The Dentist’s Diary – 651st

Two weeks into pre-season training and it seems it’s all going pretty well so far, whilst off the field both shirts are now out and season tickets are not far off topping a very respectable 8000 sales. 

Scott Taylor was in the gym the other day chomping at the bit to get started today (Monday) and with him being joined by another 3 returnees’ and the fixtures now confirmed, its all moving along and we now know what we are doing in 2020 and when we’re doing it. 

As for those fixtures well it’s certainly a tough, tough start to the Super League campaign with the first 4 rounds against Leeds, Rovers, Wigan and Saints. What’s more time is flying and already today (Monday) it’s trombone time, with just 76 days to that first game at Headingley. That’s under 11 weeks and counting and yet it will probably be another 5 weeks before we have everyone in camp and training for the new campaign and that in turn is likely to be just 3 weeks before our first pre-season game! Although its been very quiet, times flying by isn’t it?  

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The Dentist’s Diary – 650th

Welcome to what is another Milestone edition of the Dentists Diary! 

It’s 14 years almost to the day since the first one and since then there’s been 650 editions, over one million hits on the site and over 4 million words written. In fact, there’s been enough words to fill 5 bibles (and the content has been no doubt at times far more difficult to understand than the eminently baffling Book of Ezekiel you’ll find in there!!). And all that just to talk about the Club with whom I’m obsessed and whom I have loved all my life. 

Yep, this week, once again, we’ve all made it to another landmark edition of the weekly Journal of an ordinary fan, with an extra ordinary fixation for his and his families rugby league team. For me it’s certainly been a great ride and a wonderful experience, furthermore I’ve really enjoyed writing it and linking up with all the friends and acquaintances I’ve made along the way. 

But, enough of that (although there’s a bit more later on), because life goes on and probably because Radders and the rest of the coaching staff have been on holiday, the Club has again been quiet in the last 14 days. None the less, the fans have still been busy showing their amazing loyalty and in so do have taken our season ticket sales up to almost 7,200 after just five weeks of them being on offer. Thankfully for the news starved supporters, tomorrow sees the fixtures published and this morning (Monday) 80% of the squad are back for kitting out before they launch into the start of the pre-season grind, as the hard yards and the hills of Brantingham and Beverley Westwood beckon again.

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