The Dentist’s Diary – 724th

Saints in the semi and shades of 2005!

One for all and all for one! After the racism stuff this was a significant departure before we even started!

That was simply amazing, absolutely enthralling and so inspiring! This team of our is just so together!

The conditions brought mistakes a plenty, but Cup games are about one thing and that is finding a route to victory. Winning is everything and that was some performance with big raps to every player for the steel they showed, Brett Hodgson for a perfect game plan and our defensive coach Gareth Ellis for a brilliant backs to the wall effort. With local lads Lane and Cator and now ‘local hero’ Savelio again killing it at the back of the pack, it was a real against all odds victory and I was so proud to be an FC fan. 

What changed from last week? Well, I believe that Hodgson thought we needed to start faster than them and play more of the game in their half and we did both things brilliantly as we pressed them back and Sneyd’s precision end of set field kicking turned them time and again. In fact, in short, we played the Pies at their own game. From the moment the players gathered beforehand in that huddle instead of a line, no doubt in support of Andre, you knew it was going to be special. 

Yet, when you’re an FC supporter who has endured the last three seasons, it’s hard to get your head around a Hull team that turns up buzzing like that every game, because we have as fans got used to being surprised one week and disappointed the next. Whether Radford actually did target games, as has been hinted at, or we were just not focussed enough long enough, I don’t know, but perhaps like you, this year as I prepare myself for each game I can’t quite believe that we can repeat the heights of spirit of the previous match. But each week we do!! In fact, after that game I struggled to remember a more passionate, focussed and committed FC performance since the last time we won at Wembley, for despite, (due to the conditions), it being a bit of a messy game to watch at times, the effort was outstanding.    

So, what a win that was and after all his talk of having a few surprises up his sleeve during the week and how the conditions would nullify Reynolds, the Wigan Coach was visibly shaken afterwards. As my pal Kathy said straight away, “That wasn’t because they had lost but more that he had been totally out-coached”. I couldn’t agree more! Well done Brett Hodgson.

724 The Dentists Diary

This match was the biggest of the season so far but it wasn’t to be played on a level playing field, but few games are. We had to lift our game at least another notch, yet at the same time, our playing strength had gone down by two or three notches. With a small squad to start with and with injuries and three players suspended, it was always going to be a massive ask and we were certainly battling against the odds, but odds don’t seem to bother us these days either on the field or as we prepare for games. A bad week after the Savelio stuff was followed by two players joining Fairamo as banned and with both Taylor and Bowden missing we were doing it tough. Then on the day we saw another sin-binning and two players leaving the field for  head test, one of whom didn’t return and there was yet more inconsistency from the officials, but we again prevailed. It was just fabulous stuff wasn’t it? 

So, I guess that the only place we can really start this week is right at the beginning with the one game ban doled out to Connor and Fash. As one blow after another was thrown at us last weekend, with injuries, racist slurs and suspensions, I struggled to know exactly what Brad had done in the first place, but sort of knew from the minute he trudged off for 10 minutes that Jake would be held up as a sacrificial lamb and at least get a game. 

Fact is Jake did go high in that tackle and so he has to take his medicine, but, in the same game, he wasn’t on his own on that one. But, Jake has to understand that perhaps he is a little more under the spotlight because of his own attitude and actions. One things for sure, Jake either has to change what he does, or temper a bit the way that he goes about doing it. 

We knew nothing of the fact that the Club were to appeal but that does go along somewhat with the wall of silence approach that we have seen in recent times, particularly concerning such things as players being re-signed etc. etc. However, it was worth a go and the fact that neither got another game for having ‘the audacity’ to challenge the judgement of the disciplinary panel, speaks volumes for the fact that perhaps both situations were border line. However, it always takes a lot for the appeals hearing to go against the original decision of the disciplinary panel doesn’t it?   

Of course, fact is that Jake has to learn that it’s not himself he is penalising, but the rest of his colleagues and indeed us lot the fans. He is such a gifted players but he has to grow up a bit as well and although no one wants to see him lose his arrogant edge, perhaps he should bear that in mind in future before he goes off on one! 

As I said earlier, the news from camp this week was tough to hear with three now suspended and Taylor out for up to 8 weeks, but little seems to ruffle Hodgson or deter a team that is as solid together as I have seen them. There was talk in camp about doing it for Andre and perhaps that came into it as well. In the media it was certainly a quiet week considering we were approaching a Cup Quarter Final, but that’s the way it seems to be this year. Whether it’s the club or the coach I don’t know, but someone has instigated a rather frugal approach to releasing information. With still no more news on re-signings for next season, the best we learned this week was probably the fact that Marc Sneyd had stopped practising his drop goals because he said whenever he does that he always misses them, but in the end that didn’t help much either did it?  . 

Still, we approached the game with hope but although our hearts were with the FC our head told us that the odds must be stacked in Wigan’s favour particularly as they are undefeated in all games this season. When the squad was announced there were no surprises really, although it was great and pretty fortuitous that both Reynolds and Ma’u were available, but I did think that we would miss the distraction we benefit from when  Connor is on the field. 

We knew that nothing short of our best and then some would do in this one. Still, it was what it was and we had to get on with it. However, when the team was announced it included Adam Swift playing his first ever game at Full-back with young Connor Wynne on the bench. Otherwise, it was as we expected and as the rain poured down in Leeds, we all sat back to see our heroes play on terrestrial TV in a mid-afternoon slot, in front of the watching nation.   

As Wigan kicked off in the rain, we just needed to see that spirit again and in their first set of possession we forced them to knock-on following a big tackle by Sao whilst in the next set we forced them to drop out. It was a good start as back we came giving Wigan some of their own medicine and playing the first few minutes camped in their half. In our next set a good kick through by Reynold just skidded dead but on a 7-tackle set Wigan gained a good position in our half. Wigan pressed, but our line defence held strong but 30 yards out Ma’u gave a penalty away at the play the ball and we were under the cosh and sure enough a spread play saw Bibby get in at the corner and after 10 minutes we trailed 4-0. This was the point where so many times in the past we have allowed back-to-back tries to be conceded, but on their first set we forced a great error with a massive gang tackle and as we bashed our way down field a precision short ball from Houghton under the sticks put Satae in. Sneyd obliged and as the Wigan Coach scratched his head, we led 6-4. We wasted a zero-tackle play by knocking on with the first carry, but the ball was slippery and both sides were struggling to hold it. We pressed their line and got a penalty 20 yards out and Sneyd immediately decided to go for Goal and we led 8-4.

Wigan looked a bit rattled as they failed to get their own way as they so often do and the re-start kick went straight into touch from the kick off and so we got back down their end before Griffin drove in and copped a late tackle and a knee injury. We conceded a stupid ‘6 again’ and Sneyd defused the final play on our own line really well before a great kick from Marc saw Wigan starting on their own line before another end of set kick just went dead. Then we conceded a daft penalty which invited them back in to our ten. Swift managed to defuse an early kick brilliantly but was trapped in goal so we had to drop out. Next up we conceded another penalty 10 yards out and our poor discipline was killing us as Farrell was held up and we conceded a second drop out. We were right under the screw as Wigan came again building the pressure as we conceded another penalty and Wigan strangely and thankfully opted to go for Goal. But our discipline was crap and we were getting hammered for it. However, amazingly Hardaker hit the posts from the penalty and the scores stayed the same. Then Jack Brown got a sin Bin for coming in below the knees which was harsh for me as a previous similar tackle by Wigan had gone unpunished. So, at almost the same time as Connor was off last week, we were again down to 12 men. 

Fortune shone on us as Hardaker knocked on a big spinning Sneyd kick and Satae was then unluck to lose the ball going over the line. Savelio lost control 10 yards out and we had one set to survive short-handed to half-time. Carlos had a dislocated finger put back in on the pitch and Wigan knocked on and we’d survive 8 minutes with 12 men and but for our discipline which was nothing short of poor, once again the spirit, wanting and sheer determination was there in spades. 

We kicked off with just two minutes of Browns absence left. Immediately they kicked too long and we got a seven-tackle restart which took us downfield were we were exerting the pressure again. We forced a Wigan drop out and as I watched the demeanour of the Wigan players behind the posts it was quite telling. If ever there was a case of the old Dads Army catch phrase, “They don’t like it up ‘em” this was it, for Wigan were receiving massive doses of their own medicine here and they didn’t like it at all. 

Then Jack Brown’s over enthusiasm saw him drop a ball  at the play the ball before the wet ball saw Griffin knock on as well as the mistakes continued to flow from both sides. Sneyd however was kicking well at the end of the sets, varying the height and distance and constantly forcing Wigan to go backwards to collect. Meanwhile ever kick was chased down ‘terrior like’ by Reynolds and we were certainly holding our own. 

Griffin got a massive whack to the jaw and went off concussed and then on another towering 6th tackle kick from Sneyd, Farrell nudged Reynolds as he went for the ball and there was chance of two more points but surprisingly Sneyd missed his penalty. But shortly afterwards he got another chance as Wigan discipline became ragged and nailed that one and at 10-4 with 25 minutes to go we were battling well.  

Wigan broke down the right before Swift tackled back, but they forced a drop out as Connor Wynne who was on for Griffin  kicked it dead. Ma’u then forced a pass that went forward to give then good position again and we were really under the cosh for perhaps the first time in the half. We were now surviving on the back of an exemplary kick chase and another great grubber from Sneyd force a knock-on by French and we were playing in their 20 again. Then from nothing Satae again bulldozed his way through and was over next to the post. It was completely against the passage of play at this point in the game and Wigan were again visibly rattled.

What a try that was, but with 14 minutes to go Wigan would still pose us problems. At 16-4 it was ‘get behind the settee time for me’ now as I watched through my fingers and the clock seemed to go backwards.  Wigan gave us a leg up as their restart kick again went out as Savelio caught it with his foot purposely in touch.  We should have got a drop-goal that would have settled things down but Sneyd’s worst kick of the game saw them get a seven tackle restart before a massive ball and all Swift tackle on Hardaker got us the ball back. Sneyd tried another drop but it was deflected off a Wigan player and we forced another drop out. Sneyd then missed another drop goal, before Wigan got another set of 6 and although Swift defused a great kick he was forced into touch and Wigan were on our line with 5 and a half minutes to go.

We survived again with a great round of tackling but of course, this was Hull FC and so Wigan had to score with a minute to go as our defence was pierced on the left side. So as usual the drama wasn’t over. As we walked back to the centre after the conversion, Reynolds was giving all the players the ‘rounds of the kitchen’ as we just had to survive one set. We defended well for three tackles then with one last throw of the dice they went wide and Inu knocked on, so that in a dramatic finish Swift picked up, raced away and scored. What an ending and what a game and I have to admit to being mightily relieved as he went in, because there is little doubt it was a moment for every FC fan to be proud and afterwards it was good to see that our Coach was visibly proud too. 

He is so calm, cool and measured. As for Adrian Lam well not a word of praise for us and apparently, as was the case when they were beaten last year in the Grand Final, it was all down to Wigan being crap on the day. But the fact was that we rode our errors, fought for each other and tackled so hard. What’s more for long periods we played with our backs to the wall, yet we tackled and tackled, managed through another 12 man 10 minutes and had to reshuffle when Griffin went off and all that with three first teamers suspended. So, Mr Lam, I think we deserve a bit of credit myself.  

Performance wise first let me say that everyone was first class. Adam Swiftdealt with his move to Full-back brilliantly, so much so that he never really put a foot wrong and was rewarded with that late try. He was vying for Man of the Match for me. On the wings Scott and Fonua both produced some big carries and worked hard in the middle, whilst centres Griffin and Tumavive spent a lot of time helping out the forwards down the middle too. Both half backs Reynolds and Sneyd had big games as Josh tirelessly chased every kick down, as acting Captain Sneyd led from the front with some good end of sets kicks, which were matched with brilliant chases from his colleagues. 

Up front Chris Satae was everyone’s star man. He drove down the middle scattering the big Wigan forwards time and again and scored two truly brilliant prop forward tries. Ligo Sao wasn’t far behind him either. Whilst between then Danny Houghton ran acting half brilliantly and tackled everything in sight, until he was withdrawn late on with a head knock.  We all watched Andre intently to both see if he was affected by what had happened and also to see who targeted him. He was massive in that second row and his tackles cause a couple of dropped balls as well. Whilst Ma’u was back with a bang and went straight into their faces from the off. Lane looked comfortable as he was moved to loose-forward, but in ideal circumstances I prefer him running wider as a second row. But these were anything but ideal circumstances. 

On the bench Jack Brown spent 10 minutes in the sin-bin due to a dangerous tackle but was massive when he came on, Johnstone came on late and defended really well and Wynne slotted straight in and knew what he had to do when we were disrupted by Griffin leaving. That’s the thing really because such changes are seamless these days when in the past we would have been in disarray. Lastly there is Joe Cator another candidate for man of the match who tackles everything carries the ball like a prop and just exudes energy. He just gets better and better. 

So all round a simply fabulous display and it only now remains to see which of our lot the disciplinary boys will be banning this week. 

Well come last Tuesday, Tony Clubb got his come-uppance, or did he? I think myself after that sentencing of the minimum 8 games, (when recently a Bradford player got 10 games for grabbing someone’s balls), is a missed opportunity and my first knee jerk reaction was one of it now being time for the RFL to bin off ‘Tackle It’ and its other hollow gestures towards racial discrimination. If you are not racist then however much it is the heat of the moment, you simply don’t resort to racist language. It is reasonable to believe I think being under pressure is when any deep felt and perhaps concealed feelings come to the fore. 

Yes the independent panel had penalised him, but with the absolute minimum sentence. This was the big chance for the game to stop the talking and show some action, in that it is reported regularly that ours is a sport where racism will not be tolerated at any level. When obviously, by their findings, Clubb was guilty of saying what he was accused of saying, they just took the softest root possible. I didn’t want a player and one with a family, hung out to dry or banned ‘Sin Die’, but, for a game that has made so much noise about racism and been held up as a glowing example in fighting it, for me personally the outcome didn’t match the rhetoric at all. What’s more it would appear that Brett Hodgson agrees with me particularly when he said this week, “This is my own personal opinion here, and I want to stress that, but I thought it was too lenient in the current circumstances with everything that’s going on, but that’s my personal opinion.”

Of course, Clubb had a different tale to tell but the Judge was under no misapprehension as to the fact he was guilty, but still took the soft option. I have to admit to being disappointed at the showing of the RFL’s ‘Director of Operations and Legal’ Karen Moorhouse  when she was questioned by Peter Levy on Look North on Thursday; disappointed but not all together surprised. I’m not a lover of Levy at all and usually give the programme a miss, but I was tipped off by reader Kev to take a look. I did and she actually made Peter Levy look acceptable! She’s obviously a lot more educated than I am and no doubt knows her stuff but it was the way she came across, that ruffled a lot of feathers. She sort of waffled on until her comment of, ‘They were not racist comments, they were comments about the persons ethnicity” completely baffled me. It seems as if the sentence and the RL’s comments were a mystery to Jamie Peacock as well as he went for it before being quickly reigned in when asked about it on TV. 

  Still, I hope that Andre feels at least vindicated, because he was courageous enough to come forward and speak out, and I just hope the outcome won’t put others off doing the same. Brett said of the way he conducted himself throughout, “I want to say how proud I am of how Andre handled himself, he was put in a very hard situation and there’s never a right time for racism in sport, or life in general. The fact that Andre stood up for himself, his culture, his ethnicity, I was really proud of his actions from start to finish. He is a big part of our club; he’s a big personality and he’s very well liked in the playing group and the staff and the club in general. We’ve been very supportive of him and we’ll continue to be so”. I really do like Brett Hodgson’s way of dealing with stuff and he is certainly an inspiring character. 

I know, that as well as Brett, there are some good folks at our club, who will have supported Andre. But as for my feelings, well once again it’s British Rugby League isn’t it, so why am I not surprised at the outcome; and it’s hard as well to completely discount those who pointed out that in the end….  it was Wigan. 

Following hot on the heels of that news, was the fact that after a poor start to the season, a member of the Wakefield Trinity staff have received death threats from a so-called fan, which just again completely buggers belief for me. Apparently this stuff has been going on at the club for some time and Chief Executive Michael Carter has admitted he had even considered whether to continue on with his involvement in the sport, as he said to the media, “The final straw for me was being sent a screenshot of a post in which a male adult, who clearly has a very young family, was ‘hoping’ that a member of my staff ‘dies”. 

For me personally Rugby League isn’t a question of life and death and after the 16 months we have had in this country everyone should know that!  It’s a bloody sport for heaven’s sake and if it‘s come to this then quite frankly I wonder myself if I want to be associated with it. Many people shrug such abuse off, but some aren’t so thick skinned and cyber-bullying (and this is what this is) has even resulted in cases of suicide by the recipients in the past. 

Some can take it, some certainly can’t and that’s just the way different people are, however often if the person it is aimed at can take it, their family can’t!  What’s said can affect them and their mental health. Why should anyone have to put up with abuse just because they are doing their job, even if they have had a bad day?

These threats, mostly, no doubt metered out by folks sat at their keyboards, in their bedrooms with the curtains drawn, are pathetic and there is no place in our game for them, and just like the issue of racism this has to be stamped on immediately and those responsible brought to book. 

Now, poor old Scott Taylor is doing it tough again isn’t he? For after starting the season with an injury and then playing like a house on fire, he is now out injured for 6 to 8 weeks with a broken foot that we are told could actually have been a lot worse. But man is it a blow for us. 

Hodgson identified at the start of the season that we needed another front rower, but we just couldn’t get the right fit, however with the worse case scenario having struck us after just a few games, we are now more actively looking for someone to come in and bolster our numbers. Brett said this week, “We’ve continually looked into the market for someone who will improve our squad rather than fill our gap, but that’s changed and now we’re looking at footage of certain players. However, unless they fit into our culture and they are what we’re looking for, we’re happy with what we’ve got”. Apparently getting someone in is a top priority but as always with our new coach that acquisition fitting into the culture that we have at the Club is the first priority. As I have said a few times of late I’m mighty impressed with Brett. 

That does of course bring home again the issue that we all talked about pre-season, in that we are running with the smallest squad we have seen at the FC possibly in the whole Super League era. We all understand the need to ‘cut our cloth’ and we are all also just so thankful that Adam has kept us going, but the increased injury situation that we have seen year on year, driven by the increasing brutality of our sport, was always going to turn round and bite us wasn’t it? Perhaps however we didn’t quite expect it so early in the season. 

All clubs are suffering but some unlikely candidates like Wakefield have much bigger squads than ours. I guess that  went for quality over quantity and in the end this year it could just be our undoing. One things for sure I don’t think the day is far off when we will see untried Academy players making the step up to the first team. That is something that past Coaches have avoided, but this year it might well be ‘needs must’. 

Talking of FC Coach’s, it didn’t take Lee Radford long to be sniffing round some of our players did it? I see he has designs on pinching Faraimo for his new Club and I wonder if Bureto has already had his head turned. They were always big pals when Lee was here and I guess that anyway we have to get used to the idea that this year it’s almost certain that we will be shedding at least one of our Quota players, because Hodgson will almost invariably want to bring in someone he has line up  from the NRL to continue to make his mark on the team. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone had been identified already myself.  

Well, another week has gone by after the 1st May watershed and still there is little news of us securing our out of contract players before other clubs come calling. At the Dobbins Lakin has already stated that they don’t care whose feet they tread on to approach players that ain’t signed up yet and the rest won’t be far behind them either. Josh Griffin is signed up again and that is great news for he is one of the best centres in the British game and we heard from Jack Browns agent that he is pretty desperate to stay at the Club as well and that he is now in talks with us about a new deal. However, there is still nothing but Hull Daily Mail assumptions regarding Jake Connor’s situation or that of several other high-profile players such as Joe Cator. The media keep telling us of deals that are done, but there is nothing from the Club and a bit more transparency for the long-suffering fans wouldn’t, I feel, go amiss.  

One of the out of contract players who has impressed me in more ways than one this season has been Adam Swift. He struggled like hell with injuries and form last season, but stuck at it, got his family settled before he was handed a clean slate by new boss Hodgson and he has taken it with both hands, starting in every league game, before he excelled out of position last Saturday.

Last week Swift told the Daily Mirror, “Last season was one I wouldn’t look back on in any kind of positive terms. Making my debut in the Hull KR derby was good, but there were some average performances from myself and I found it difficult to find any form. But that’s dead and buried now. Brett coming in was sort of a fresh start and put everyone on a level playing field. I wanted to have a good pre-season and prove I’m still the player that I was when I was in form at St Helens. I think I’ve done that up to now. I was fortunate enough to get a starting shirt and it’s up to me now to keep my standards high and keep hold of it. It was a tough season last year but now everyone is looking forward to what we can do this year. I read the stat this week that this is the club’s best start to a season since 2009, and that’s credit to the coaching staff and all the lads buying into it.”  

For me, he’s a must sign for next season simply because the season he had last year could have seen him throw the towel in and feel a bit fed up with himself. However, instead he got stuck into pre-season as much as he reportedly did last year and he’s since been a real dynamo for us in every game he has played in. Not only can he grind out the yards down the middle and on kick returns, but he is also pretty handy defending and he invariably gets the positioning etc. spot on. Plus of course like any good winger, as we saw last week against Wigan, he can certainly finish. Good player for me and one of Radford’s better signings and why do I feature him this week? 

Well, reader and good pal Sammo contacted me on and said, “Adam Swift is one of my daughter’s neighbours now and my Grandson Elliott was 8 last week. He already plays rugby league and out of the blue Swifty went round and took him to the local playing field for some one-on-one training for a birthday treat!” Good bloke as well it appears and worthy of some praise all round this week!  

Talking of our ex-coach’s eye for a good player and super human efforts, just a quick word on Joe Cator now, for in the previous three games before this weekend, he has clocked up innumerable yards going forward and performed an incredible 168 tackles. He is the epitome of the journeyman made good for the guy was discarded by Rovers after he had helped them get promotion to the Super League, then after stints on loan at Coventry Bears and Newcastle he found himself making a real name for himself at Leigh, where their fans still rate him. Lee signed him basically because he rated his work rate and a few of us, me included, wondered why we had signed someone who had failed to make his mark already in the top Division.  

Joe was even sent on loan to Bradford last year by Radford, before exploding into Andy Lasts FC with a real bang in the latter part of last season. Now he’s a real fans hero and how good that must be for a guy who loves Hull FC and who used to ‘stand on the terraces’ dreaming of one day playing for the Club. If, as the Hull Daily Mail claims, he has agreed a new deal then, at just 23 years old, it will be one of the best bits of business the club has made this season so far! In the mould of Danny Houghton, Scott Taylor and Kirk Yeaman and Richard Horne and Paul King before him, he is Hull FC through and through and has no intention of playing for anyone else and you know what?  That’ll do for me!  

This week I received a lovely message from regular reader Paul Devonshire about his Dad Terry who was a real hero of the FC in the 60’s and early 70’s clocking up 333 games and scoring 122 tries. He was a proper stalwart during a very tough time for the Club. He’s probably remembered as well for scoring an early try on his debut, when he managed to touch down after 30 seconds at Doncaster in 1960. 

I remember him playing for ages in the A team, (where I was a regular spectator as a lad), before he broke through to make that debut. However, it was another two years before he became a regular after he made an idiot of Alan Hardisty of Castleford when he outplayed him, and he never looked back from then on in. He also made a bit of history when the first ever substitution featured Terry when he was replaced by David Doyle-Davidson at home to Batley in September 1964, an occurrence I still remember well.  He was a real star then for around 5 years before he went to York for a couple of seasons returning in 1970, after which he became a real rock for us in some very difficult seasons. I remember Terry as a real honest player who in those days of training a couple of nights a week was lightning fast off the mark often leaving opposition forward flat footed. Then, when it came to outsmarting the centres and half backs he had a really lethal side step as well. It was great to see him step clear, with that high stepping style, and pin his ears back to race down field. So, it was great to hear from Paul about his Dad and to have a sit and think about a bloke who was a great hero for me when I was in my teens. 

As for the semi-final draw well let’s face it we had beaten Wigan so we all sort of knew who we’d get and we were absolutely right. Thing is you do wonder, had Wigan prevailed would they have got Saints??? Of course, we will never know but everyone likes a good conspiracy theory don’t they? Still, it wasn’t bothering Brett afterwards as he said, “I don’t care who we get in the semis and thankfully we have a nine-day turnaround now until our next game.”

Of course, that match is next Monday against Catalan Dragons and at last ‘The Faithful’ will start to return to the KCom, socially distanced around the Stadium. That’s our big chance to remind the players as to just what the FC Army is all about. With Connor, Tumavive and Fash available again and that long turn around to see Houghton and Griffin get over their head knocks, it should be a great occasion. We just need to win to get back on the horse in the league and if we have any aspirations at all it’s a game we should be looking to win.  If the spirit is right again then we’ll be there or there abouts I’m sure. For now though, just enjoy the moment and as I have,  re-watch that game again if you can. We are even more amazing the second time around! 

And Finally …..I guess that the question every FC fan is asking now is just what has happened to Chris Satae and where has that form come from? Well apparently he’s been on a secret dietary supplement, as reader Kevin Horsley wrote to spill the beans, “I think the pork and stuffing sandwiches Chris Satae has on a Thursday from Cottingham market have led to the improvement in his performance”. I expect a job offer as dietary consultant from the club for Kev, any time soon!

Thanks for all your correspondence and all the mail and texts etc that came in at the end of the game. It was a tense old affair but they all seem to be these days. I’m not sure when the next Diary will be out, but it will be some time after the Catalan game. 

Stay safe, enjoy the week ,thanks for all your support and be very, very proud!!

Faithfully Yours