The Dentists Diary – 394th

These weeks without a game are a real blog killer!!

Still it’s great to have a week off from the regular stress and turmoil of weekly games…..well it is for a couple of days, but after that as the news from the Club is almost none existent and the media scratch around to find something of interest to ‘keep the ball’ rolling, it gets a bit tedious doesn’t it?

In perhaps the quietest week that I can remember at our Club we’ve seen two players go out on loan and, and, and, that’s about it!! One thing of course that does go well in these quiet times is the rumour mill which as the 1st May anti tampering deadline approaches has jumped into over-drive and that’s something that has at least heralded the return of Wilf Whiffs in this week’s edition! However, for the most part as is my style, I’ve amused myself this week fretting over out of contract players, the possible demise of the Wakefield Chairman, Sub editors, wondering about Paul Cooke and trying to find out exactly what a ‘Lloret leis’ is; in fact the sort of stuff you’ve all no doubt been wondering about as well….not!

In a week when it seemed everyone at the Club had packed up and gone on holiday I was, I guess, a bit surprised when I read last Friday that both Jay Pitts and Joe Arundel had been loaned out to Bradford for the rest of the season, but on reflection I guess it’s a sensible move for everyone concerned. The two players are different cases altogether with Jay I think, having had a bit of a rough deal, because for me he has never let us down when he’s been pitched in, but he just lacks that ‘something’ while Arundel although he really hasn’t had a good run in the first team, could still be said to have flattered to deceive. Pitts is an unspectacular, hard working grafter of slighter stature in what is a pretty big FC pack, while the length of Joe’s contract (until 2016…ridiculous really) and his dodgy defence (probably based entirely on his lack of confidence) has, for me, always posted question marks over his signing in the first place. Radford and Co. obviously believe Sa is close and when he arrives then Yeaman, Crooks and Sa will give us, I believe, good cover at centre.

Joe Arundel though has been damn unlucky with injuries but now that Radford has come out and said, “Young Ben Crooks has a very bright career ahead of him and we see him as having a long-term future for us in that position” (which thankfully confirmed what we all wanted to hear) and young Hadley is starting to look like a real find in the pack, Joe and Jay look to be well and truly surplus to requirements. So, the negotiated deal with its ‘call back’ and ‘no playing against us’ clauses is, I think, a good move for everyone. Of course, once again, it’s one of those instances that would never have happened if we still had ‘A’ team rugby and the whole make up of the game is becoming muddled and confused as Clubs with small squads, like Bradford, Wakefield and London are supplementing their ranks with loan signings from bigger Clubs.

These better staffed outfits are understandably desperate to get game time for their players over and above the rather flimsy Duel Registration set up that currently exists between some Clubs. OK it ensures a lot more players get a game, but it’s almost a false and manufactured situation which for me at least, (although I can’t just put my finger on why I say this) just doesn’t feel right.

In weeks like this without a game, news from the Hull FC camp is always going to be at a minimum as the players are given time off with their families and their training schedules are split between honing skills and re-charging batteries. It was therefore a welcome distraction to read from Jordan Rankin that there is certainly no lack of confidence in our most recent half back pairing although a headline that said that he believes his partnership with Jacob Miller can turn the Black and Whites into genuine Grand Final contenders was a bit over the top. I know when you’re young confidence is everything; however when you’re getting on a bit like me, I find myself having to temper that confidence with large dollops of reality.

Still I need not have worried about our Jordan’s over hyped aspirations because it was nothing to do with what he’d actually said but rather a contrived headline to a pretty innocuous interview in the Hull Daily Mail. I have a great deal of respect for James Smailes who I think does a good job, but it was the sub editors at the Mail, rather than our FC reporter, that decided on such an ‘inappropriate’ headline.

In reality however it’s become apparent over the years that they produce anything but appropriate headlines and for too many of these sub editors the most suitable header is on occasions more dramatic than factually correct; in fact for me it’s apparent some of them believe that they work for the Sun rather than a ‘local daily’. Too often their banner headlines bear no resemblance to the content of the article. Thus was the case last Thursday when the one in question was so bad that the Club themselves contacted the paper to request it be amended and on the website it was subsequently changed from ‘Jordan Rankin; my partnership with Jacob Miller can take us all the way to the Grand Final’ to ‘Jordan Rankin; my partnership with Jacob Miller is getting better every week’ Not much difference there then!!!!

So in future perhaps as far as the Mail is concerned we should ignore the headline and just read the article!

Back in the land of reality, it seems that the chopping and changing in our half-back combination has stopped and now for the last 4 games the two young Aussies have had an opportunity to gel and show us what they can do. It’s the fourth such pairing Radford has used this season and I guess, injuries aside, it’s the one which will be given time to develop and to help us get established in the top 8. As far as the Club is concerned, I am sure that they have been in the same mind as us fans, in that there has been a need to get our hands on a top quality ‘old hand’ half back to at last take control and provide the necessary platforms and systems. That’s certainly something that we all crave, but even if there is one out there who we can sign (which let’s face it is very unlikely) we are now in a scenario of is it better to stick or twist. Do we go for that old head if we can find him, or risk everything on the possibility of a quality young combination coming good to form the neucleus on which the team can be built for years to come?

A lot of weight on young shoulders; the future of Hull FC?

It’s an interesting one isn’t it and to ‘stick’ will be a slow process, so the question is I guess, how long will the fans patience last and indeed how will Adam Pearson’s and Lee Radford’s fortitude survive falling gates, a few average showings, or even some more narrow defeats? That’s the big conundrum, but for now it looks like we are to give the two young half backs their head, and the ball, as they say, is now definitely theirs to drop!

There is little doubt in my mind that Adam has changed his prospective on this season already and is now, I believe, resigned to grinding it out for another year. Just look at his programme notes which have swung from him talking of top 4 finishes before the first game to ‘a season of transition’ in the Huddersfield programme. That’s fine but I just hope that Miller and Rankin can deliver because I don’t know about you, but I doubt I can stomach many more ‘seasons of transition’.

If in reality there aren’t many if any seasoned half backs around it still doesn’t stop the rumour mill whirling and this week in Wilf’s Whiffs there have been plenty of readers from both sides of the World contacting me about potential signings. Of course the fact that he has lost his first team place means that Michael Dobson’s name is firmly in the frame, but that’s pretty unlikely as it appears in Lancashire that the sages over there reckon he is Warrington bound, but the name of Thomas Leuluaia continues to be linked with us Down Under. That would be a pretty iconic in the context of 2015 but again there is little substance around at this side of the globe to bear it out. One thing that is still on is Setaimata Sa who is most definitely likely to sign but the whole deal is complicated somewhat with the issues surrounding the salary cap and Shannon McDonnell’s pay off.

The most concrete rumour which I have heard this week came from East Hull, Hull KR fans and even Harold, a Wigan fan exiled in Knottingley, and it’s that a deal to bring ex Rovers forward Scott Taylor to us for next season is just about done. That surprised me because I thought he wanted to go to Australia to try his hand there, but we’ll see. As we will with my big favourite Josh Bowden who is out of contract this year end and is reported to be interesting Huddersfield. Now that one for me is really worrying because with Feke, Carvell and Ellis coming to the end of their careers, we need a young prop with such potential retaining at the Club. Perhaps that’s why we are interested in Taylor? Finally it’s heavily rumoured amongst some of the players that Bradford Bulls have, after getting Pitts and Arundel, been back to ask about the availability of Chris Green. Whiffs eh? Don’t you just love em?

A blank week without a game may be a godsend for the players and Coaches but it’s bloody boring for us lot and yet it does give us all a chance to look at the bigger picture as we catch our breath and step back a bit from the roller coaster that is the weekly grind of being an FC fan. I know I said last week that I was looking forward to a weekend without a game but as time wore on I found the period of having nothing to panic about led to me thinking through several issues that have been at the back of my mind for ages and as news is short at these times, I’ll share a few of them with you here in the hope they spark some discussion or at least provide a short respite from the tedium.

So, how about for starters, rebel, one time ‘Mr Arrogant’, bad boy and most recent ‘Judas of this parish’ Paul Cooke. What’s going on with him and why am I bothered anyway? Well, he came to mind because there’s a very interesting interview with him in this month’s Rugby League World in which he extols the success of the duel registration model that we have set up with Doncaster, but in which he also made some other interesting revelations. He relates just how close he came to joining the staff at Hull FC prior to being appointed at Doncaster, stating that he actually had several meetings with Adam Pearson about a position at the Club. Now I, like many of you have heard that before, however I believe in the end he was considered unsuitable (for now) because Pearson feared a back-lash from the fans.

It was around that time that Adam certainly sounded a few fans out to discover their views on the most recent ‘Judas’ in our midst. However for me, despite a lot of fans saying that Cooke rejoining the Club would be a deal breaker, I can honestly see him back at the KC one day. In fact in the article he says that he wouldn’t be surprised if eventually it all went “full circle” but of course that could just be his wishful thinking! As for my views on it, well he’s certainly a talented Coach and a few years ago it would have been a ‘tearing my pass up job’ but even now although I’m not sure that’s still pertains today, I certainly wouldn’t be happy; what next Gwilym Lloyd as press officer?

However it’s said that our wayward ex half back is now doing some of our video analysis work and obviously pretty friendly with Lee Radford. Then again I’m not sure any change to the back room staff at this time would be greeted with universal joy amongst the players and it certainly wouldn’t on the terraces, particularly if it were Mr Cooke coming in. I say that because, all other considerations apart, he would obviously join the Club as an attacking coach and attack has been one thing this season that we have been pretty good at, thanks, I believe, to the play book put together by Andy Last. However Andy has made no secret of the fact that he would one day like to go back to the youth training side of things so it’s a development worth watching and the article I cited at the start of this piece is certainly worth a read.

Remember me this way; my favourite ‘pre Judas’ pic!

I have made it perfectly plain in here over the weeks that I feel Bradford have been lucky to even be still in Super League since they have been in administration twice and the rules of the old Licensing agreement, agreed between the Clubs, did state that anyone in that position dropped out! I guess on reflection for me it was never about the long suffering Bradford fans for whom I honestly have the greatest of respect and sympathy but rather the way that the Rugby League have twisted the rules and bent over backwards to ensure that the Bulls survived at any cost. What finished me off completely was that constant monotonous mantra from Blake Solly that, “We can’t afford to lose the Bulls brand from Super league” because you know, and I do, that had it been us or Rovers then there would have been no such statement forthcoming.

Perhaps all that smoke and mirrors ‘brand’ stuff is just a facade to ensure that the RL still have a tenant playing in their white elephant of an investment, Odsal Stadium, the purchase of which was just another panic move in a string of such initiatives to keep the stricken Bulls going. However having taken their punishment and been deducted some points, I thought I could at last get my head round things and just felt pleased for their poor fans who still had a team to support. Now of course they are appealing their point’s deduction as the RL bend over backwards again to facilitate an early hearing by an ‘Independent’ tribunal to consider their objections early next month. Quite frankly I think they should take the deduction and get on with it, safe in the knowledge that they have got away with things pretty lightly.

The outburst two weeks ago by the Wakefield Chairman Michael Carter about the fact that should the Bulls be successful then he would walk away from the game, certainly garnered some sympathy from this fan. You see I remembered, following threats that they would be thrown out of Super League if it was the outcome, he had mortgaged his house and used his personal finances to keep Wakey out of administration. Then however I despaired a bit too because I have never yet, in all my years of working on the City Council, known a tribunal that took any notice of outside pressure from vested interests. In fact often human nature dictates that this sort of thing can lead to them leaning completely the other way! It will be interesting to see what the outcome is and to judge afterwards if there is any evidence of the hand of the RL being in there influencing things.

Of course, the RL should instead of worrying about Bradford be addressing the much bigger issue of falling attendances, not just at Hull FC, but across the City and indeed the game in general. I have already in here alluded to the abysmal totals of fans that turn out for Championship and Championship One games, but Super League is certainly suffering too. The owners of course have now got a cushion in that the TV money has already increased and it will bring them another big hike again next season when there are only twelve teams in the top division. So I guess they may just be a bit more complacent about attendance’s than they would have been under the old Sky funding regime.

At both Hull Clubs the decline has been noticeable and no doubt with us it’s a lot to do with reduced season ticket sales, the current economic climate, years of broken dreams and yet another season of transition! When all those are added together then we have a cocktail that is guaranteed to deter all but the most ardent of supporters. However we have to address this demise and quickly, and I know that Adam Pearson is aware of the issues and looking to get attendances up again. He told me a while ago that the Club had been geared to operate successfully on 11,000 gates and surely we can attain that level again this year? But, where do we start? Well for me, exciting winning rugby is a must with engaging families and junior supporters not far behind. These have to be the areas of focus for us over the next two seasons and particularly as we head into our 150th celebrations.

The deal we have with the SMC coupled with the abject intransience that we experience from the Allam’s and that organisation’s senior management, has at times to be seen to be believed and although confidentiality dictates that the fans know little about it, the current situation is stymieing our management’s ability to offer deals and hold promotions to get more potential fans from targeted groups into the KC. It even stops us having proper posts!!!!

Although 2015 will be a season to reflect on our history and heritage, it’s also critical that we don’t end a great year of celebration with our lowest Super league gates since we moved to the KC! That extravaganza should in fact be used as the catalyst to encourage the next generation of fans to at least have another look at our great Club. Moves are already a foot, as James Clark and Co look to improve the ‘offer’, in particular with the new dedicated family area which now includes reduced ticket prices, visits from the players and Airlie Bird, and activities such as magicians, face painters and balloon modellers. There was also news last week that this family area will next season be sponsored by Toys ‘R’ Us which will see ‘give- aways’ of toys and special discount offers for the parents. The national toy supplier’s mascot will also be involved and used on match days as well as on School visits with players and Club staff. We have to build and develop a strong and identifiable family friendly brand and shout its virtues long and loud in the closed season otherwise the Club and indeed the game will celebrate our 150th Birthday with a real crisis.

Then of course there’s the much vaunted ‘Fanbassadors’ scheme which is an excellent audience building initiative that is being tarnished a bit by a few season ticket holders claiming that the scheme that awards local Clubs with discount tickets, devalues their passes.

In effect the scheme does in fact provide unrivalled access to the club with discounts, player visits and many more initiatives that help local amateur clubs and get potential new customers to the KC. So stuff is already happening but much more has to be done for us to get back to that average gate of 11,000. It’s an issue that we have to address and we are all responsible as fans of the Club for doing everything we can to get more people down to games. It’s hard when we are playing so inconsistently, but we all have to try to help because we have to keep our owner’s faith in his investment and in so doing, ensure that the future of our Club doesn’t come into the reckoning.

Talking of 2015, I feel that next year, for the Club we love, is probably the most significant there has been since we moved from the Boulevard. I’m not talking about relegation or promotion or the ridiculous 8x8x8 format but about something much more important; that 150th birthday. The present is always what we are most concerned with, of course it is, but for me our past and our heritage is also something to be really proud of. In my own small bumbling way I hope that the Roamin’ books and the Codgers Corner features in here have jogged a few reminiscences and brought folks together to reflect on their own memories because they certainly make me realise just how special the great family of Hull FC really are.

Despite being unable to get a publisher and having therefore to self publish amazingly I have broken even on the books, and that after the Clubs Foundation benefitted to the tune of around £2000 from book one, while Yeamo received around the same amount towards his Testimonial from the second book. However the greatest ‘Buzz’ I have got out of it all surrounds the new friends I have made and all the camaraderie that it has engendered amongst the supporters. We have enjoyed talking about the past, bringing back the memories, ‘questioning the facts’ and just remembering our fabulous heritage! For me personally it has just been unforgettable and has made me realise that in Hull FC we have a fabulous Club that means so much to so many people and that is so worthy of our support and defending and that is even, if needs be, worthy of fighting for.

You see, for me, there is a distinct difference between a team and a Club. You would never ever say that we have the best team in the Country because a team is, in the end, judged solely on its performance. We have had some great teams in the past, but of late, quite frankly, we’ve been pretty naff really, haven’t we? However I believe that the status of a Sports Club, in the hierarchy of its peers, is not judged by its performances or its current players. Instead I believe it is measured by its heritage, its history and more importantly still, the number and passion of its supporters, the sacrifices they have made and the adversity that the Club and those fans have been through together over the years. That’s why next year’s celebrations are so, so important to ensure we never forget that.

You see for me, we have so much to celebrate and learn from our heritage. As a Club we have certainly been through hard times, the Great Depression, the loss of life in two World Wars, the collapse of local companies and employers, the Cod wars etc. etc. etc. But here at Hull FC our Community and fan base has been through all that and so much more and done it together. Just consider the numerous Trawling disasters and the loss of life over the years, the decimation of large swathes of the Hessle Road Community, in the name of ‘Slum clearance’ and the subsequent scattering of the fan base to the four corners of the City. Plus there is the demise of not just the Fishing Industry but also the many auxiliary industries and the thousands of jobs that supported it. Then there’s the merger and David Lloyd, the closing of the Boulevard, the numerous times over the years that we have had just hours away from bankruptcy, or from finding a payment to stop us going out of business, and so it goes on.

My favourite 50’s picture, Flat caps, referee’s in blazors, straw and Ivor Watts ….. our Heritage!

Many Clubs can no doubt list their own tragedies and problems, but few can boast so many or indeed such a community of loyal folks sticking with their Club through so many lean times. It’s that weight of support that we sustain, whatever is thrown at us, that is so significant!

Already FC Voices have been working for the past year to raise the finance needed to erect a memorial to the Boulevard in Airlie Street, which will be unveiled as part of the celebrations next year, because let’s face it that’s where most of this drama unfolded over the years and it simply has to be marked as a site of sporting significance and remembered by generations to come. It will also give a real focal point for those families who have loved ones whose ashes were scattered on the turf at our old home.

Some FC players and occasions are just unforgettable!

Writing this Diary and the books has been a personal ‘Epiphany’ for me, it’s made me realise what a fabulous group of supporters we have and how lucky I am to be part of it. I was petrified about actually having something I had written, paid for by folks and read as a book! However at the end of the day, that was just all about “Keeping the memories alive”.

Keeping the memory alive!

At least now ‘Roamin the Range Together’, an ordinary ‘Raggy arsed’ gardeners attempt at writing a book, will remain on the dusty shelves of the British Library so that there will always be a record of what it was like for us all, ‘Being there’. 2015 and our 150th anniversary is all about that! I tried, to write down what it was like for me but next year is a chance for us all to go through that reminiscence process together, to re-live our heritage and perhaps learn a bit from it, so let’s get involved, enjoy the experience and make 2015 and our 150th anniversary a year to remember. I think it’ll be great!

This week in Codgers Corner I want to look at an unsung hero that I caught site of in Hull City Centre the other day. He is someone who, for so many years, was there working hard behind the scenes at Hull FC and indeed played and coached at both Hull clubs too. Back in 1991/92, by October, we had lost seven, won two and drawn one. In fact following the club falling on hard times, and having to sell Karl Harrison and let players like Patrick Entat go, we all watched as a bright future started to unravel before our eyes.

A shocking 24-12 defeat at home to Salford had seen us slump to the bottom of Division One and we already looking doomed. It was therefore with some trepidation that we travelled the short distance down the M62 to that great little ground of Post Office Road, which that year Featherstone Rovers were making a real fortress. It was always a good trip and on ‘Hull Fair Sunday’ 13th October despite a deal of trepidation and concern about our Club, as always the FC Army went in numbers, and took over the South terracing which backs onto that little row of houses. There, as usual, folks were stood in their bedroom windows, with one or two even sat outside on their flat ‘dorma’ roofs, getting a free view of the game.

In addition to having lost a lot of early season promise the team was riddled with injuries. Already without Andy Dannett, Ian Marlow and Steve Durham, we also lost both Steve McNamara and Jon Sharp, just 24 hours before kick-off, when both failed fitness tests. If that wasn’t enough, what we as fans didn’t know until we read the papers next day was that Coach Noel Cleal also had Richard Gay (Hamstring), Russ Walker (Calf Strain), Lee Jackson (Bruised toe), Chico Jackson (Ligament injury) and Paul Eastwood and Mark Jones (Back injuries) all struggling to make it out onto the field.

Noel Cleal; a short introduction to the financial realities of British Rugby League.

It was said that under normal circumstances Lee Jackson, Gay and Walker simply wouldn’t have played but a small squad and those injuries meant that Cleal had to take a massive gamble. Such were the problems on the training field, Cleal had to bring Steve Crooks, who had not played for the first team in two years, back into the fold. Crooks in fact had only played two Alliance games since he retired, but emerged as the ‘fairytale’ hero that day.

When the game started we were all heartened as the rain held off and Hull FC played with more commitment and adventure than we had seen for weeks. We could so easily had scored twice in the first quarter, when Walker and Gay were held inches short in last ditch tackles by Paul Newlove. However, after 20 minutes, all we had to show for all our efforts were three penalties from Paul Eastwood. What amazed all of us lot though, was the way that Steve Crooks was playing, as he took the big Featherstone pack on down the middle. He was certainly proving a steadying influence and with so many youngsters in the team he was, with some telling passing, able to point all their youthful energy in the right direction.

As often happens when you are down and short of luck, right against the run of play, Featherstone scored. Andy Fisher broke a tackle, Newlove took the ball on strongly and Owen Simpson finished the move off to score near the posts. But, almost immediately Hull struck back in amazing style, as a superb move started by Greg Mackey, saw Portlock brilliantly dummy past three bemused Featherstone players. He fed onto Welham who set Lee Jackson tearing away down the left hand channel to pass to young Dean Busby on his shoulder, who strolled in wide out. Three minutes later we were back in the Featherstone half and superb handling and support play by Portlock and Crooks sent Ronson through a gap. He drew the full back before just running over him to touch down. We danced on the terraces as we simply couldn’t believe what we were seeing as at half time we led the game.

Obviously Hull needed a quick score to cement our superiority at the start of the second half and we got one when Lee Jackson broke and sent Ronson side stepping past Chris Bibb, to score again. An amazing string of penalties (which saw the final count 16-6 to the home team) had us rocking at times, however Crooks held us together but when we were caught a bit short of cover on the left the wily Derek Fox and Fisher laid on a great try for Paul Newlove. This caused some amount of delight for the home fans who scented a comeback. But, that was it for the hosts, as Hull and Steve Crooks took control. A dazzling break out by Richard Gay split the defence and Eastwood showed amazing pace as he ran 60 yards hugging the touchline. Holding off local flyer Simpson, he ran on all the way to touch down in the corner, from where a panting Paul, brilliantly converted his own try.

Then substitute Mark Jones, who had since his introduction in the 58th minute, battered the Featherstone front row relentlessly, (his best display in black and white to date) broke a tackle, stood in another and passed out to Busby who set Lee Jackson scorching towards the Featherstone line to touch down with four players trailing and stumbling in his wake. Then came what I suppose was the standout moment for me when Featherstone’s Fisher who was now getting really rattled, waited till Bibb and Newlove had tackled Portlock into touch before picking our stand-off up and throwing him bodily into the hoop topped metal perimeter fencing. A massive scrap broke out, which culminated in Portlock receiving treatment from the St John’s Ambulance boys and Fisher being sent off. Then just to rub salt into the home sides wounds Eastwood brilliantly landed the penalty from the touchline, which sent the home supporters that were left in the Ground, scurrying for the exits.

Then, to crown one of those rare, rare afternoons that makes all the heartache and fretting so worthwhile, we finished in style. Paul Harrison broke loose and left a flat footed home defence grabbing thin air as he cut through and released Russ Walker who crashed in to cap a towering performance. As the hooter went Crooks who was back on the field again, could hardly walk off the pitch, as we sang and danced and ‘Old Faithful’ rang out across the little mining town. We had won 40-12 on a rare afternoon in what was a disappointing season, when our walking wounded, inspired by Steve Crooks totally destroyed and demoralised a proud side in front of their own fans. Our form picked up in the next few weeks but we were soon on the back foot again and Cleal was sacked well before we had to grind out a 12-8 win at Caravan Park at the end of the campaign, to stay in the top Division! Steve Crooks eh, a real hero over the years, in so many ways

Now are you going to the Catalan game in France? Because if you are here is a great chance to get into the spirit of the summer beach party, wear your Clubs colours and also help a very worthwhile charity at the same time. This week I was contacted by Lisa Jewitt (07717 307017) and Jed Rust (07780 1173020) who are going to France and staying in Lloret de Mar on the Costa Brava in the lead up to the game.

To help raise funds for the ‘Life for a Kid’ charity they’re producing some great Hawaiian style garlands in Black and White and hope as many fans as possible will wear them at the game. They’re priced at just £3 with the proceeds going to the very worthy cause, so if you’re going to France why not contact them on the above telephone numbers or join the ‘Lloret leis for Life for a Kid’ Facebook page to get one.

There’s also a big beach party on the sands in Lloret at 4pm on Friday, so if you’re in that neck of the woods why not get involved and wear you garland there and at the game. It’s a great fund raising idea I think and worthy of our support.

So just two League games left until rather like the Israelites we are banished from our Home land by our Egyptian masters, to wander the wildernesses of Leeds, Barnet, Cheshire, Southern France et al, (a bit of discretionary use of history there but you get the idea) in a run of away games that quite frankly scares me to death. The prospect of that makes a victory next Sunday over Wakey imperative because next up its Wigan, who certainly look a bit tasty of late. We should at least be well rested but we simply have to get the two points this week because let’s face it we haven’t won away this year, so home wins are a must. It will be interesting to see how the Wildcats shape up and I don’t expect they’ll bring many fans so the gate could be interesting too.

Well there we are, another Diary completed in which I’ve tried to talk about a few of the issues this fan has on his mind in a blank week for news and I hope you found something of interest. Thanks as always for all the correspondence during the last week and for all the feedback about my last rather downbeat edition. Please keep in touch and if you’ve got this far thanks again for reading the Dentist Diary. I’ve done my best to find something of interest and at least I’ll have a game to talk about next week; so let’s hope there’s a win to report on as well eh?
Your support is amazing and really appreciated, now let’s do the Wildcats!

Faithfully Yours