The Dentists Diary – 409th

What a relief it’s been of late with a whole week without a game!

But Oh dear, next Friday we all swing back into full on panic mode again as we have to sit there and suffer against the old enemy for what we now know will thankfully be the last time this season!

I bloody hate local Derby’s don’t you? Years ago I used to see them as great occasions coming as they did just twice a year at Christmas and Easter but now my opinion of them swings from them being necessary evils, to detested necessities, although at least we can look round on Friday at a gate of maybe 18,000 and think that it makes a bit of dosh for the Club. Without doubt, I have to say that the sooner it’s over and done with the better it will be for this particular fan. However should we finish in the same sub-division next season then we face the prospect of 4 meetings in the 2015 season. I don’t know about you but I can hardly bloody wait!

The announcement of the youngsters who have been signed on for 2015 contained few surprises for anyone who has spent any time at Bishop Burton watching the under 19’s this season. I have to say that the inclusion of 3 second rowers surprises me as far as the balance of the overall squad is concerned, joining as they do Minichello, Hadley, Whiting and Ellis. However from what I have seen Downs, Turgut and Fash are real talents but it’s also good to see our two first team debutants Abdull and Logan getting deals too. Jordan Abdull particularly shows great temperament. His attitude, with him seamlessly switching from the first team to the 19’s and back, (where in fact he starred in midweek), means he already looks to be the real deal, always of course, providing he keeps his feet on the ground.

Looking somewhat like those cardboard cut out policemen you see in Super Markets, our new recruits strike a pose.

That however seems to be a quality that is eluding that other debutant from this season Callum Lancaster, whose Rovers supporting Dad has apparently been telling everyone that he is Kingston Lightsabre Stadium bound. Having been dropped after the game at Widnes in which his defence was poor, his absence from the list of ‘signee’s’ centres on his financial demands which were described to me by the Club as ridiculous, although apparently Rovers are willing to pay up, to, no doubt, as usual, score a point or two. Hull have done everything they can and rumours are rife, even stretching to what one player told me, that when Lee Radford tried to talk to the lad on the phone he was asked to ring back because he was washing his hair! As the Hull Daily Mail said of the situation it would appear that, “his long-term future at the club is now shrouded in doubt”. Silly boy!

As I said last week I was expecting an announcement about Gareth Ellis contract extension and a few other contract ‘developments’ were possible too. I think giving Gareth one more year from the end of next term is fair enough. Personally I would rather have waited until next season was under way, because then we could gauge how he was going, but this is the normal practise, so I guess we had to expect it now. Of course as far as the fans are concerned this will always be greeted with a mixed reaction based on the fact that he is 33 and on a big chunk of salary. Ellis though has a first class attitude, which will benefit greatly our three young second rowers and has had a great season, something that with the exception of Westerman is hard to say about many other of our staff. He gets it and understands the issues, although the fact we brought him as a leader worries me a bit, because he doesn’t seem to do that vociferously enough for me.

However the announcement comes at a time when many supporters are looking to have a go at everyone and everything to do with the Club. There is a risk involved, but I love to see Gareth firing on all cylinders crashing into the opposition or making those thundering tackles we all enjoy watching and while he can still do that, I’m grateful that he plays for us. So, for me it’s a good move!

Good news? I can’t really believe that I am being that optimistic, because some things still rankle a week after that showing at Bradford. Those predominantly surround the Pitts, Arundel stuff that actually trivialised the importance of the fixture as far as the Club is concerned. Craig Murdoch didn’t agree with my views on the two loan players, but I stand by them, because as a fan I expect my Club to give themselves every possible chance of winning what they had all said was such an important game. You don’t do that by allowing two of your own players the chance to make a point and show up their (ex) team mates. The fact that we were paying part of both player’s wages while they played against us, just rubs salt into the wound and don’t get me on again about it being left to our players to decide whether they were allowed to feature either!! However the news this week that Pitts could well be leaving to join Bradford, but Arundel must come back to us because ‘he is one of the Clubs top earners and on a four year contract’, beggar’s belief really. What a mess some of our previous employees have got us into with that one! 5th highest earner at the Club I heard!!!

Afterwards I was also perturbed that we played Rich Whiting at all in that game. I found out that he was carrying an injury which requires an operation. While we have players like Sa and Crooks kicking their heels at the Club and even Arundel available for recall from Bradford that’s not on!! The debilitating state of that injury and the limitations it placed on the player has made Rich look poor at times and if the game really didn’t matter to the Club, then why play him, because in our current circumstances that’s just stupid! But what do I know and I guess we all have to move on!

Anyway on a more upbeat note I went down to Bishop Burton on Wednesday to watch the under 19’s take on Hull KR and the place was packed. It was great to see Sammy, Carl, Harry P, Steve Roberts and loads of other friendly faces, plus the full first team squad, in fact how great it was to see 800 odd fans lining the touch-lines and a great performance by our youngsters. The 22-18 score-line was impressive enough when you consider how a young FC outfit eventually battered the Rovers team and got a well deserved win. We dominated up front and the highlight of the night for me was without doubt the performance of 17 year old trialist Masimbaashe Matongo.

What a player he is, I have now watched him three times since he signed for trials from the Norland open age team, he started slowly but he’s now a great prospect at Prop who I hope we get signed up ASAP. He was fantastic throughout with his drives that scattered the opposition, in two really long stints that showed just how fit he is. His defence is really good too and he often led the kick chase and the charge down attempts on opposing kickers. Real classy looking kid, I thought! Having said that once again Jordan Abdull was a standout player showing no hangover from the Bradford game as he led again from the front and showed maturity that belied his years.

The lights work well and it’s a nice evening at Bishop Burton unless you’re a Dobbin!

Young prop Charlie Johnson made a massive difference too when he came on and although our backs were pretty well fettered the skills of Dean and Tyson Wilson at half back were really good to see and although I know the age difference is important, judging thing’s like for like, the organisation and play making was much slicker at that level than we often see in the first team. The referee was everything we have come to accept though, pedantic, baffling and on this occasion he even included two sets of 5 tackles instead of 6!! Still you can’t have everything and it was certainly a great night in good company and a performance that gave us a bit of hope in a torrid old season.

The sun sets on Rovers!!

I had another good time on Saturday down at YPI for the Season Ticket holders BBQ where I helped out with the car parking. We parked over 300 cars and over 700 food tickets were issued so it was good to see so many there.

Airliebird entertains the kids

After a shot break with the family in Wales Adam was in attendance chatting to all the fans and still scratching his head about what exactly to do about getting an upturn in our fortunes and it was great to see almost all the players around the place. The queues at the Burger grill were long though, so I solved that problem scientifically and stopped on the way home at the car park of B&Q and partook of one there!! Airlie Bird was in attendance and I had a word with him about his new sidekick Girlie bird to which he made the following worrying reply, “I have a different woman every week, and sometimes it’s a man!!” It was a great event though and it was certainly good to see so many Diary readers and have a chat!

The rain started but the crowd wasn’t deterred!

The new season ticket brochure was available at the event with everyone you meet apparently not renewing, but it is, at first glance, a great deal in fact some would say the best so far. I have heard everything from ‘I’m not getting one unless the Coach goes’, to, ‘I’ll get one if they make the posts bigger!’ However everyone seems to agree that they have great sympathy for Adam. The imagery for the 150th season on the brochure is certainly good and pretty eye catching I thought. However, if you’ve got your copy and sit in the West Stand then don’t worry if you have a reserved seat. I checked with the Club and despite what it says your seat is still reserved and not now unreserved as it indicates, you just renew as usual. As tickets go on sale on 1st September I’ll have a detailed look at the pro’s and con’s next week, but as for me, well I can’t escape because I’m on direct debit, something I took up as a sort of ‘safety net’ just in case, (as now would have been increasingly likely) I wobbled a bit.

For this fan as I said earlier, after Bradford, it’s been a welcome quiet spell without a game, so this week I thought I’d have a session of navel gazing about just where the game is at present and more importantly where we are as a Club. It’s just a mixed bag of random thoughts in no particular order, but in a week without a game I share them here with you.

Firstly, last week while cutting the grass still in a dudgeon after Bradford, I was thinking about the overall dynamic of the game in super league and I pondered why other Clubs can get so much out of players that have failed with us. There is definitely an issue there, because so many players who we have invested time and money in at Hull FC have then been released as deadwood, only to come good elsewhere. I guess the emergence of Castleford as a major force in the 2014 season is point of fact, but over there in West Yorkshire the form of Dixon, Wheeldon, Lynch, and Ellis who have all starred for their first team in Super League and on the way to Wembley is a revelation, while even Tansey and Carvell are proving better than they were with us.

Tommy Lee is a regular at Salford and even Bradford look to have made something at Super League level of Pitts and Arundel, as we discovered to our detriment last week. We couldn’t hang onto Manu or Briscoe at the end of their contracts and they are now playing a big part every week at their respective Clubs, while Jordan Turner is being hailed as a big hit this year at Saints. Even Reece Lynne is playing Super league week in week out (please rest assured I don’t think we should have many of these characters back though, I just make a point)

It was also interesting last weekend to see Will Sharp get his third man of the match performance for Featherstone and the Championship player of the week accolade, while Jason Crookes starred for Feth’ again scoring a match winning hat trick! Those are two more players who I don’t say are now proving us wrong, but we could do absolutely nothing with them, but now someone has brought some attitude and focus into their lives, that we certainly couldn’t!! Then there’s Graeham Horne and Craig Hall at Rovers, both ‘FC rejects’ who are showing better form at their current Club. So I guess what I’m saying here is that although some players will never make the grade, we increasingly seem to fail to get the best out of most of our employees. We have to ditch some but the average fans has then to ask why exactly don’t we get the best out of all these players before they leave?

That’s one issue but then in the wider picture, even if we can actually get players to really realise their potential and beyond while they are still with us, will we ever really succeed anyway? You see for me in the bigger scheme of things you also have to ask the question; is the game in this Country as far as success is concerned, becoming a closed shop? There’s the lottery of the Challenge Cup as a sop to the rest of the Clubs, but even there, in the end, it’s one of the usual suspects that invariably win it, as we saw on Saturday. Anyway, real success can only really be measured after grinding out the season and finishing on the winners rostrum at the Grand Final. Despite all the salary cap, quota and equal shares of the TV money stuff, it’s only the usual 4 that get to end up winning either of the available trophies.

James Webster, who is such an astute bloke, made the point last week that the top 4 Clubs haven’t changed for years and are hardly likely to in the coming seasons whatever the structure of the League’s. Cas have made an excursion into the top echelons this season, Huddersfield got the Plate last year and flirt with the top 4 from time to time, but when it comes to the absolute play off crunch, that’s about it really. Webster said he felt that this status quo is primarily because the top 4 Clubs start from the bottom and give massive 5 year contracts to their best youngsters before going out to snatch form players from other ‘lesser’ Clubs.

The thing is when you consider the scenario outlined by Webster, who as I say talks so much sense, who do Hull FC and the rest of the Clubs actually then end up signing? Answer; the players none of the top Clubs want and thus the players that perhaps have something in their ability or make-up that ensured they didn’t get offered a long contract or were poached by said Clubs when youngsters.

The Wigan’s of this world spot the flaws, identify the weaknesses and get rid; the rest of us then sign ‘em up! That policy breeds a good work ethic and attitude in their organisation, because if you don’t have that, you’re out. Their player’s respect the chance they have, respect their team mates and play for the fans; something that I would hazard a guess is a far cry from some of our lot.

As an aside, I would cite particularly those FC players who were fooling around like little kids at Total Fitness in front of all the patrons last Monday, less than 24 hours after that disastrous result at Bradford. I honestly believe that our owner gets it and so does our coach, and I certainly don’t expect the players to be in ‘sack cloth and ashes’ after a defeat, but hilarity in public so soon after such an awful showing? Surely you could expect a modicum of remorse and respect for the fans? Personally I was still bloody gutted. But their actions and attitude proved to me at least that several of our players (but not all) unlike those at Saints, Leeds and Wigan, don’t give a toss about the fans at all.

However when you add to all that the fact that at Hull FC as a Club we can’t seem to get the best out of many of the players we sign anyway, there is little doubt why we find ourselves in the mess we are in. Yes we were really badly advised by McCrae, (who is now, I’m told, building himself a house on an exclusive coast in Australia; now there’s a surprise!) and I think we all realise that now; in fact many are now saying that he took Adam for a ride! However as I said earlier we have also released players who have been judged by our Club to be sub standard but who have then gone on to play well elsewhere. That isn’t just a current issue either; it’s been going on for years hasn’t it? Look at Jordan Turner, Danny Brough, Josh Hodgson and Gareth Carvell when they all left!

The fact is (if we don’t get lucky by raising them ourselves), at Clubs like the FC, Widnes, Rovers and Wakey, and yes even Cas. we end up with players others don’t want! We only got Miller because he had technical frailties that precluded anyone in Australia wanting him, the same with Rankin I guess; I say that because if they were true NRL stars in the making, they simply wouldn’t have been released. Jason Crookes came because, as we now know all too well, he had personal problems, Thompsons signing was a mystery, Arundel’s long contract unfathomable and Pitts’s confusing, while Feke was floundering in French RU, Sa was struggling in second grade British RU and Talanoa was a dustman. All the last three have done well, in fact they have done incredibly well, but that’s because they have the right attitude and work ethic, they have indeed been a revelation so well done to all three. However we still took a massive punt on them, but we had to, because top class proven players in their positions were not available to us and that because the really quality performers had invariably accepted new improved contracts at their parent Clubs or more importantly, wouldn’t be released by them. So working under such handicaps Motu Tony is actually doing OK!

If you have got the brass face or money of say a Koukash you perhaps have a bit of a chance of ‘bullying’ your way into the elite ‘Club’ at the top that has dominated our sport for so long, Cas have done really well but already they are losing up to 7 of their top players as they are picked off by the established ‘Top Clubs’. We grabbed one of them in Sneyd, but that sort of cash lay out is likely to be a one off for us, while Saints and Wigan go out and spend £100,000/ £200,000 every season or so, just to poach other Clubs top players to augment the class they produce themselves, or already have in house. Look at Green, Taylor and now apparently Burns leaving Rovers all for big fees. The increased Sky money for next season is seen by the big 4 as some cream with which to spend big on transfer fees, while the rest of the Clubs just see it as a means of breaking even. Then there is the lure of Australia and the big bucks, which sees many of our top youngsters creamed off. We can’t blame them going because the rewards are so big. So big in fact, that like Josh Hodgson you can actually get a sub on your future earnings to pay your own transfer fee!!!

There is a real shortage of class around the game and so the top Clubs hang onto their best players and release anyone who has the slightest doubt surrounding their attitude, temperament or ability simply so that more youngsters can come through their selection process. The lesser Clubs then pick up what’s jettisoned and hope to make something of them. Someone at the Club last week said to me that our main problem is that we simply lack real leaders, but where are they available?

The answer I fear is nowhere, as the top Clubs hang onto them for grim death because they are the mentors and guiding hand that the youngsters need out there on the pitch and thus, as we have found out this year, they are also the difference between winning and losing tight games. In the end, in an attempt to try and ‘buy in’ some leadership, us lesser Club are resigned to signing ageing Aussies who we hope will bring the ‘Kearney, Fitzgibbon’ effect to our roster. The game is in a mess and I don’t honestly know where it will end up and indeed what is in it for clubs like my beloved Hull FC. One thing’s for sure that monopoly at the top needs somehow to be broken, but I’ll tell you what, 8x8x8 won’t do that, in fact I think the top 6 or 7 Clubs could get stronger while the rest of us flounder around with the top three or four Championship Clubs playing ‘plastic’ play-off games in the League of Death; games that are simply created as a sop to smaller Clubs and to meet the needs of Sky TV. You might not agree with me and in the end it’s just one fans musings in a quiet week, but agree or not I hope at least it got you thinking, because it certainly did me.

Well enough of that, it’s giving me headache, but while we’re on the RL, it was interesting to read the Castleford Club last week lamenting the governing bodies decision to just leave two weeks between the Challenge Cup Semi’s and the Final. Last season when we featured in the showpiece game, we got a 4 week break between our win at Huddersfield and our day in the sun (not) at Wembley. The West Yorkshire Club were concerned that the gap was too small and of course it is because it’s impossible to bring out any new merchandise or order new shirts in that time frame and so the successful Clubs miss out on a massive opportunity to make some dosh. Last year was a really good one for us merchandise wise, most of which was down to the excess in sales before Wembley. However the Tigers could have lost around £250,000, simply because there was no time to order and receive stuff from the manufacturers.

I remember last season I went to see Lee Jenkinson in our Retail department before the Semi final and he was showing me all the souvenir stuff he had ordered with both local suppliers and ISC he said then, “I have everything in place and I just have to push the button and it will all be here about ten days before the game. It was and we all bought into it big style and the Club made a killing. Of course that was impossible for Castleford or Leeds to pull off as the FIFA World Cup, Wimbledon and the Commonwealth games have meant that once again TV dictated our schedule of games. It’s not that so much as the fact that we are at the bottom of the pecking order anyway when it comes to TV slots, as once again with no thought for the participating Clubs the RL doffed their caps to the BBC and reduced the period between the two games. I don’t know what they could have done, but to see the participating Clubs out of pocket to the tune of up to a quarter of a million, is a bad show really for Leeds, but particularly for Castleford.

At it again!!! A reader sent me this pic of the new branding in the Kingston Suite!!!

Talking, as I was earlier, of getting the best out of a team of players I enjoyed the Challenge Cup Final, but we all wanted Cas to win didn’t we? The fact is Leeds game plan was spot on, and the players followed their instructions to the letter. It might be a bit boring at times but boy it pays off if the players just do as they are told and when Castleford threatened to get back in it they had the leaders to hold the line and get the others through it. Last week at Bradford we did that for 20 minutes but Leeds did it for 80 in the final and when hard times came they stuck it out. Then with 9 minutes to go and leading by two tries, they drop a goal and immediately it was ‘game gone’ for Cas., that folks is what good teams do!! Like it or not they are a good team, their big players came to the party because they are proven leaders, while Castleford’s blew it and that was it!

I see that Shannon McDonald got two tries in Saints last League game against Wakey and I wondered whether he might just stay at Saints for next season. Another player who we couldn’t manage, who we are told ‘didn’t fit’ with us and who is likely to be moving on and leaving us red faced in future years eh? I also hear that he still hasn’t sorted his contract settlement with our owner either, in an action that could be heading for the high court!

It was interesting to hear on the NRL commentary last weekend that all the pundits thought that the signing of Minnichello was a good move and that he would do well for us, although when the move of Ken Sio to the Dobbins was discussed, the conversation went something like this,
Rabs; ” Sio is going to SL next year, Hull KR I think”
Gould; ” He is much better than that”

I was intrigued too to hear this week that the last ever game to be played at the Huntington Stadium in York is to be played on 29th September, before it’s demolished and an all purpose Stadium for both the York City Knights and York City AFC is erected on the site. The Knights will play their home games next year at Bootham Crescent before both Clubs move in for the 2016 seasons. I know we had our differences over duel registration last year but I’ll miss the pre season games we used to have their in those austere surroundings and the Old Tin Shed stand! We had some great times there. Still it’s great to see another Club with ambition and a brand new Stadium and so I wish them well.

Well last week’s Arthur Keegan stuff went down well, with four people actually sending me their own personal memories of that doyen of full backs. So this week I thought I’d feature another player who this time around met an early and indeed untimely death. This week in Codgers Corner I look at a player who I personally saw play about a dozen times in the early 60’s, and who I remember most for the aura that seemed to surround him as far as the FC fans were concerned, whenever this aging hero took the field. Mick Scott is second in Hull FC’s all time list of appearance makers with an amazing 459 games to his name, having scored 43 tries and 3 goals. This record started with just one game in 48/49 and finished with 13 in the 62/63 season. He was, a year before I was born, the first of that amazing pack of the 50’s to join the club, when as an 18 year old second rower he made his debut. Mick though will always be remembered as a mighty front rower in that great ‘Panzer’ pack of the Golden Fifties and for his partnership with Tommy Harris and the Drake twins!

I guess when you talk to folks who saw him play through out that decade, they will always remember the period he captained the team in the mid 50’s, and more particularly one crucial decision he made on a blustery afternoon at Maine Road Manchester. It was just 2 minutes from the end of a pulsating Championship final in 1956 when Halifax were leading 9-8. We were awarded a penalty for interference at the play the ball in the Fax half. Back then of course you had unlimited possession with no 6 tackle rule and everyone there thought that we would tap the ball and drive at the Fax defence in an attempt to get over the line; everyone that was except our captain Mick Scott.

Centre Watkinson tossed the ball to Tommy Finn our scrum half to tap start the game, when in ran our captain to snatch the ball and hand it to Colin Hutton to go for goal. The ball was heavy and wet and the kick set 25 yards out and about 3 yards from Touch. The crowd of over 36,000 was stunned into shocked silence until Hutton sent the ball flying between the posts and the mighty FC had won a memorable Cup final. Was it the most memorable goal in Hull’s history? Well many who were there would say that it was!!!

Mick Scott our captain had shown great faith in his goal kicker and Hutton justified that faith and won us the game. It was a big decision, in fact one of the most crucial ‘on field’ decisions a Hull captain has ever made, but boy did it pay off!!

Mick handed the captaincy over to Johnny Whiteley in 1958, but he was still a masterful player out on the park and the hero of many great victories. In that same year it was his long looping cut out pass that put in winger Brian Cooper in at the corner for the first try on our way to beating Workington in the Championship final, and true to type Mick also used that deft side step that belayed his hefty physique, to score the final try in a 20-3 win. Mick played in all 10 finals during that great 1950’s era.

Funnily enough, despite like me, being brought up close to the Boulevard, Mick never played rugby as a school boy and in fact was a handy centre half for Mersey Street school football team. His pals were all having trials with our nursery side, Boulevard Juniors, so Mick went along and soon signed for the club in 1948. He played 8 A team games before being selected to play for England Under 21’s and captained them for the next match. All this before he made his debut for the first team at the Boulevard. It was quite an amazing rise to prominence for a player who had come into the game so late.

Scott was a real class forward but he also had that quality that separated the great from the good back then, in that he was as hard as nails. Whenever a scrum erupted into a fight as they did in most games back then, Scotty was the prime candidate for starting the fracas. In the 1955 Yorkshire Cup Final against Halifax twice the scrum blew up and twice he emerged with different Halifax forwards sporting facial injuries. He was a real hero and folks who watched him in his heyday will tell you just how good he was in open play too! Strangely for all his games played Scott, who was generally accepted across the game as one of the country’s top props, made few international appearances. In fact, following his debut for England at 19, he made just two more call ups and had none for Great Britain although he did make one GB trial game.


He was the corner stone of our pack though and continued to be so even when I started watching the FC in 1960, although then his appearances had started to become more sporadic and in 1962 he asked for a transfer. It took a full year before the club could agree a fee with anyone though, but in July 1963 he left for Rochdale where he played one season and 32 games before retiring. Most tragic of all of course was the fact that Mick was sadly killed in an accident on the Docks in 1968 when he was only 37. Mum, Dad and I all watched the Funeral cortège go by in what was a real black and white affair with the pavements lined with folks sporting their scarves and hats! A fitting tribute to a massive FC hero who met an early and tragic end!! Great memories of a great man!

Well if there were any unfit ‘Demons’ at Wembley on Saturday then apparently they only had to look to Kevin Sinfield for help as the headline on the League Express site last Friday read, “Sinfield ready to exercise Wembley demons”….Oh dear!

So to the week ahead and firstly let me say that my thoughts are at present with a pal and Diary reader Tony, with whom I shared last year’s Wembley experience and who is at preset doing it tough; I hope things soon improve for you mate.

But now, for all of us it’s another Local Derby and a game I simply can’t wait to get out of the way. How sad is that, and what an awful reflection on just how far Hull FC and indeed the demeanour of this fan has sunk!!! However the honest truth is that it doesn’t matter where we play them or what the circumstances are, I simply hate Rovers, hate these matches and just hope against hope that we put up a good display and try and pull off what, at present, appears to be the impossible. I say that from the heart not just because local pride and the ubiquitous bragging rights are at stake, but more because of the mood our owner was in after last week’s debacle, which make me fear the repercussions for all of us of another abject showing. With season tickets going on sale the following Monday, who knows what the reaction to another ‘Bradford’ will bring, but some of the players had better believe that they have to bloody improve! Surely we’ll be up for this one and surely they’ll be taking it on the field as seriously and intently as we’re all take it on the terraces. All we can do is hope and as always get behind the lads and make sure that as far as we are concerned at least we have done our bit!

It’s been a bloody abject season hasn’t it, but at least after Friday we have just two games to go, a difficult one at Huddersfield and an even more difficult looking one at home to Leeds. By then, having digested the fallout after the Derby (and no doubt fumigated the North Stand) we will all be looking forward to a few months off before the whole soul destroying merry go round of being an FC fan starts again. But we have to have that hope, because hope is in the end all we have!! I’ll be getting my pass and I sincerely hope you will be investing in another 9 months of the soap opera that is watching our heroes. However I really do think that for many, enough will be enough after this lot! As a pal said to me last week in a very profound moment, “You’re right Wilf when you say it’s a good job we love em, but for many of us, sadly it’s becoming increasingly hard to like em”

Let’s get behind the boys and do our best to sing ‘em home on Friday, it might not work, it might not be enough, but at least if we have done our bit and the wheel still comes off….again, then we’ll know we have given it our all and will have every right to moan!!!

Get there if you can its good to suffer amongst friends!!

Come on you Hulllllaaaarrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Faithfully Yours