The Dentists Diary – 423rd

The official deadline for Season Tickets has passed and, once again, the long suffering FC fans have come good in the end!! Friday and Saturday were amazing days retail and pass sales wise and it looks like the Club and our owner can breathe a bit more easily now!

At this time of year, when there is nothing to comment on playing wise, as a fan you are always hunting for any bits of news you can find. But, in opening this week it has to be said that when you consider some of the raggy arsed marketing efforts and shirt launches we have seen elsewhere in the game of late, I think that at the very least, there’s a big “Well Done” to be dished out to James Clark and the marketing team, who have kept hounding us about season tickets, wouldn’t let it rest, produced two great shirt launches and who I am told were literally ‘burnt out’ by this last weekend.

Well done too, to all the players and Coaching staff who manned the phones and rang lapsed season ticket holders in the last three weeks, they have done a great job and their attitude and willingness to help shows, I think, the new belonging and responsibility there is amongst the current squad. Great stuff!

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The Dentists Diary – 421st

The ‘Mantra’ of this Blog is fast becoming “There can be absolutely NO Excuses this time”

…….and with the owner giving the Coach and players everything they need and all the playing staff, with the exception of Joe Westerman and Rich Whiting, back in full training by mid November, there is simply no way that there can be any excuses come February. A brilliant launch and a great new home shirt has seen the place beginning to buzz and as season tickets start to sell in numbers again and the away shirt is out on Saturday, everything off the field is starting to build towards the coming season.

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The Dentists Diary – 420th

Crisis what crisis???

There has been a deal of hand wringing and fretting this week, but it had to come didn’t it, hardly a decade of being an FC fan goes by without a bit of uncertainty on the financial front and after three years of relative peace, the whole issue of the future of our club is back in the melting pot. Is it as bad as that? Well, perhaps time will tell, but even our usually unflappable owner is showing signs of becoming a bit frayed at the edges!

Sport for James Smailes - 4-11-14Hull Fc Fans Forum, Walton Street Club, Hull.Pictured is Adam Pearson.   Picture: Peter Harbour
He looked a pretty worried man at the Forum!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you either, because for the last two weeks I have been banging on about our Club being squeezed by our landlords, with the threat of stands closing and changes at the turnstiles, and these are now things that both Adam Pearson and the Daily Mail have confirmed where anything but shroud waiving from yours truly!

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The Dentists Diary – 419th

The Boys are back in town!!

Well they’re back at YPI at least after a couple of days getting acclimatised and getting to know each other again! But you know when you step back from the squad it has certainly shaped up well, with 5 newcomers joining a lot of old faces. In fact who would have ever thought a few years ago that 21 of our full time roster would be under the age of 25 and of those, 16 would have some form of International honours! You can’t fault our youth set up at present can you?

So we’ve had another week of little news and only International Rugby to watch, but invariably some things never change do they and, as always, at the end of the England game there was only one person everyone was talking about and he was an official!

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