The Dentist’s Diary – 419th

The most wonderful time of the year.
The one day in a Year when you and all your friend are happy!
The one day that peace and joy is everywhere!
And, the one day that its brilliant to just be there with the whole of the family!




You know the further in time I get away from that glorious day in August, the more I marvel at just how good it was. What a memory eh? I just have to look at that lot and I’m enjoying it all over again!!

For once at Hull FC everything seems to be going really well and the Club is thriving. Everywhere the players and officials go the Challenge Cup goes with them and what better Christmas present could we all have than the fact that the amazing Trophy that we craved for so long, is with our club for another 8 months….at least?

The cash is flowing in and everyone is really up for the forthcoming campaign. In fact, everyone seems quite content with our current status, both at the Club and on the terraces. That won’t last long of course, because at Hull FC it’s never plain sailing, but if any indication of our demeanour of late is required, then look no further than the fact that with days going by on the RL fans message-board without anyone posting an at all, it’s just so quiet, even as far as the grumblers are concerned!

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The Dentist’s Diary – 518th

Well, Christmas is coming and so too thankfully is some live rugby!!!

Welcome to another closed season Diary after what has again been a fortnight of interesting developments at our Club and in the wider Rugby League. There is certainly no lack of support for the Clubs retail and ticketing efforts and the response to the new shirts and the season ticket scheme has been nothing short of phenomenal. Although much of the enthusiasm can be put down to the ‘Wembley effect’, in the end the supporters have come good again and everything augers well for a great season with some big gates at the KCOM Stadium in the offing for 2017.

Adam and Co may lament the loss of the Derby games but personally, as it’s not my pocket that the Dobbins relegation is hitting, I find their absence quite refreshing. As fans we have over the last few years simply just had too many of them and after the annual tradition of the two clubs wringing every ounce of cash out of the cross City rivalry, the resurgence in interest in our club (as proved by ticket and shirt sales) displays for me that Derby games are not ‘the end all and be all’ of rugby in Hull.

I just hope that now our administration will adapt to the lack of games against the Dobbins and make a lot more of the home games against Leeds and Wigan etc. turning them into real occasions once more. They used to be you know and if we can get that focus back, I can honestly see gates of 12,000 being a regular feature again at the KCOM in 2017.

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