The Dentist’s Diary – 728th

In the end it was a disappointing outcome but boy did we give it a go!!

Welcome to the post semi-final Diary which is both a sad affair and a pretty significant edition of this waffle for me as well.

It’s always crap to lose a semi-final, of course it is. But, the thing was, in the end, we came up against a top team, the best in the British game and one that doesn’t see the L against their results very often. Warrington, Leeds and Wigan have proved that you can sign all the big names you like and still miss out on the trophies. However, truly great teams have that bit of pure magic and a certain something that is almost indescribable, but whatever it is Saints, certainly have it! 

We showed great heart, resolve and attitude particularly in that second half as we clawed ourselves back into the game. The guys dug in and had a real go and I guess we can ask no more really. We won the first quarter and couldn’t score, Saints won the second quarter and did score, twice, we got into it big style in the second half but the unfortunate injury incident to Griffin in the first half and Jakes intercepted pass near the end, were the turning points. Had the referee seen how serious the injury was and blown up straight away to stop the game, Fages try would not have stood and had Jakes pass stuck, that would have been academic anyway, for we would have won the match. On such fine margins are games won and lost. So, the score-line certainly didn’t reflect the game at all but, we all know that we really gave it a good go and that’s at least some consolation isn’t it?

There were plenty of tears in the dressing room afterwards and no doubt on the terraces too, but quite how we get up for Thursday’s game at Cas after the disappointment of all that, isanyone’s guess. 

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