The Dentist’s Diary – 721st

In the end we drew, but it was all a bit underwhelming really!!!

But it was certainly a big day for records as we are with Warrington the first clubs to get a draw since Golden Point was introduced and Danny Houghton broke the record for most tackles made in a game (85), since the OPTA stats process started in 2003. What a guy eh?

However here on Monday morning several of you are no doubt waking up and sharing reader Richard’s frustrations, when he text me first thing to say how unhappy he still was about us letting that game slip from our grasp. It’s really frustrating for it was exciting at times and dour at others, however we’d done enough to win and to concede on the very last play of the 80 minutes was a real killer. We certainly missed Reynolds, as they watched Sneyd and Connor closely, but with an exceptional attitude throughout, the effort was there and we are a work in progress at present, so against a team like Warrington and with several players missing, it was an OK performance. However, I still maintain that we should have bloody won!  

It’s a point lost for me, although it’s only five tries conceded in three league games (half as many as the same three games last year) which is, on our previous form, some record for us. I’d hazard a guess that we would have conceded at least that many in that one game, had it been played in the last weeks of Radford’s reign. We look more organised in defence and more enthusiastic and excited about playing for the club and with each other, but for me this time we lacked that bit of invention,  yet our endeavour dictated that we deserved to prevail, but we didn’t. We have to get over that and move on, but with a five day turn around and a desperate Wakefield coming up, what toll that extra ten minutes took on us, remains to be seen. 

Still, at least we were back home at the KCom again, but did anyone else feel really sad at around 2-00pm, when you thought of walking up to the game. Did you miss all the hopeful faces around you, as you met friends and said hello to fellow fanatics, whilst the FC army full of expectation prepared to back the lads from the terraces? The reality was that I was sat there on the settee, (well until I was behind it in Golden Point) in glorious isolation and as the sun streamed through the windows, whilst across the country people mixed in vast numbers outside pubs and restaurants. It hardly seemed fair at all!

As I said last week, as restrictions are eased and we start to piece our lives back together again, as far as attending sport is concerned it’s not easy being part of an emergency of historical proportion, is it? 

At the Club’s Press Briefing on Wednesday, we heard that both Ma’u and Sao were out of the game and although the latter will be back next week, Manu has a slight tear in his calf muscle and will be out for about 4 weeks, which I guess is a blow. I say ‘I guess’ because  as I said last week, quite frankly of all the players in the squad this year, he has for me been the most disappointing. He has tried hard and tackled well, so perhaps ‘disappointing’ is a bit harsh too, but somehow he just hasn’t hit the ‘Tongan Terminator form’ that we might have expected. Perhaps a few weeks off to recuperate will see him come back with a bang; let’s hope so! Sao was however, with Ma’u missing, suddenly an even bigger loss. The thing is with such a small squad, injuries are slowly starting to eat into our numbers and we can’t afford many more. 

At the same Press Day Brett also commented on the form of Mahe Fonua saying, “I think Mahe has had an exceptional start to the season and I’m sure he’ll continue doing well. He did well in the first two weeks, yes, but I think he was below his best against Featherstone, but he’s still trying hard and he’s been great at training this week”.

It was certainly interesting to hear our coaches view on that and although there is little doubt that Mahe is light years in front (both in his body and his head) of the condition he was in when he re-joined the club, but is he firing as he was in 2016/17? Well, I’m just not sure that he is as potent as he was back then. 

Perhaps it’s me and perhaps it will come, but Brett’s comments about Mahe’s performance at Featherstone did pose a question concerning his views on players playing their way into the team and then being picked on merit. Last week Faraimo did just what Brett wanted and grabbed his chance brilliantly, as for reasons unknown Swift missed out, so would he bring Swift back in, or keep Burita and (from what he said himself) the underperforming Mahe on the wings? That for me was certainly an interesting one to watch. When the squad was announced on Friday there were two changes. Mitieli Vulikijapani and Jude Ferreira were included whilst Manu and Connor Wynne dropped out. I thought that neither of the newcomers were likely to feature, but Jude has been knocking in the door of a debut for a while and is greatly rated by several of the players, whilst Mitch is starting to turn a few heads at training too.  

So, 1-45pm arrived on an extremly sunny Sunday and the team was announced and true to his word Brett Hodgson took the hard line and it was Mahe Fonua that was dropped from the starting 17. That meant that our Coach followed his declared principle and kept the player that played best last week in the team. I was pleased as well to see Jack Brown back in the line-up on the bench, although you couldn’t expect too much from him, but the game time will be invaluable as he tries to recapture his form of last season. 

As the team came out, I have to say that I love the way that we have now included our heritage numbers on the back of our warm up strip, some have battled for years for that to be included on the actual club shirts but at least it’s a start. And after we had seen the players emerge to Baba O’Reilly, the game started with the players observing a minute’s silence for the passing of the Duke of Edinburgh.

Warrington kicked off and at the end of the set Warrington let our final kick bounce and Taylor was held just 20 yards out. In a sort of ‘tit for tat’ move that seemed to go on throughout the game, we then did the same with their kick as both sides looked a tad nervy to me. Warrington passed a high looping ball into touch for the first real mistake of the game, but we followed immediately with a forward pass from Connor that for me wasn’t forward at all. Next up Swift knocked forwards a towering kick to give them a good field position, but we got out of jail with a Warrington forward pass.

We gave away our first set restart after 9 minutes and Warrington’s Widdop knocked on in goal under pressure from three FC tacklers, as with the alarm bells ringing, he just failed to get on the end of a smart kick. It was really nip and tuck with us playing it safe and Warrington giving the ball a lot of air and when Connor let another kick bounce, as it came out of the sun, we survived and then got a set restart but tardy play by Griffin saw him tackled into touch on the first. The game ebbed and flowed but as we moved the ball right at pace we nearly got stung with an interception, but thankfully there was contact off the ball and we got a penalty to ease the pressure. Sneyd immediately opted to calm things down and went for goal. So, on 25 minutes it was 2-0 to the FC. This was certainly a tight match. We almost got in under the posts as Bowden went in off a forward pass, before Jake Connor took a high ball brilliantly, but in front of him one of our players was shielding the play and was obstructing the Wire tacklers. They opted to go for goal and on 32 minutes it was 2-2. 

We were defending well but conceded a penalty for a high shot and a chip and chase from the Wire almost got them a try, but back we came before another forward pass did for us, as we again failed to build pressure on their line. Warrington then stripped the ball in the tackle with that confusing new rule, but Connor defused a kick brilliantly, before we went back to the other end and Jake ran out of space in the corner. The game then petered out to half time and a tight first 40 ended with FC’s Josh Griffin hobbling and Hull FC looking to be lacking  attacking ideas.

We Kicked-off at the start of the second half and needed to create more chances, but at the end of the very first set Connor tried to catch the ball over his head and knocked on. Warrington looked sharp, but our defence shut them down before we got a relieving penalty. We were showing more enterprise going forward and almost got the opening try, but scrambling defence from Warrington made for a drop out and we got the ball back, but failed to get over this time in the other corner. It was end to end stuff with neither team being able to find that final bit of execution. 

Both sides were producing errors as Connor almost got it down under the sticks after a great Sneyd kick. Then from nowhere we broke out through Lane, who got a great pass from Houghton and ploughed on and on down field, as he waited and waited for support, before up steamed Connor to grab the pass and race in. We smelt blood and got down to their line again, but in our eagerness to hammer home an advantage we went and conceded a blooming penalty right on their try line. It was all getting frustrating now, as you knew what was going to happen next! Sure enough, in the next drive downfield they pressed our line and we conceded another set, before under the post Clarke produced a great popped out pass and Chris Hill was in and it was all square. We must learn not to give penalties away straight after we score a try! 

We gave away a stupid off side as the heat was on and they got back down our end, but we worked the ball out again. I wondered if we could create anything else going forward, but again it was Lane on the end of a short pass who shot off downfield and swift hands saw the ball moved right as Savelio put Carlos in for a great try. It was the hardest of kicks for Sneydy, yet he landed it straight down the middle and we were back six points in front. But typical FC, we then went and buggered up the kick off as Swift carried it dead and we had to drop out. As I ‘retired behind the settee’ the minutes ticked down. We were defending well as first Griffin and then Connor defused good kicks near our line, before Sneyd sliced a drop goal that would have seen us home.  

Griffin defused another good kick before we got a relieving penalty, but Warrington got the ball back when McNamara gave it up in the tackle. Warrington came down field in the last minute for one last hurrah and as the hooter sounded somehow Mamo got over and it was Golden Point. Bugger!

I write this as I watch it, so as to get the feel of the game across as best as I can, but the next ten minutes may be a bit garbled because believe me it was manic!  You have to be confident when you’re an FC fan, when it comes to golden point and Marc Sneyd, but that assumption was about to be severely tested as we went into overtime. After a stoppage when no one seemed to be able to reset the clock, (only in Rugby League eh?) we received from the kick-off and had to get the ball down field. Sneyd missed a drop goal before Austin went for a drop but thankfully he missed too and then we went down field and Sneyd so miss timed his next effort, he hit the bottom of the sticks. After a great stint of tackling Lane the hero became the villain and gave away a bloody penalty, but Austin missed the drop. Then on the third Connor went for one from miles out and as the hooter went for the first five minutes, it was manic stuff.  

This was all just what we didn’t need with a five day turn around to Wakey, but we kicked off and got down the field before  Sneyd missed again. I watched through my fingers as Ratchford missed a drop goal and then so did Sneyd …again. Then phenomenally Savelio made the best defensive play of the game, as in a super human effort somehow he charged down Blake Austin’s last attempt at a drop in the dying seconds. Before. The hooter went and it was the first draw since golden point was introduced, in what was the strangest of circumstances! Quite frankly I have to say that I don’t think I’ve seen Sneyd miss so many drops in the whole time he’s played for us! 

At last it was over and both sets of players seemed pleased, but we have to learn to play a lead like that out and not give field position up by giving away stupid penalties, for we had that game won and so there is little wonder the Wire Coach was, ‘Happy with a point’ at the end! 

Player wise I thought that Jake Connor was well watched, but handled all but one high kick and was always probing and prodding their defensive line. He also backed up well for his try, although like many, with the ball he just lacked that edge to make the difference. Both our wingers did little wrong, but got no running chances at all whilst in the centres Griffin and Carlos were both first class, strong in defence and great carrying the ball. I did wonder whether Sneydy was full fit after his dead leg, because he was strangely ineffective and way off with his drop goals, whilst his partner in the halves Ben McNamara did what he had to, but erred on the side of safety and getting through his first Super League game of the season without making any mistakes.  

Up front Taylor was massive and put in a stonking 70 minutes of none stop aggression and he was ably assisted by Satae who bashed their defence time and time again down the middle. Record breaker Danny Houghton was a tackling machine but worked the acting half back role well, whilst I thought our back three were first class. Savelio gets through a mountain of work and got us the point with that charge down, Cator looked as if there was no way anyone was getting the loose forward position back from him and in Lane we had head and shoulders above everyone else, our man of the match. In a tight game his two big breaks down field were critical and he tackled everything in front of him in great fashion; well done to  him, as he just gets better and better. 

Finally on the bench Fash again showed why he keeps his place with another all-action performance, Brown had a real dig and Bowden was rock solid in the middle of the park, while he was on the field. All in all some big performances on Sunday but we fell just short of getting both points when we should have won the game.  

 The news that Mitieli Vulikijapani has signed a one-year deal for the club was interesting particularly when we look to have three good wingers at present, but the club obviously see something there that might be worth nurturing. Brett Hodgson has said from the off that he would like another winger and now he’s got one and it will be interesting for us all to see how Mitch works out. The Club has a great arrangement with the Army who have agreed to release him from his duties, so the next few months might be interesting, particularly after what we saw from Ratu. 

On Wednesday, I thought that ‘Sky Sports Super League; the Coaching Manual’, with Brett Hodgson was pretty revealing and a real insight into what our coach’s philosophy is and who have influenced his coaching style before, he arrived at the KCom. I am really impressed with the questions that Brain Carney poses on the show and the depth by which he delves into stuff. He’s quickly becoming the best of the Sky crew which some would say isn’t that hard! This week, for any FC fan, it was intriguing to hear how much emphasis Brett puts on culture and attitude. He talked about getting players to find it second nature to pick up litter, keep the place tidy and to respect their colleagues and the training and conditioning staff. 

I have said in here before that he reminds me a lot of Brain Smith when he was with us. He was again a rooky coach who talked a lot of stuff about attitude and player behaviour on and of the field. Of Course, back in the late 80’s, Smithy was light years ahead of his time, but his success was built on a deep belief within the playing group and a strong togetherness and camaraderie. Coming in after Len Casey’s ‘reign of terror’ he was certainly a massive culture shock for us all, but a pleasant one at that! And, boy did he work out well! 

There were some great questions from Carney particularly about the line between discipline within the game plan and letting players play it as they see it. He asked whether you let Jake Connor get away with trying stuff that other players would get bollocked for and whether he would tolerate bad behaviour from a certain talented player in the short term, because that player was so good on the field. To which he replied that all players are allowed to play it as they see it, but not to the detriment of the overall structure of the team. He added that he wouldn’t tolerate ‘bad lads’ even if they were the best players in the game, simply because, he said, if they got away with it once they would probably do it all the time as would the rest of the players. He’s certainly a thinker and big on group dynamics and behaviour and again, in an interview situation, I was really impressed. In the end as he said, it’s by success on the field that he will be judged, but we had to aspire to being the top team in the game and as such his aim was to at least start the process and lay down the parameters of our journey to eventually emulating Wigan and Saints. In a further insight he added that he really rates Danny Houghton, Marc Sneyd and Jordon Johnstone too. Brett comes across as a real thinker about not just the game but the process through which you have to go to be successful in it. Good bloke for me!   

The dispute between Hull FC and The SMC took another turn last Wednesday when the City Council produced a statement encouraging the two parties to get together, but which contained in essence little else of note. I guess it was hoped that the authority could broker a deal, but that was never going to happen because since the authority got rid of their responsibility to maintain the Stadium to the SMC, the management company’s overall control of everything means that they can in effect do as they like. Reminding the Stadium Managers that the place was built for both clubs and to play fair, is hardly going to cut much mustard with the Allam’s is it?  

However, it was interesting to read Hull FC correspondent of the Mail William Jackson say about a new Stadium in this week’s question and answer session with FC fans when he commented, “What I will say is that any potential deal is still some way off, but I understand Adam Pearson and James Clark have been exploring their options and have looked at potential build sites”. So ‘the adventure continues’ but as I said last week the current acrimony and disagreement can’t go on, but invariably with the personalities concerned its certainly likely to do so just the same. 

The media do know more than they tell you because their relationship with the Club depends of them keeping mum at times, otherwise they wouldn’t get access at all. But they hear loads from players and in some cases with highly thought of journalists like James Smailes they do share a bit too. That’s a fact and so it was also interesting to hear Jackson say in that Q & A that he had an inkling that Jake Connor was about to sign a new deal at the Club. 

He said on that, “If I was a betting man I would expect Connor to stay at the club. It’s my understanding that a deal for Connor is close and having seen his start to the season, why wouldn’t FC push the boat out to keep him?” That was then followed up by a big piece on Friday that said that to all intense and purposes Connor was to sign imminently. As I said last week those in the know in the West Riding believed that Leeds had made an approach to his agent so the sooner we get that sorted the better and with his potential it would be a massive coupe for the club. Brilliant news if true and a real statement of intent from Hull FC, but as with all things HDM, I’ll believe it when the Club confirm it!  

The news that our Challenge Cup quarter final game was not to be played at home (as per the draw), but at Headingley (were all four games are taking place due to Covid restrictions), bugged a few fans. The fact is I guess that there is therefore no home advantage to the team coming out of the hat first, but otherwise it’s just Covid rugby again isn’t it? The fact that we have been picked for BBC1’s prime time Saturday afternoon spot gives every FC fan a chance to watch the game and it will be quite an occasions. It will be a big test of Brett and the guys and a real opportunity to show that we have arrived. However, Wigan will be a tough nut to crack, especially when you remember how they did us last year in the Cup and the play-off’s. We owe them one and I think we’ll give it a real go. I just hope that Josh Reynolds is fit! 

This week I received a long E mail from Harry Jordanson who lives in Salisbury, but who is an avid FC fan. Although he can’t get about as well these days, he has great memories and he contacted me to expound some about Post Office Road in  Featherstone, after our game there last week. Thanks for the memories mate and they certainly got me thinking about times past and some of the places the FC. ‘Pilgrims’ visited in their  droves. Featherstone at the time of the miner’s strike when we all pitched in at half time as the buckets went around was a lasting one, but believe me, I have been to some unusual grounds to see my heroes over the years. One of the nicest and friendliest was the McClaren Field at Bramley. This little ground was built on a field donated to the Club by the said Mrs. McClaren, when the nearby brewery wanted the old Barley Mow ground to extend their Car Park. They in effect moved one field over. 

The Brewery Chimney always stood proudly adjacent the Stadium while at the front there was a reasonably modern pub that replaced the original Barley Mow hostelry where up to the end of the 60’s the teams used to get changed in the room upstairs. For decades the players would descend to the pitch down an open wooden staircase at the whitewashed back of the building! 

It was a really friendly club, run on old-fashioned lines, and right up to the club leaving the ground we were always made really welcome. After that they becoming somewhat nomadic which heralded the start of their demise.

Then there was our famous trip to play the Mansfield Marksmen in 1987 and our experience of their North Street Ground which they shared with Alfreton Town FC in the little mining town. That was incidentally the only time I believe our Club has ever played in Derbyshire. It was yet another ill-founded attempt at expansion by the RFL as they attempted to introduce the East Midlands to Rugby League. The  team was named after their sponsor’s premier beer. The Marksmen had started their time at Mansfield football ground with one Peter Gentle as a young Australian half-back making his way in the British game but he left, after what he told me was one season of training on car parks and living in leaky rooms!  After just one season there the team re-located north to Alfreton. Owned by journalistic pundit Dave Parker and with Alvin Stardust as their President (bizarre or what?) Peter Gentle once told me that rugby was never welcomed in Mansfield and the football supporters of Mansfield Town used to turn up at Marksmen home games and chant ‘Rugby out’ throughout the match. 

The Alfreton trip was a great Cup ‘away day’ for the FC Army and North Street featured one dilapidated stand and grass mounds on the other 3 sides with rough railway sleeper terracing in places. The playing surface was a morass and surrounded by a fence made up of concrete posts and tubular steel cross members. Into that fence, Mansfield’s Parker was tackled early on and after a 8 minute delay, once he had come round, he was carried from the pitch, blood streaming from a head wound.  There were around 1600 people there that day which was the Mansfield Clubs biggest ever gate and it certainly made for a big pay day for the fledgling club, although we ended up winning 38-7, on a freezing cold and very wet afternoon.

In 1989 the club changed its name to Nottingham City and went to play at the Harvey Hatton Stadium, which I visited on 27th August in that year to watch the FC play a Yorkshire Cup preliminary round game. It was like playing at Costello Stadium!! A Yorkshire Cup game in Nottinghamshire; only in Rugby League eh?

We used to get about a bit as a group of supporters and I remember well when we had a long trek on a Sunday this time to Fulham. I remember best of all a day we played them at Craven Cottage on the banks of the Thames. It was a long haul in the car back then, but thousands used to travel south, whenever we played the London outfit! 

Although I was there when we played them in the Cup in their first season (Paul Prendiville scored late on as we won a tight game on the way to us winning the Challenge Cup in 1982), the one I remember the best at the famous old ground was a John Player Trophy game in late November 1984. On that occasion we won again this time 36-14. Although it was not yet winter the pitch was frozen over and it was probably only the fact that so many had made the trip from Hull that saw the game played at all! It was a strange at that time of year, to see the Thames beyond the South Stand frozen with ice gathered at the sides of the main channel. That venue was the first for a London based Club, but since then they (Fulham, London, The Bronco’s etc etc etc) have had around 11 permanent homes and played at over 30 different grounds, I’ve watched them at a lot of those venues, but nowhere near all of them!

Perhaps the most bizarre adventure I have had as an FC fan was when, rather than following Hull FC I actually went to watch two other teams play each other. This was during the short existence of the Scarborough Pirates. This team, coached by Len Casey was set up as yet another of the RL’s ill-fated expansionist projects, to spread the game away from the M62 corridor. We did not play them in a competitive first team game, but the Pirates, in an attempt to protect the pitch at the McCain Stadium on Seamer road, (which they hired from the local football team), decided to play their “A” team games at Goole of all places!

 These games were played on Friday nights, at the Victoria Pleasure ground the home of Goole Town in the shadow of the old water tower. They actually got good gates too, and I went once on a cold Friday to watch a game against Dewsbury ‘A’ when there were just under 1000 people in attendance. It was. a surreal occurrence indeed.

Next to Huyton’s Alt Park, which was a ground I visited on two occasions and was probably the worst place I have ever watched Rugby League. Set in one of the toughest areas of suburban Liverpool the ground was an absolute mess, litter everywhere, graffiti all over the scoreboard and the old joke about men going to the loo against a wall was lived out to perfection. The Gents was just that; a wall! It was there, I believe, that the Hull Daily Mail’s Dick Tingle leaned back in his seat in the press box and fell straight through the back of the stand!! If you ever went there you will never forget it. In the middle of an estate that resembled Beirut, several of our fans car’s were vandalised whilst the game was going on and few left with wing mirrors after the match. Litter was blowing everywhere during the game and the perimeter fence around the outside of the ground was made of good old fashioned corrugated iron and absolutely covered in graffiti as well. The club struggled for years and was kept going by the ubiquitous and balding Geoff Fletcher. For what seemed like ages, he was grounds man, fundraiser and player/coach, and his wife even washed the shirts and made the teas. He was bald when he played the game, but had a full head of hair for the rest of the time. His ‘Rug’ was a running joke in those parts, after one well-wisher took a picture of his “syrup” hanging on a hook in the changing rooms during a game and sent it to the local paper! It’s strange what you remember isn’t it?

Finally, in this visit to grounds that have long since stopped welcoming RL supporters there was the fantastic, antique, and dilapidated, Watersheddings in Oldham. As our club’s supporter’s coaches climbed up the hills to the highest ground in the Rugby League, the weather always seemed to get wet and drizzly. I went about 7 or 8 times, but the sun never seemed to shine! It was the highest ground in the game and so low was the cloud that I challenge anyone to have ever seen the top of their goal posts! The fact that as you entered Oldham you went under a railway bridge which announced “Oldham home of the Tubigrip Bandage”, (which was apparently that Towns main claim to fame), was something that should have prepared you for what was to come. It was like the land that time forgot, where their only claim to fame was an expanding arm dressing!!! 

There was a stand, (the nearest I guess to the “Threepennies” at the Boulevard), called the “Penny Rush” which dated back to the 1890’s and it was debatable as to whether it had experienced a lick of paint since then. The surrounds were made up of several short stands which seemed to have been added and joined together as they were needed, probably built incrementally as the club got the finance to do it! It was always an experience watching the FC at Oldham! If you saw the sign for Oldham, you knew it was going to rain, if you couldn’t see it ….it had already started!

I could go on and I could talk further about being on top of the hill at Crown Flatt in Dewsbury, shivering at the half derelict Station Road at Swinton, getting food poisoning after a curry pastie at the Recreation Ground in Rochdale or playing at the Greyhound Stadium in Elland Road against New Hunslet, where invariably one by one the floodlights used to go out.  

They all have their stories to tell, and perhaps I will revisit some of them in a future Diary, because this past week I’ve really enjoyed remembering trips from days gone by, instigated by that E mail last Mondays from Harry, so thanks for that mate. I hope that you found something of interest there and no doubt you all have your stories too!  

Whilst we’re on the history stuff, I was chatting this week with regular contributor the Clubs Honorary Historian Bill Dalton about the fact that the NRL had increased the value of a long-range drop goal to 2 points. Of course, older readers will remember that once we got two points for a drop goal over here but with no sudden death and a competition point for a draw after 80 minutes they were a bit of a rare occurrence. Bill added on the subject, “The value of a Drop Goal was lowered to 1 Point for the 1974-75 season. Chris Davidson registered our first one pointer in the famous game when we beat Leeds in the Yorkshire Cup with 11 men. Prior to the single-point though, you are right about Mick Scott dropping one against French team Albi, and I saw Peter Bateson dropping one from halfway at Fartown (Huddersfield) direct from a Penalty”.

There was a lot of talk of missed ‘field’ goals in our game, in the papers on Monday, but have you ever wondered just why what we know as Drop Goals have come to be regarded as ‘Field’ goals by the Media? Well Bill added, “I know that the Aussies have always called them Field Goals, but way back before my time, it was possible in the Laws of the game to take a fly kick at a loose ball and if it went over the bar, it was known in this Country as a Field Goal (2 Points). But, for the life of me, I have never been able to find when it was withdrawn from the laws”. Brilliant stuff as always from Bill!! 

So, there we are, we should have won on Sunday but instead  we shared the spoils and so, still no doubt suffering from the rigours of 90 minutes of rugby, we move onto Wakey on Friday in a game that they will be seeing as a chance to get off the mark, as the pressure mounts on both their players and the Coach. I can’t call this one at all and we will have to see who has got through that extra 10 minute on Sunday and who is up for a game just 5 days later. It will be a hard task for Brett and our conditioning team, but I’m sure we’ll give it our all, because that’s what we do these days. 

Thanks as always for sticking with another Diary and for all your communications and let’s see what we can do on Friday. Rugby League eh? Who was it said it’s a funny old game? Sometimes it’s not funny at all!

Faithfully Yours