The Dentist’s Diary – 641st

It’s never an easy ride as an FC fan is it?

First thoughts from the game at Wakefield? Well I think I had just two at the end; firstly, we’ll never play a worse team than the Wildcats and playing like we are at present, we will never get to a Grand Final, never mind win one.

So come on FC; 4 games to go ……prove me wrong!

For me as a spectacle Sunday was instantly forgettable. It was always going to be a battle and Wakefield is hardly a happy hunting ground, but it was hardly convincing either, yet there everyone was as the hooter went, breathing a little easier after a real ‘mistakeathon’, yet two points clear of Wigan again and level with Warrington in second. Who wouldn’t have taken that back in February eh? We have seen some real dross at times in 2019 and it was the same again in West Yorkshire on Sunday. None the less, in the context of the season, it was a massive win, we are back on the horse points wise, but not exactly galloping towards the Grand Final either.

BUT!!!! If Wigan beat Warrington on Friday and we beat Salford on Saturday, we go clear in second!!!! Crazy times eh??? I never like doing the Dobbins a favour, but we’ve given them a leg up and if our noisy neighbours can’t beat that lot at home next Sunday, they don’t deserve to stay up!! Poor old Wakey were clueless at times, but although we had a lot more idea than them, we just made mistake after mistake. Yet it’s certainly all happening and it’s never dull at the FC is it? It’s been another interesting week signing wise, what’s more, injuries and our current form makes next Saturdays hit up with Salford at the KCom a critical yet difficult looking affair to say the least. They are for me, the form team of the competition at present. What’s more, I bet with our injury situation they’ll smell blood!!

Well after a Friday night when the Wigan v Rovers fixture saw a game that I wanted neither team to win, but which in the end saw us slip to fourth, it was Wakey and a traditional Sunday fixture, with that memory of an absolute drubbing over there last year, still fresh in my mind. Could it happen again? Well of course it could, we have been nothing if not inconsistent this year, but we had to try and get third back and put pressure on a faltering Wire. What’s more, if we are to be true contenders for Old Trafford, it was the sort of game we had to win, whoever was missing.

But, the Wildcats, floundering in the lower reaches of the competition, would want it and want it badly. Yes, we had lost a few including the talismanic Kelly from the halves however, we simply had no excuse to lose because if we have a true  ambition to finish top three, then this was the biggest must win game of the season.

The West Riding outfit had looked seriously out of sorts of late winning just one of their last nine, but from one to thirteen they had a lot of class in their ranks too and, as the FC army travelled over in great numbers, the fact that their plight was a desperate one, passed none of us by. That said, we should have been desperate too and so it was simple really; we needed to not concede penalties as we usually do, we had to just stick to what we do best and we needed to also cut out the dumb stuff in attack that was so obvious against Wigan last week.

So it was in such circumstances that we awaited the kick off at the old Belle Vue stadium with the usual mixed feelings. That situation was heightened when we saw the team sheet with absentees including Satae, Paea, Manu, Westerman and Savelio, plus with Green having departed, our forwards looked decidedly short on umph!!!

The kick off took place in front of a big FC following under heavy skies and with a swirling wind blowing around the wide open spaces of Belle Vue. Minichiello didn’t help our case dropping the kick off into touch and so straight away Wakey were knocking on the door! Not satisfied with that, we then gave away a stupid penalty that saw them camped on our line but somehow after two sets in our ten we survived. Fact is that even that early on and with all that field position and advantage Wakey never looked like scoring!! That passage of play in fact was the dye cast for the rest of the afternoon.

Trinity then let a ball run innocuously into touch past Hampshire and the home side had somehow managed to concede a 40/20 when perhaps stopping it would have been easier. With great field position and Wakey arguing amongst themselves we could have scored but Matongo lost the ball playing it near the line. It was certainly two poor teams so far!!!

We pressed but Connor knocked on and so did Minichiello in the next set. Oh dear, it was shocking stuff, but thankfully from  both sides. The referee didn’t help either and was poor allowing both teams to slow the ruck down as most of the time the defences were only 7 yards back at the play the ball, so if anyone wanted to try something it was immediately stifled in what was a plodding ponderous affair at best.   

Then from the scrum our defence went to sleep and Hampshire dissected Sneyd and Ellis to run 50 yards to score. Lee Radford must have been apoplectic by this point, because it was simply shocking spotting from our line and if you have any aspirations to be a good team, you don’t concede directly from scrums. The knock-on’s continued for both sides, and it was a simply awful game to watch so much so that what struck me at this point in the game was that we are a long way off being a good team because Saints, Warrington and Wigan just wouldn’t have been as bad as we were in that first quarter. Then a spark of brilliance saw Faraimo go in from a good Sneyd kick. But, none the less it was only 6-6 and it looked as if the team that made the least mistakes would win this one.

Then, just when we needed keep it going we got some inspiration as a brilliantly anticipated interception by Tumavive saw him race off down field as Randall came across. A 60-yard chase ended up with Carlos crossing the line by a whisker and at last we led, but after Sneyd thought he had converted, the touch judges didn’t, so we just took a 6-10 advantage. Sneyd then produced a brilliant 40/20 off the side of his foot that Hampshire watched all the way but could still do nothing about and shortly after that our pressure told as after Connor was held up, Sneyd confounded his critics as he ghosted in on a rare run at the line. It was a great try that stretched our lead to 10 points.

Then a brilliant set of six saw our forwards running over the opposition up the middle, before a piece of brilliance from Connor when he decided not to kick on the sixth, fed Carlos and then Ratu, who was in brilliantly in the corner and the advantage stretched to 14-points. In between the action there were still mistakes a plenty but we were on top and dictating the game, however Brad Fash knocked on near the Wakey line with seconds to go before half time when a good steady set and a try would have probably put the game to bed, but the mistake saw that the chance was lost and we went in 20-6 after a very poor half which never the less, produced a very acceptable score-line for us. Would we win, well you would hope so, but this is Hull FC we are talking about here and as they used to say at the start of Stingray, we all know that “Anything can happen in the next half hour”

The second half started as had the first and both sides looked incapable of stringing a set together. None the less, Wakey showed a lot more resolve after no doubt a half time wigging from Chezzie.  Wakefield got themselves into a good position with a penalty in our 20. But Naulago calmed it all down with a typical flying length of the field effort and it was 26-6. That should have been it, but back came the rejuvenated Wakefield using the gusty wind to their advantage to grab a try on the back of another stupid error and as Broughy’s conversion hit the upright it was 26-10. Faraimo defused a good kick in our in-goal area as the home team started to turn the screw and a seven play set took us back down field, but we had to be careful as the home team’s frustrations were starting to manifest themselves in the form of a deal of niggling. Connor got belted, as he lost the ball under a kick and a scrap seemed to be only a heartbeat away.  

Against the wind we couldn’t get out of our half, something that was epitomised by the home teams pressure forcing Sneyd to go for a penalty goal 35 yards out which the wind whipped just wide. It was hard to counter the amount of ball that Wakefield had, however with Shaul off the field and Connor hobbling at full back and despite a Miller try, we just held out. With our backs to the wall we fought hard in that half as our tenacity and Miller and Brough’s inability to do anything much at all with the ball saw us home. But, quite frankly on the day we were poor, but thankfully Wakefield were considerably worse!!

Sneyd lad from the front and ran our game, Ellis and Taylor did long minutes and worked incredibly hard Ratu was a joy to watch on the run and Tumavive had his best game for ages but otherwise it was hard going. Throughout the season after such games we have been told that we just have to keep fiddling such wins to get us where we need to be at ‘the business end of the season’, but with 4 games left we are still ‘fiddling’ and it ain’t pretty to watch at all. Still a wins a win and we move on to Salford, but boy I was glad when that hooter went!!!  

So to the rest of the week and you know I love my Club and I certainly support them and what they are trying to do, well I have done since Adam took over anyway. Looking back at what I have said in here about Richard Agar and Kath Hetherington in the past would however have made you wonder about my intentions at times, but Adam’s motives always seem to be best for the business. That’s good because it’s success depends on us lot being happy and so what he does is usually best for the fans as well. What’s more, Adam gets that fan engagement bit totally.

However, an organisation that has always been as transparent as it could be, seems to have become a bit more clandestine of late. Look at the lack of a big screen last week against Wigan. It severely affected the enjoyment of all those fans who shelled out, left their settee’s and went to the Stadium to watch, what’s more, three big decisions at least were made solely for those at home with those attending left in the dark; literally! Since then we have been told nothing in the way of an explanation or an apology. The best I got from a guy in the pub, was that, “It was Thursday night, Ehab probably wanted to watch Emmerdale!!” I know there were problems with it at the Reading game on Saturday toobut an explanation would be nice!

Then there’s our new signing Tevita Satae. I understand that deals have to be kept under wraps before they are done and the club have sovereignty over when they are announced, but there he was on Monday evening in a tweet from 12 hours earlier, on the other side of the world, being waved off by his manager and posing with his kids at the airport, on his way to ‘Hull FC on a four-year contract’ yet we don’t announce anything official for another 48 hours.

He’d obviously signed early the previous week because he had to get his visa and work permit and then the family had to get packed and sorted before coming over. It’s not a question of giving us confidences, (in business there always has to be discretion), or not using signings to attract season ticket sales either, but rather, when other platforms are telling us what’s happening, the club, being the definitive body, have to put the record straight as soon as possible for the fans. There will have been reasons for the 48-hour hiatus on news, but again we haven’t been told them.

Still at around 7-00pm on Wednesday Tevita Satae’s signing was announced with pictures of him in the FC changing rooms in his new strip. He’s certainly a big unit and a real lump of a forward, although, for many fans, there is always a question mark over anyone who is signed from an Aussie second string side. Many want to see them play before they know what they are getting! However, everyone I have spoken to in Australia since Tevita was muted (and immediately he was linked with us, I contacted half a dozen readers over there) said that he’s a real line busting runner and hard to handle. In fact, many Aussie New Zealand fans are quite amazed that he hasn’t broken through into the NRL limelight already. Tevita’s stats are certainly impressive and there will be no doubting his work ethic or ability to fit in, because Tongan’s are always great trainers, 100% performers and good Clubmen. Well, all the ones we have had, have always been anyway!

It must be a massive wrench moving your wife and kids 12,000 miles and half way around the world to a new culture, before your dropped into the first team environment of a new club, without any pre-season training with your colleagues and doing it in a city where you know no one. However, the close knit ‘brotherhood’ of Polynesian players already at the club will be looking after him and will certainly make him welcome and on paper at least, he is certainly an exciting prospect. I wish him well as our recruitment for next season continues apace with more new faces to come.  

Of course to facilitate Tevita’s early arrival space had to be made on the cap and so after both Hadley and Litten had departed for the ‘Land that time Forgot’, it was Chris Green’s turn to leave the Club for the team he is rumoured to be joining next season (providing they survive relegation) Wakefield Trinity. Chris has been around the first team since 2012, but for me, in all that time, he has never really made a starting place his own. Built like a house end his stature has for me somewhat belied his form and he has never really attained the heights his hype has promised.

However, that’s only my view and I know some wish we had kept him, for there is no doubt he is a good bloke and gets on well with the team, but he has become part of the furniture and as an official at the Club said to me this week, “There comes a time when it is right for a player to move on and it was that time for Chris”. That just about sums it up for me, because as I said last week about the guys going to the Dobbins, if you’re going to be a really top team you have to go for the players you want and recognise that those you have, who are good servants, but for whatever reason are down the pecking order, only have a certain value. It’s up to them to decide if they want to stay on the fringes of their current club, or look for more money and more first team rugby elsewhere.

For me Chris turns too often on impact, in the tackle (but rarely releases the ball), his form is in and out and he has never really made that last leap into a permanent place in the club’s starting 17. He’s not let us down and he will help Wakey out, of that there is no doubt, but for me it was time for him to go and by loaning him out we have a new prop and a potential hero of the future to look forward to watching. Good luck to Chris but it was a bit of good business for me and again well done to the Club.

It also appears that the ‘last man standing’ in the raft of players we brought in this season to populate the Reserves League (that most of the rest of the Super League Clubs then reneged on) in 2019, Levy Nzoungou, will be off at the end of the season. He is another player signed for the reserves, with, we were told, a future in the first team, but although a big lad, again he has failed to make the grade. He has played a lot for Doncaster and in the reserves, but never stepped up into first team prominence and so another one bites the dust.

Then, just when we thought recruitment news was all done for this week, we find out about our latest signing to the 2020 squad, young Jordan Johnson. Make no mistake about it, this lad is really talented and hailed as one of the best prospects there is in the Championship. He has a great engine and is a player I have admired when watching Widnes on the TV this year. For me, to get some cover for Danny Houghton is as big a deal as some of the higher profile guys we have already brought in for next season. The 22-year old will make the move to the KCOM Stadium from the start of the 2020 campaign, with him being given a longer than usual, (for his age), 3-year deal.

Jordan was raised in the Cumbrian hot bed of amateur RL before becoming a part of the joint Cumbria Storm Academy. At Widnes he made his Super league debut and after becoming a supporter’s favourite, the fans of the Vikings that I have spoken to, are sorry to see their current first choice hooker leave. He was chased by 4 other Super League Clubs, but he had been talking to us for a year, as once again we have played the long game and finally enticed our man with our ambitious vision for next season. It has been a hard job getting him over the line and at times this season Cunningham has been pencilled in as a possible fall back situation, but in the end our first choice is in place.

So another good acquisition and a worry less, as at last after Litten, Hadley and Washbrook’s departure, we have some truly qualified cover for Danny Houghton. It was another piece in the jigsaw and what’s more, we all now know why we were willing to let Litten go!

So, in the wake of all these signings, the clear out continues with the list of players leaving or having left, growing seemingly longer every week. At present I make it, Talanoa, Hadley, Minichiello, Manu, Westerman, Green, Thompson, Paea, Langtree, Miloudi, Litten, Nzoungou and Washbrook all gone for 2020. That’s 13 leaving this year’s first team squad alone, with it looks like 6 or 7 coming in, although back into the squad since the start of the season has come Ellis who will be retained for another year, whilst we have also brought in Savelio, Ratu and now Satae in 2019, further more if he is retained, Dawson-Jones will be like a new player as well.

Already we are starting to get an idea of what next year’s squad will look like, but with the need in the modern competition to hit the road running at the start of the season, the job of making it all gel into a coherent unit will be a massive one, for we have certainly got some big personalities coming in and we have to just hope that they all get on! We did it in 2016 and we have to do it again next year!          

Now, anyone who love our great game will certainly have been upset about what we saw at Catalan last weekend. I didn’t catch the game live but watched it back later and I have to admit there was some poor refereeing and there was some awful behaviour by some of the players on the field as well, but nothing justified the scenes at the end. The really disappointing thing for me was turning on breakfast television on Sunday morning and on the half hour every half hour we got those videos constantly being shown as the headlines were everything that’s bad about rugby league. Who won? Well the media seemed disinterested in that bit!!!

There was nothing as well about Saints getting the League Leaders shield, but all about the violence in the stands after the final hooter. In a game that is trying so hard to raise its profile and build its popularity as a family sport it was, as well as being upsetting to see, hardly what you wanted people to be waking up to in the news next morning.


Ultimately everyone is responsible for their actions and behaviour, it’s the same for players on the field as it is for the supporters in the stands and indeed for all of us in our day to day life. However, there is little doubt that sometimes what happens on the field can affect what happens off it. Just look at the story I related two editions ago after the Cup semi-final when after their last try Blake Austin walked over to the FC supporters and stood in front of us and drew his hand across his throat as he laughed at the fans. Scott Taylor saw him do it and went to sort him out, but on the terraces, we were lucky that didn’t come to much more than a couple of plastic bottles (not that can be condoned of course) as well!!! The players have a real duty of care here, because in such situations, out in the stands, there are some idiots about!!

I saw enough that day in Bolton to know how volatile an atmosphere can be in the ‘losing end’ at a big game, we haven’t seen it for a long while, but in decrying what went on in France you cannot be holier than though, because few in the game can cast the first stone on this one! We certainly can’t and before I get them on at me (again), neither can our fiends from across the City, for we all have some of these idiots and sadly the amount of them in life in general, seems to be on the increase. Featherstone have just banned 4 fans for life for fighting and Wakefield have admitted to regular problems from a small minority at their home games. At least 4 Super League Clubs are considering segregation in grounds that at present don’t have it too. It’s becoming a problem and no mistake.

I’m not saying that this behaviour is totally alcohol fuelled, but the state of some fans at big games hardly helps. I’ve seen it quite a bit, but most recently at that semi-final. There was the bottle incident which I didn’t actually see, but some fans in front of me with children, were soaked with beer twice and a guy down to my left was obviously pretty well ‘soaked’ inside himself, despite, it appeared, being responsible for two young children! Folks have written to me about how they were up and down throughout the game, as a lot of ‘fans’ went incessantly back and forth to the bar instead of watching the game and so it goes at most big games these days. It’s a powder keg about to go off and in France last Saturday it did!! Big style!

Many of my pals enjoy a pint at a game. they never get stroppy or anything like that, they just enjoy a good day out. Why should they be penalised by Alcohol Bans when it’s not the alcohol but the idiots that are drinking it that is the problem. Its likely, I believe, that alcohol in the wrong hands is the nub of it all, but it’s also about the state of society at present where in all sports, for the few, being accepting and even a good loser is as a quality, disappearing fast. For that few, defeat is not met with despondency, downheartedness and eventual acceptance, but more with the need to have a good scrap or throw a few missiles to make them feel better! Of course it’s not just at games where you see it. A few weeks back a guy came up to the bar in a Beverley local, glass in hand, asking for a refill, to be told his brew had just gone off and the Landlord would have to go and change the barrel. At this he smashed his glass on the bar showered everyone around him with shards of glass and marched out. What’s all that about???

It was the case back in the old days at the Boulevard, that we could police our own and many a fan was restrained by his mates and those standing around him, as he attempted to climb the fence to get at the opposing players or referee, but these day’s things have changed. If we intervene or tell a steward, we are likely to get involved in it too, as was the case at Rovers not so long ago when their fans could be seen fighting amongst themselves (what is all that about eh??). As I say, it doesn’t make it right by any stretch of the imagination, but the Catalans and Warrington Clubs are certainly not on their own, far from it. It is therefore very difficult to penalise the clubs because short of banning fans, which let’s face it we all know doesn’t work in practise, what else can they do?

I’m afraid it beginning to look as if its endemic in society as Football has problems again, my friend who works for the British Horse Racing Authority told me you’d be surprised at the level of this sort of thing at race meetings these days and there were even incidents a cricket recently, so everywhere it’s on the rise and I guess perhaps in a country that seems to be totally at odds with itself, it’s possibly just a sign of the times. Naming and shaming them, with the recriminations, embarrassment and work implications that follow, will hopefully act as a deterrent. But boy last weekend, it was the last sort of publicity our great game wanted.       

I noticed this week that in the constant debate that goes on out there in the world of social media about the enigma that is Jake Connor, a few fans were likening him to Steve Evans the half back that played for us back in the 1980’s. ‘Young’ Henry Fleming who I saw the other day in Boots wasn’t around the Club in the 80’s but asked me about ‘this Steve Evans’ that some fans were talking about.

I told him that back then we had few utility players, but lots of specialist in what was for a time at least, the best team in the British game. In fact, we had in Harkin and Dean two of the best 7’s in the game, both in the first team squad. Did we play one at scrum half and try to accommodate the other by playing him somewhere else? Did we heck, we gave each of them a game every other week. The vagaries of the salary cap mean that today, even if another Club has a great number 6 or 7, its unlikely that they will ever play for the FC, however back then if we wanted someone we waived the cheque book and invariably got them (John Woods excepting).  

One place I used to enjoy going to with the Half Way pub coach trips, was Post Office Road Featherstone. Not just because of the novelty of a stripper on the covered Pool table, that used to perform before games in the supporters club, but because we always had a great game there. Much of that was down to a great home crowd and a wizard of a half back, who ran us ragged time and again. That was of course Steve Evans. He was a number 6 and a class act and I guess as Steve was the godson of our coach Arthur Bunting, his arrival at the Boulevard was, at some time or other, always going to happen. However, we still had to pay a record £70,000 fee to secure his services before he made his debut against our opponents this last weekend Wakey, at Belle Vue on 7th February 1982.

Although a speedy and predatory try poacher, I guess one of the most interesting things about Steve was the fact that he achieved a unique feat in that year, when he played in every round of the Challenge Cup and did it for two different teams. He played in the preliminary round in which Featherstone were beaten by Hull KR but he joined us before the transfer deadline that was in those days, after those preliminary rounds but before the first round proper. It was his claim to fame too as the RL closed that loophole at the end of that season and it’s an occurrence that will now never happen again. However, Steve Evans signed for us for that record fee, just 4 days before the actual cup deadline. Interestingly enough our club beat their own signing fee record which they already held having paid £40,000 for Trevor Skerrett ten months previously. Evans was certainly a prodigious talent having captained the GB under 24 side, and being elected the RL Young Player of the Season in 1979, when he toured New Zealand and Australia with the GB team.

Although Steve built his fine reputation in the West Riding as a stand-off and centre, he played most of his international games on the wing, a position he occasionally occupied at Hull too. I remember him best for his rangy, lazy style of running which disguised a blistering turn of speed. I guess he was a lot like Craig Hall in that respect, but the Rovers winger has a long way to go to get near the quality of Steve Evans. I remember too, that Peter Stirling always used to target Steve with a pass after the scrum half had fielded a kick off. The ball never went to a forward, and Stirling ensured that Steve got it every time. Then ‘Sterlo’ would wave him on with his hand, as he sped headlong into the ranks of the waiting opposition forwards! Although a bit cruel, at least Sterlo ensured that Steve never got a chance to be one of the ‘windy winger’ that there were around in the game back then.

At a post-match drinking session with the players in the Mermaid pub, after no doubt Steve had scored a try or two earlier that day, I once asked Arthur Bunting what he thought was his best asset. Straight away Arthur replied “His Speed”, but when he asked what made him so much faster than other players he just wryly replied, “His scared any of ‘em catch him”.

That was a bit unfair but is typical of Buntings whit, however one of the most vivid memories I and anyone who saw him play back then, have of Steve, was the try he scored at Boothferry Park in the 1984 Yorkshire Cup final against the Dobbins. Anyone who was there will no doubt remember it too. We were well in the lead, and Rovers were close to our line trying everything to get a consolation try. Evans sprinted onto a long pass to the wing and starting from his own ten-yard line, he gallopped the length of the field to touch down with three Rovers players in his wake. It was a fine moment to cherish. Steve was a class finisher and had 5 good seasons at Hull FC literally scoring tries for fun. He appeared at Wembley on 3 occasions and scored the first of the 4 ‘comeback’ tries in that epic final against Wigan in 1985.

Despite getting a lot of attention from the opposition Steve was strangely resilient and in the 1982/83 season when we won the Championship, he played in 2 friendlies and all but one of the 46 league and Cup games. In his career at the Boulevard Evans made 161 appearances and scored 90 tries and that’s a pretty impressive strike rate at any time.

However, as often happens with speedy backs his form started to dip a bit and he was getting caught more often than not. In the end he moved Wakey in 1986, where he did not settle, moving on to Bradford that same season.1988/89 was his last season as a player which he saw out at Sheffield Eagles helping them to promotion that year. He actually played substitute when the Eagles beat Swinton in the Second Division Premiership Final at Old Trafford.

Steve heart though was always at his hometown club Featherstone and he has regularly been involved with them one way or another over the past years. In fact, he succeeded another Colliers stalwart Paul Coventry and became Chairman of the club in 2005 only to stand down on 6th Sep. 2006. He was always a great supporter and backer of Featherstone, but I will always remember him as a quicksilver finisher brilliantly epitomised the days when if we wanted a great player to be playing at Hull FC, we went out and got him, and Steve was without doubt, like Jake Connor, an unpredictable genius and a great player!!

Sadly, Steve was taken as a relatively young man and he died ages 59 on 16th September 2017 to be mourned both by fans in the East and West Ridings of Yorkshire. For Jake Connor to be likened to him should be taken by our temperamental maestro as a great compliment, for anyone who saw Steve play will endorse the fact that he was a very special player indeed.

So with so many going over to the West Riding and coming home with two points and perhaps not too many lasting memories of the game itself, we move onto our last 4 games, three of which are at home. The final match at the KCOM against Saints is very tough indeed and Cas away won’t be easy but, we should realistically be looking at despatching both Salford and Huddersfield for wins, that will probably guarantee us a place in the top three. Everyone else seems to be playing each other and below us Wigan are hot on our heels, Cas are hanging in there, just, and Catalan are in danger of imploding. Salford if dispatched next weekend will cease to be much of a threat but as I said earlier, that will be easier said than done. Jake Connor left the ground yesterday with his foot in a protective boot and several other players copped one, in what was a tough game at Wakey. So I guess after a 6 day turn around, it’s just a case of seeing who we can get into the team for Saturday. We need to win the next two simple as; but since when has anything been simple at Hull FC?

Thanks for again sticking with me on another journey through Hull FC’s week and I’m once again grateful to everyone who had got in touch over the last 7 days. It will be another interesting one on Saturday, so try and get there if you can!! As for yesterday, well it was two points that we really needed, but boy what a stinker of a game it was!! 

Keep Believing!!!

Faithfully Yours


Faithfully Yours