington Wolves CEO, called for the RFL to make reserve teams compulsory for Super League clubs. The Wolves and us have ditched their reserves in recent weeks, with both Clubs relying on their dual-registration partnerships. Last Monday he said of his Clubs withdrawal (with us) from the competition this year, “I’m a big advocate of reserve team rugby. We operated a reserves last year but we played just four games. With so few games this does not aid development and makes no commercial sense whatsoever. There should be a bona fide competition with all Super League teams participating.”

It’s scary to think of how many talented players Rugby League has lost over recent years, because of there being no reserves. It’s a travesty and as I said last week, perhaps something to do with why a lot of potential players can’t get involved in the game. One real advocate of Reserve grade rugby is the Wigan Coach, Shaun Wane who has brought through more homegrown players than any other coach in Super League. Last week he continued the dialogue when he explained why he also wants a proper Reserves structure at their 2018 launch media day. He said: “Me personally, I don’t see how our club would function without it. When I’m getting clips from when players have played for Swinton on dual-registration it’s not the same, but when we play St Helens in a Reserve fixture and they are trained by our coaches and I get a video straight after the game and can talk to the player, then it’s miles better. It just fits with us. I can’t comprehend how it doesn’t work. I can’t talk about the financial implements with other clubs but it definitely works for our club. We are going to have to play a few teams a few times (this year) but we just have to make the best of it.”

As Horney is on our pay roll and also Coach at Doncaster I guess we have met that particular problem half way, but I can’t help but agree with everything Wane says about the Reserves. There is always talk of why Super League is behind the NRL and for me when you look at it logically the Reserves competition is a big factor. Over there they actually have feeder clubs who act as a Reserves team, a situation that is nothing more than a far off dream for Super League at the moment. And if you look at players who make their debut in the NRL, they are normally around 23 or 24, not 18 or 19 like in Super League! We aren’t letting players develop and grow properly. In the UK Clubs are forced to throw them in at the deep end because there is nothing between the academy and the first team. That’s why I’m one of those in the ‘statutory Reserves for Super League Clubs’ camp I’m afraid.

Now onto another subject and perhaps it’s the future of the game, who knows, but the fans take over at Salford seems to be bringing some reality to the place, at least as far as the balance sheet is concerned, as the new administration refuses to spend more than they have coming in. Following that closed season takeover Ian Watson the head coach recently announced that the club will not make any more signings, due to not having the funds available to purchase new players. Watson said a couple of weeks ago that he would have liked to be able to add at least an outside back to his squad to add competition and strengthen, but that now won’t be possible whilst he has also lost the likes of Michael Dobson and Ben Murdoch-Masila in the closed season, which will certainly leave a hole in the squad.

At the moment the club needs to rebalance their books as even after cutting back to a 27-man squad they are still spending more than they are generating. It will be down to the head coach and players to have a successful season so that they can attract more supporters and sponsors, but the former is not easy at that Stadium which is pretty inaccessible even if you live in Manchester. However, if somehow they can do that then they will be back in a place where they are able to bring more players in and increasing their salary cap spend. But all the same its very commendable to see what they are doing and although I think they’ll start with a flourish, I also believe that it’s going to be tough for Salford to avoid the bottom 4 this year.

The other night in the pub we were talking about full backs and we all agreed that we have, over the years, had some fantastic exponents of the last line of defence in our ranks at the Boulevard and the KC. There’s been Shaun Briscoe, Garry Kemble, Colin Hutton, George Robinson, Peter Bateson, Steve Prescott and Paul Woods, to name but a few and of course the mercurial Jamie Shaul who has already made history but who also perhaps has his own memories still perhaps to make. All those guys for one reason or another have in their own way had somehow managed to get stuck in our FC memory banks! But, there was one player who everyone present agreed was the best full back that we had ever pulled on the irregular hoops. That of course was the great Arthur Keegan.

What a fantastic servant to the club he was!!! We have never had a more loyal and popular player than Arthur, who made the number one shirt his own after a brave performance for the black and whites in the 1959 Cup Final at Wembley. However, even before that, Keegan made his RL debut for the FC, after signing from Dewsbury Celtic in 1958, as a late inclusion in a game at Headingley that we won 32-7. So late was his inclusion in fact, that he had actually paid to get into the ground when a tannoy announcement 15 minutes before the game was due to kick off, summoned him to the Changing Rooms!!!

After that famous Wembley appearance, he was called up to do his national service but on his return he became a fixture in the FC side snatching the number one shirt from Peter Bateson and making it his own for the next 13 seasons!!! His main asset was his ability, (despite being the last line of defence), to stand players up in the tackle and clamp the ball so that they could not release it. Add to this his trade mark last ditch tackle as the last line of defence, great hands, an ability to take the line on and consistent good form and you had the lot!!!

Arthur was also a useful goal kicker and in fact scored 318 in his career for the FC. If any indication of the love that we the fans at the time had for this great full back, was needed, then just consider this: Keegan was voted the supporters club player of the year for 8 seasons on the trot! In 1965/66, I remember, he also became the Yorkshire Federation of Supporters clubs “Fairest and most loyal Player” So I think you can see just what a phenomenon Arthur was, playing as he did in what everyone would agree was a poor FC side!

Keegan was club captain for several seasons and was also known as a bit of a comedian on the side. There is one famous story about a game that was played on a Hull v Rovers rugby league promotional tour of Devon and Cornwall. This took place after the season finished in 1962. In one game Keegan mishandled a towering up and under and a voice from the crowd shouted out “Bring Back Peter Bateson”. Arthur ruefully observed at the top of his voice from the pitch, “Bloody Hell, all this way and there’s still someone from the Threepenny stand here”. Arthur had a well-earned testimonial year in 1969.

Keegan’s international career saw him play for Great Britain just 9 times. I remember, best of all, a game that the BBC covered between GB and the Aussies on a snow covered Station Road pitch in 1967. I watched this game, with Mum and Dad on our old black and white Rediffusion TV. He was fearless that day, and although the old enemy won 11-3, the score should have been much more as they repeatedly broke through the home defence and it was only the tenacity and bravado of Keegan that kept the score down. That performance got him the man of the match award but because he played for a struggling and perhaps unfashionable club, he was dropped for the World Cup the following year with the selectors preferring the option of Bev Risman from the more “Trendy” Leeds club!! GB flopped in the World Cup (nothing new there then) and Keegan was recalled the following year!

I saw some fantastic performances from Arthur and can still see him now in my mind’s eye, from the Threepennies, running at the defence and shimmying past the first opposition player as if he did not exist. Something, I should add, that he did countless times every time I saw him play. He sadly only won one trophy with us, when we beat Featherstone in the Yorkshire Cup final in 1969. Like many players in those days Arthur did not move to Hull but continued to live in Dewsbury and for those 13 years he went backwards and forwards over Boothferry Bridge, three times a week at least, to training and matches.

By 1971 Keegan grew a bit tired of all the travelling because without the M62 it was a long journey to tackle in the depths of winter. He asked the club to release him and a few days later he left to take up the position of Bramley’s ‘A’ team trainer. By 1973 he had risen to first team coach and subsequently led them to one of the biggest up sets in the history of the game, when little Bramley beat Widnes, in Lancashire, in the final of the BBC Floodlit trophy! Arthur then gained hero status in West Leeds, but sadly the resources of the Villagers could not sustain this success, results and attendance’s flagged, and he was fired in September 1976. He then played 6 games for Batley before breaking his jaw and in 1980 he coached Yorkshire for one game. Otherwise he hung up his boots and his RL career, and disappeared into relative obscurity!

Arthur sadly died on the 3rd November 2008 but the memories will live on for this fan until the day that I day. Garry Kemble was the second best Full Back we have ever seen in the black and white, but no-one beat Arthur for loyalty, consistency, guts and sheer class. What a great player he was, and how honoured I was to see him play.

Don’t forget that today (Monday) at 5-00pm is the dead line for the friends for a fiver offer for season ticket holders for the first game, so get some if you can and let’s get behind the team and really get a great gate at the KCOM for that first match, which although on a Thursday as I said earlier, isn’t televised.

So that’s it really, as the last official Friendly is over we all look to that game on the 1st and wonder! It is for me, as you know, (with what is to come) an absolutely must win game against those Huddersfield Giants who will be intent on coming to a packed KCOM and causing an upset. I’ll be looking at that game and the forthcoming season in detail next week, but in the mean-time, thanks so much for all your correspondence over the last 7 days, particularly the two E mails I got from Brian in Spain and Dave Cutler, the latter which I will talk more about next week.

I honestly now feel that at last as far as 2018 is concerned, We’re on our way …..

Keep Believing!!!!!!!

Faithfully yours