The Dentist’s Diary – 603rd

It’s never dull in Hull is it??

In fact, in a week when ‘Busy doing nothing’ Jamie Peacock, relinquished his role across the City at Hull KR and we welcomed back International RL to the KCOM, it has still in many ways all been going on. The Peacock news has been one of the worst kept secrets and indeed on the cards for ages and so, in the wake of that and several other interesting happenings, after a short three-week break, the Diary is back!

Mr P’s football manager role was one that I and numerous Dobbins fans I speak to never really understood anyway, but just the same I guess that it’s the end of another chapter in the ever changing face of the game in the City. Not that the action has been restricted to happenings over in the ‘Land of Make Believe’ either.

I thought I was safe jetting off to Tenerife at what has traditionally been a very quiet time at the Club, but, with a plethora of signings (which for me were as flummoxing and perplexing as they were fascinating), season tickets on sale, a quite revolutionary new home shirt, international call ups and indeed even an international opportunity being spurned, it’s been far from that!!

At Hull FC we have been occupied with the business of engaging those new players, two or three of whom, a bit like Peacock’s job description, were a mystery to many of us! However, in our case, we are told all that frenetic activity signing wise was in the name of building a Reserve grade team for the 2019 season when, we are assured, most teams will have one.

So here, in the first diary back, I’ll try and make some sense of it all as we endure the closed season, approach a return to training on 5th November and face a 2019 campaign in which we simply have to deliver. And you know what? I think that both at the Club and in the game at large we could yet see more changes to come.

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The Dentist’s Diary – 602nd

The Week after the three months before!!!!!

Here is this week’s Diary which is the first of the last twelve when I’ve not been stressed out and I’m not reporting on a loss!

It’s thankfully been a pretty quiet week for Hull FC and once ‘Mad Monday’ and the ‘celebrations’ after a relatively disastrous season where over, without apparent incident, the dust is, for this fan, starting to settle on an unquestionably unmemorable campaign. A lot of players have gone away, whilst others are staying ‘home alone’ at the training ground trying hard to get fit for the start of pre-season on 5th November. The reviews are done, the hand wringing is no more and the excuse making is finally over, as for the first time for weeks, the words ‘Hull FC lost again’, have not featured in here or in the media coverage of our sport. We had so much bad luck and injury woe and thank goodness that’s all behind us now and we can look to the future.

Furthermore, with Season tickets on sale and the fans signing up again, next season already beckons. Although I’m sure some will be giving it all a bit of thought before subscribing, most will decide to go around again because it has to be better next season. Let’s face it, our luck and our form can’t be much worse and it’s not often you can lose eleven in a row but are still guaranteed to finish eighth!! I honestly believe that once we have something to play for again then attitude wise things will be much improved; Adam will see to it, if they ain’t, I’m sure!

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